How to fry a chicken in a pan

Among all existing types of meat, there is no such demand as for chicken, for no other. This is due to its availability, versatility, low calorie content and even the fact that chicken meat is allowed in most diseases. One of the most delicious dishes appearing on both the festive and everyday tables can surely be called fried chicken.

The main condition of a tasty dish is the choice of meat

There are many ways to fry chicken meat. Almost every hostess invents his own, adjusting the standard algorithm to the individual requirements. But in general, they can be divided into 2 groups: work with whole or poultry cut into pieces and white meat without bones and skins.

How to fry a chicken in a pan?

The first part of the preparatory stage for any of the methods is the choice of product. Here, of course, it is difficult to say exactly which instance will be really good. When growing chickens, such a quantity of chemicals is used that the appearance, like with fish, may indicate excessive harm. But the main point that needs attention is the color of meat and skin. If there is a clear yellowness or dullness, it is better to put the chicken away. The same applies to smell. Any suspicious hint of swelling puts a fat cross on the product.

The ideal chicken meat has a light pink color, the fat mass is slightly yellow, the bones do not stick out. Damage to the carcass should also not be: no bruises or fractures. If a bird is packed in a bright package that does not allow it to be carefully considered, it is not worth taking it. The consumer must be able to objectively evaluate the product.

In terms of shelf life is also realistic to assess the quality of the chicken. The optimal shelf life is 7 days. Too long may indicate that in a particular carcass a lot of preservatives. Ideally, the packaging should have a “chlorine free” stamp.

The last factor that requires sharpening attention is the overall weight and shape of the chicken. If for soups it is recommended to pick up a large carcass, then chefs recommend less voluminous options for frying or baking. Optimum young broiler, weighing about 1 kg. It is worth buying not the frozen bird, but the cooled one. Such meat will come more succulent.

How to fry a chicken in a pan?

The last step before directly lowering the meat to the pan is cooking the marinade. Before this, the bird is trimmed if a whole bird was purchased. It is then rinsed in cold running water and laid out on a wire rack. A few minutes spent creating the marinating mixture are enough for the chicken to get rid of the bulk of the excess moisture.

  • The classic marinade recipe for frying wings and thighs - honey and lemon. Gourmets advise to replace 2 of it with orange juice. On 2 tbsp. oil (preferably olive oil) is taken 1 tsp. paprikas and a pinch of salt. There also squeezed the juice of 1 orange and pour out 1 tbsp. liquid honey. In such a mixture, it is necessary to soak the chicken about 2-2.5 hours.
  • Another well-known marinade is made on the basis of mustard. To do this, mix garlic and onion powder in equal proportions (approximately 1 tbsp), supplement with a pinch of salt, the same amount of ground pepper (preferably black), a small amount of flour. Dry mixture is poured 3 tbsp. mustard The bird is coated with the marinade and left in a deep container for 1.5 hours.
  • The following recipe is for lovers of savory flavors. 1 tablespoon pour into pineapple juice or syrup. curry, 2 tbsp. tomato paste and the same amount of soy sauce. 200 ml is enough for the indicated dosage of ingredients. juice. 30-40 minutes will be enough for impregnation for meat, after which it is ready for frying.

How to fry chicken fillet?

  • As a marinade can be used nut mixture. It is done very simply, but there will definitely not remain indifferent to it. K 3 tbsp. garlic powder (1 tsp) and about the same amount of onion is added to olive or sesame oil. Fry any nuts in a pan. Then they are ground and added to the common bowl. Rub the chicken with this mass and leave it for 1 hour.
  • Gourmets will appreciate the bird marinating in pomegranate juice. To do this, it is in a ratio of 3: 1 mixed with vodka and sprinkled with chopped onions. The meat is dipped in the resulting liquid, aged in it for 1-1.5 hours. Then it is rubbed with coriander and fried. If you do not have pomegranate juice, you can use cherry.
  • Mix from the "quick" category - marinade based on mayonnaise. The cut parts of the poultry are coated with mayonnaise, rubbed with their favorite spices, and lightly rolled in flour. There is no need to wait for impregnation. Meat can be immediately fried.

How long does it take to fry a chicken?

In the process of heat treatment of the bird, there are practically no difficulties, although many are beginning to wonder how much time to fry the chicken. One answer will not work. The factor affecting this indicator is the size of the pieces into which the carcass was cut, as well as the power of the burner and the type of pan.

Therefore, knowing what is needed is not how much to fry a chicken in minutes, but how to determine its readiness. To do this, take a thin wooden stick or skewer. She pins randomly selected piece. If she pierces the meat without any problems and leaves it, the chicken is ready. A usable dish has a white shade of fibers and is distinguished by their softness.

The best way to fry a bird is in a thick-walled pan. This will allow her to properly and quickly bake. In this case, the algorithm for working with chicken is the following: after putting it on a red-hot surface, it is necessary to reduce the heat and pour some cold water into the pan. In 30-40 minutes under the lid, the water will evaporate and the meat will be extinguished.

It remains only to add oil to the pan, raise the temperature of the burner and fry the pieces on both sides. Golden crust will tell when it's time to check the bird for readiness.

Features of cooking chicken fillet

How to fry chicken fillet?

It is much easier to work with chicken fillet than with large pieces. And besides, it turns out much easier, because it loses the skin. At the same time, there is a high risk of over-drying the fibers. To avoid this, you should look at some of the original recipes.

Quite an interesting option - fried chicken in batter.

  • Fillets filmed from the breast are cut into small pieces, salted, laid in a frying pan and filled with water. Her task is only to cover the meat, and not drown it completely. The water is brought to a boil, after which the chicken is stewed over low heat for 45 minutes. During this period, the liquid usually evaporates. If something is left, it needs to be drained.
  • The prepared pieces are dipped in a mixture of egg white with milk and grated cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs or flour. Then they are laid out in a greased frying pan. Readiness Indicator - Crisp.
  • Experienced hostesses recommend to fry a plate of timbers, onions or nuts in hot oil to change the taste of a chicken. After 2-3 minutes they are taken out, and they are replaced by an already prepared bird.

Every housewife is concerned about the question of how to fry a chicken in a pan. In order to make the dish tender and juicy, you need to choose the right meat. It should not have an unpleasant smell and a long shelf life. It is also very important to use marinade. It is he and the observance of cooking technology that will make fried chicken your signature dish.

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