How to cook poached egg


If there are legendary recipes in French cuisine, then this is undoubtedly poached eggs. This gourmet dish will amaze any gourmet. In addition, variations in the use of such eggs are numerous. They are served for breakfast, used in other dishes.

We all used to cook, fry eggs, make an omelet from them. Cooking may be different. Someone prefers boiled hard boiled, someone likes a soft-boiled. The French have an alternative to these cooking methods. Surprisingly, even in the days of the Hundred Years War the method of boiling eggs without a shell was invented. It was called pachirovaniem. From this word the name of the dish is formed. Many find this method of cooking difficult. Be that as it may, the result will pleasantly surprise you. It is enough to practice and master some tricks - and then poached eggs will work for you, as the best French chef.

How to cook poached egg?

How to cook egg poached?

This dish is prepared according to a certain technology. At first glance, everything is simple - break the egg into hot water, wait a couple of minutes and pull out with a slotted spoon. It is believed that the eggs must be fresh. This greatly affects the final taste of the dish. Also, some gourmets believe that the water salt is not worth it. Otherwise, the egg will fall into flakes, will cease to be one. Some advise you to add vinegar to the pan. Allegedly the egg seizes so quickly. Real professionals do without it. In addition, if you overdo it with the amount of vinegar, you can spoil the egg in the bag.

Properly cooked poached egg has its own special consistency. The protein in the classic version is slightly dense and glossy, the yolk creamy.

Finished eggs can be used as a basis for breakfast. To do this, they pre-cooked croutons. Slices of bread must be thick enough. On the toast put poached. Eggs are poured on top of various sauces or simply sprinkled with spices.

Poached eggs are perfectly combined with baked beans and other vegetables, as well as sausages, ham or sausages. By the way, in some countries they are preparing a similar dish in tomato juice or even red wine. This gives the eggs a special savory taste.

Cooking Poached Egg: Recipe

Pour water into a small saucepan and put it on medium heat. It is not necessary to bring to the boil. Water must be very bitter. It is believed that the optimum temperature is 97 degrees. Next, break the fresh egg into a separate container. Take a spoon and start to stir the water in the pan. You have a funnel. Here in it also we pour out egg. Need to act quickly and accurately. Leave it to cook for 2 minutes. Poached egg ready! Serve it on slices of toasted bread with sauce. Also poached eggs are added to salads.

Poached Egg Salad

How to cook egg poached?


  1. Cherry tomatoes, green salad, lime juice, mozzarella cheese in balls - to taste
  2. Eggs - 3pcs.
  3. Water - 2 liters.
  4. Vinegar - 2 tbsp. l (6 or 9 percent)
  5. Salt and vegetable oil to taste


  • First, prepare the main ingredients. Cut the balls of cheese into small pieces, cherry tomatoes - in half. Making salad dressing. To do this, mix lime juice and vegetable oil. Stir, add salt and spices. Lettuce leaves tearing into small portions.
  • All chopped ingredients are mixed in a deep bowl. Dressing up the salad. We turn to the preparation of eggs. To do this, put the pan on medium heat. Add salt and vinegar to it. Heat the water.
  • Eggs will be added one by one. First, break them into a separate container, and then stir the water, creating a funnel, pour the egg there. Cook for exactly 2 minutes. Repeat these steps with the remaining 2 eggs.
  • We put ready poached eggs on a salad, salt them and pepper. Poached egg salad is ready. This amount is designed for 3 servings.

By the way, poached eggs can be added to any vegetable salad. The composition may be tomatoes, peppers, beans.

How to cook poached egg: video

It is worth remembering that eggs as part of complex dishes, such as soups and salads, are prepared at the very end. By the time they are cooked, everything else should be ready.

If you can not cook poached eggs, breaking them directly into the pan, then you can use some tricks. One of the easiest ways is to use food film. To do this, take a glass or cup. Cut off a piece of film and line it with a container inside. We break into her egg. The edges of the film are tied. It turns out that the egg is in a bag. Next, pour water into the pot, heat it. In hot water we lower the film with the egg. Cook for 2 minutes.

Another way - can. Take an empty can of canned peas or corn. Carefully cut opener bottom. Egg break into another container. Heat the water in the pan. We put in her an empty jar. It should rise above the water level. Next, pour the egg into the jar and cook for 3-4 minutes. We take out the container, and then the egg.

Also for cooking poached eggs, there are special tools that can be bought in china shops or supermarkets. The first of them - tin mold with a hook, thanks to which it is attached to the pan. Cooking in this mold can be on the principle of tin can. The mold goes down into the water and an egg is poured into it. The main thing - gently pull out the poached after the cooking time has expired. For this, the form is hooked with a spatula and only then begin to pull it out. As a result, the egg does not fall apart and will be on the shoulder.

Another device, a silicone form for pockets. Remarkable is that poached egg can be served in it. This gives the aesthetics of serving. It is cooked according to the following principle: the water is heated, the form is immersed in it and the egg is poured into it. After 2-4 minutes, take the egg along with the form.

In order for poached eggs to be tasty, you should follow the technology. If the egg has damaged the yolk, then it is worth preparing something else out of it. Damage will lead to the fact that the egg will simply drain out and will not form.

Cooking poaches should be carried out at a certain water temperature. Ideally - at 97 degrees. If there is no thermometer at hand. Then you can determine the moment by sight. Wait until small air bubbles rise from the bottom of the pan. In this case, the water should not boil. It is at that moment that you need to pour the egg into the water. The boil affects the taste of the poached.

How to cook egg poached?

Eggs are recommended to be served immediately. But at the same time, many eminent chefs admit the possibility of preliminary preparation - so, for example, you can prepare for the arrival of guests.

One of the most popular French dishes are poached eggs. Under this name is cooking eggs without shell in hot, but not boiling water. Of course, this uses certain secrets. For this dish will need only fresh product. Finished eggs can be put on bread, add to vegetable salad or French soups. Only one ingredient, and you will feel the real taste of France!