How to cook delicious dumplings

The origin of the dumplings was lost over the years. It is believed that this dish originated under the influence of Siberian or Chinese cuisine. But for many years now dumplings have been a national dish of Ukraine. The dough in the dumplings is bland, but the fillings are various: potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cottage cheese, various berries. Yes, however, everything that you wish can be put in the filling. Cake dumplings in the shape of a crescent. The word "dumplings" appeared due to the method of cooking: they are boiled in water. However, many gourmets prefer steaming dumplings, arguing that as they become more juicy and increase in volume.

Cottage cheese dumplings

Cottage cheese dumplings

Cooking dough according to the classic recipe. In cold water or in ½ glass of milk, beat the raw egg, add half a teaspoon of salt. Pour 2 cups of sifted flour (flour always take a fresh, white color). Knead the dough. The dough must be kneaded thoroughly with your hands so that it is elastic. Add flour gradually, about 2 glasses. If you put more flour, the dough will stick together and will not roll. Now from the finished dough we roll a large circle, try to make the dough even. Cut out the usual glass circles.

For the filling we take 400 g of cottage cheese, two spoons of sugar, we drive in a small raw egg. All whisk until smooth, so that there are no lumps.

Cottage cheese dumplings

Now we take a circle, roll it out a little wider and put a teaspoon of cottage cheese in the middle. Then we fold the circle in half, we press on the edges. Try to ensure that the filling does not crawl over the edges, and during cooking, the dumpling may become unstuck. Dip your fingers in the flour and with the help of your index and thumb pinch the patterned edges. You can sprinkle flour on a plate and put ready-made dumplings there so that you can cook freely on the table.

Now pour half a bowl of water, salt it. When it boils, lower the dumplings one at a time, extinguish the fire. When the dumplings float up, boil them for another 2-3 minutes and carefully remove the skimmer. You can put a piece of butter on top and sprinkle with sugar. And the rest of the portion put in the freezer and make sure that they do not stick together.

Cook with pleasure, and everything will work out for you!

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