Apple charlotte dough

Apple charlotte has long won the hearts of our hostesses. And for good reason! It is cooked quickly, the necessary products will always be in the fridge, and the taste of the cake turns out just amazing. Today we look at the recipes for making dough for apple billet.

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Apple Charlotte Dough

The history of charlotte is mysterious and goes back to the distant XV century. At that time, among the English, the pie, which they called Charlette, was popular. True, his stuffing was meat. Such pastries became sweet in the 18th century, and it was then that she received the name known to us. It is said that the cook so christened the cake in honor of Queen Charlotte.

Since then, Charlotte "traveled" around the world, and its recipe has changed. Today, the options for making this dessert are many. So, the dough for charlotte is cooked on kefir, sour cream, mayonnaise, with bread. And this is not the whole list!

Whichever recipe you choose, there are a few common secrets of tasty and tender apple pie:

  • To form the basis of air, beat the eggs until a stable foam is formed;
  • never put a charlotte in a cold oven, it must be preheated to 150-160 degrees;
  • while the charlotte is baked, the oven cannot be opened, otherwise it may settle;
  • candied fruit, grated chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon powder can be added to the base.

Apple Charcoal Batter

If you don’t know how to make apple dough for charlottes, our simplest recipe will help you. The main thing - keep the proportions and sequence of actions, and you will definitely get the most tender cake.

Charlotte dough with apples.


  • 120 grams of sifted flour;
  • 120 grams of sugar;
  • 4 eggs;
  • vanillin.


  1. Take eggs and separate the yolks from proteins. Tip: use chilled eggs - so they will better be whipped.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. To proteins add a little vanilla and whip them, as they say, until stable peaks.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Add sugar to the yolks and whisk until mass turns white.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Now we need to combine the protein mixture with the yolk, and then add the sifted flour.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Gently beat the base with a mixer or blender until a homogeneous consistency mass is formed. A gentle base for apple charlotte is ready!

Air base for apple pie

Many hostesses prefer to cook a charlotte on sour cream. Such baking turns out gentle and air. By the way, if suddenly there was no cream on hand, you can safely prepare a dough for charlotte on kefir using this recipe.

Apple Charlotte Dough


  • 200 grams of sugar;
  • 3 tbsp. l sour cream;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 250 g of sifted flour;
  • ½ tsp soda


  1. First, lightly beat the eggs. Then add granulated sugar and beat until stable foam.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Enter the sour cream, without stopping to beat the mixture until it becomes homogeneous.

    Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Now add the sifted flour and soda in small portions.Charlotte dough with apples. Cooking
  1. Beat the base until it has a uniform consistency. Make sure that there are no lumps left. Our dough is ready.

Simple dough recipe for strudel

If you are tired of the usual charlotte and you want to make a variety in the home menu, try to bake an exquisite German dessert - strudel. Some housewives face some difficulty kneading dough for strudel with apples. We offer you a simple recipe for its preparation.

Dough for strudel


  • 450 g sifted flour;
  • 1 egg;
  • 100 ml of filtered water;
  • to taste salt;
  • melted butter;
  • bread crumbs;
  • 3 tbsp. l sugar sand.


  1. Pour the sifted flour onto the work surface so that a slide is formed. Make a small hole in the middle, drive an egg in there and pour in the specified amount of filtered water.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. Add sugar, to taste the salt and begin to knead the base in the usual way for us.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. Knead the dough so that it is soft and does not stick to your hands, but do not hammer it. We roll the dough into a ball, then wrap with food film and keep in the fridge for at least an hour.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. Now we need to roll out the base. This stage is very important - it depends on how crispy and at the same time tender strudel will turn out. So, the work surface must be covered with a clean cloth cut and sprinkled with flour on top of it.
  2. We spread the ball out of the dough and begin to gently roll it. It should roll out well and not be torn.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. Roll out the base until it becomes very thin, similar to tissue paper.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. We get about this rectangular layer.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. Now you need to generously grease the base with melted butter.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. On top of the dough we crush shredded breadcrumbs for breading, evenly distributing them around the perimeter of the rectangle.Dough for strudel. Cooking
  1. The basis for strudel is ready. You can add apples and bake.

As you can see, in the process of cooking apple pie is nothing complicated. The main thing is a good mood and a desire to surprise the household with their culinary skills. Cook with pleasure and bon appetit!

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