How to cook lazy belyashi on kefir

Belyashi is one of the most famous and popular dishes in Russia. Mistresses know the various secrets of their preparation. However, there are women who do not have enough time and skill to prepare white whites in the form to which we are accustomed. For such people, a lazy (fast) version of this dish will be an excellent alternative. In addition, it uses a light dough for kefir.

Lazy belyashi on kefir with minced meat

Lazy belyashi on kefir with minced meat: a recipe with photos

If you fry the belyashi according to this recipe, get 15-20 servings of the most delicious belyashes on kefir with minced meat.


  • Minced meat - 300 g,
  • Kefir - 500 ml,
  • Flour - 300 g,
  • Onions - 1 pc.,
  • Salt - 0.5 tsp,
  • Vegetable oil - to taste


  1. Take a deep bowl and pour kefir into it. In the dairy product, add sugar, soda and salt. Mix all ingredients and leave for about 5 minutes.
  2. Flour must be sifted so that it absorbs the air, then the belyash will be more lush. Pour the prepared flour into the kefir mixture. Mix everything thoroughly. After mixing, the dough should be consistent in consistency with the pancake dough.Dough for whipping
  3. Onions need to be cleaned and washed. Prepare the mince (if it was frozen, thaw). Prepared onions need to chop and add to the dough along with the stuffing.Minced meat
  4. The dough and the filling must be thoroughly mixed until you have a homogeneous mass.
  5. From the resulting mass, you can make belyashi. To do this, take a frying pan and pour vegetable oil into it. It must be heated. When the oil is sizzled, you can lay out belyashi in the pan. Do this with a tablespoon, as if you were frying pancakes.Frying whites
  6. Each formed belyash, you need to fry until golden brown on both sides. Now lazy belyashi on kefir with minced meat are ready.Lazy belyashi

Tip: To make the mince, which is used in the preparation of lazy belyashes, become more fragrant and tasty, you can add onions and greens to it. Also, various seasonings and spices can serve as aromatic additives, for example, ground black pepper, but you can try more exotic and non-standard seasonings. Experimenting with flavors, you will achieve the perfect composition for minced meat.

Meatless quick patties

You can try to cook this dish without meat, replacing it with boiled sausage. As a result, you will get tasty lazy kefir dough, which will be cheaper.

Quick belyashi with sausage


  • Cooking oil for frying,
  • Kefir - 2 tbsp.,
  • Flour - 1.4 UF.,
  • Chicken eggs - 4 pcs.,
  • Salt - ½ tsp,
  • Soda - 1 dl.,
  • Sugar - 2/3 dl.,
  • Cooked sausage - 300 g,
  • Onion - 2 pcs.


  1. First you need to cook kefir dough. To do this, use a warm thick kefir with a small percentage of fat. Pour the kefir into the container in which you will prepare the dough, and put the soda in it. In another bowl, beat the eggs. Pour the resulting egg mass into kefir and add salt and sugar. Flour need to sift, and then pour into the total mass. Now, carefully mixing all the ingredients, you get a dough, similar in texture to the dough for pancakes.
  2. The next step will be the preparation of the filling. To do this, take the boiled sausage and cut it into small cubes or straws (the thinner the straw, the better). Onions are also part of the filling. It needs to be cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Fry the onions in a pan, preheating the vegetable oil on it. You need to fry a vegetable until it becomes golden. Sausage and onions must be mixed. The dough and the filling are ready, now you can start frying the noodles.
  3. For making quick whites you need a deep pan. It is necessary to pour vegetable oil into it and wait until it warms up. Put kefir dough in a prepared spoon with a tablespoon and smooth it. In the middle of the resulting oval, place the filling. Pour the dough on top of the filling again. Try to put the top layer of dough so that eventually formed a smooth pie. Turning over the belyash is necessary when the top of the dough dries out a little and fry until ready. In the same way, prepare the rest of the belyashi.
  4. Place the finished product in a large dish and serve hot with a vegetable salad and ketchup. A suitable drink for such pies will be sweet tea.

Cooking whites in a slow cooker

Many modern housewives use a slow cooker for cooking. You can get delicious belyashi using this miracle of technology. The advantage of the multicooker is that the belyashi practically does not burn in it, although it takes longer to prepare them than for ordinary pancakes.


  • Kefir (can sour milk) - 1.5 tbsp.,
  • Chicken eggs - 2 pcs.,
  • Flour - 1-1.5 st.,
  • Forcemeat (beef) - 0.5 kg,
  • Onion -1 pc.,
  • Garlic - 2 cloves,
  • Cooking oil for frying,
  • Salt and black pepper - to taste


  1. Take a deep bowl and break eggs into it, which must be at room temperature. In the same bowl pour kefir or yogurt. Beat the mass with a whisk until it becomes homogeneous.
  2. Flour need to sift and pour into kefir mixture. Now all you need to mix again with a whisk, to get a mass that resembles the dough for making pancakes.
  3. The dough is ready - make minced meat. Put it in a container. Take onions, peel and wash it. Chop up the prepared vegetable with a knife or a meat grinder. Do the same with garlic. Add onion and garlic in the mince and mix. Season with black pepper and salt. Stir again. The ingredients added to the mince will give it a special appetizing flavor.
  4. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the slow cooker and heat it well in the "Toasting" mode. Take a small half-dish (it is usually attached to the slow cooker, but if it is not there, use an ordinary tablespoon) and use it to pour the dough on the bottom of the bowl. From the dough you need to form small cakes. In the bowl should be placed about 4 pcs.
  5. From the stuffing form small lumps and flatten them a bit. In the center of each cake, place a lump of minced meat. Place another thin layer of kefir mixture over the meat. At this time, use a tablespoon, since the top layer should lie neatly.
  6. Leave the belyashi to roast. When you notice that they are browned from below, turn over. When the whites are turned upside down, close the multicooker lid and bring them to readiness. It will take about 10 minutes.
  7. Put ready-made belyashes on a dish and start cooking the next batch in the same way. The amount of whites is determined by the amount of dough. If the dough is over and the stuffing is still there, just freeze it.

Tasty and healthy lazy belyashi cooked in kefir dough will be an excellent option for lunch or dinner. Despite the fact that this is a lightweight version of the usual dish, its taste is not inferior to full-fledged belyash. Prepare this light, but at the same time hearty dish can be on the pan, in deep fat and in a slow cooker. Enjoy your meal!

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