How to dry cherries


It happens that the harvest of your own plot is so high that you do not know where to put it. Already cooked and compotes, and jam. But all the same, the harvest is not drying up. Therefore, when it comes to berries, many resort to freezing or drying.

In this article we will talk about how to dry cherries.

Useful properties of cherry

To begin with, it would not be superfluous to say that with proper drying, the beneficial properties of cherries are practically not lost, but remain unchanged.

And what is this juicy tasty berry useful for?

  1. Cherry contains bactericidal substances, so it treats internal sluggish inflammatory processes.
  2. Contained in the fruit of cherries and a substance that lowers blood clotting. Therefore, cherry is useful for the prevention of arterial atherosclerosis.
  3. For the prevention and treatment of anemia also resort to a delicious berry. She is rich in iron.
  4. In addition, cherries contain many vitamins (C, Bone, AT6) and trace elements (magnesium, copper, cobalt and others).
  5. Scientists have found that the cherry fruit contains substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells.
  6. Berries have a mild laxative effect, which is useful for pregnant women, especially given the presence of iron in them.
  7. Red color of cherry is associated in people with blood, but it is not just that. After all, cherry has a good effect on the cardiovascular system.

About the benefits of cherries can talk a lot. It finds its application in traditional medicine, and in cooking and even in cosmetology.

Now it is necessary to find out how to dry the cherries correctly, so that it retains in itself the beneficial properties mentioned above.

  • However, if you dry pitted cherries, then you will need more than three times.
  • Take into account the fact that you can not completely close the cherry in the oven. The oven door should always be slightly ajar, otherwise the berries from the high humidity steamed.

How to determine if the cherry is dried?

This question is the most frequently asked question. Especially if dried cherries at home.

In the open air, in the sun, they are usually not afraid of drying cherries. For full readiness, several days are needed - from 5 to 8. However, everything depends on the air temperature and the degree of sun exposure.

You can determine whether your cherry has dried completely, as follows:

  1. click on a few berries - well-dried cherries should not stand out juice;
  2. look at the color of the fruit - well-dried berries of a dark brown color with some reddish tinge;
  3. taste the dried berry - it should be sweet and sour.

That's all the recommendations about the proper drying of the cherry while preserving its beneficial properties. Dried cherries can be added to pastries, various dishes and drinks. Enjoy your meal!