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Pure smooth skin - half of the entire makeup. It allows you to do a minimal amount of cosmetics, but look fresh and attractive. However, not all girls own such skin: much more often a picture is spoiled by rashes, inflammations and even wrinkles that cannot be hidden without a trace. They need to get rid of, and help can kuriozin gel.

"Kuriozin" - wrinkles and acne gel

Gel for external use of kurozin was developed by a large Hungarian pharmaceutical company GedeonRichter, which has long gained prestige in Europe and is warmly received in Russia. Therefore, the appearance of a dermatological agent could not go unnoticed, and interest in the new drug was shown instantly.

The manufacturer says that the gel should contribute to accelerated tissue regeneration (in particular, the skin), and also have an effect on cellular nutrition, as a result of which the structure of the tissue and its functionality are preserved. Also, the product has an antimicrobial effect. In aggregate, all these properties of it lead to the fact that initially kurozin is focused on the elimination of medium and mild acne, as well as the maximum relief from severe form. All this is achieved by influencing the site of infection, so treatment gives a long-term result.

However, some women use anti-wrinkle kuozin gel, although the manufacturer doesn’t say anything about its focus. Is there any sense in such "independence", and what is the reason the representatives of the fair sex are guided in these attempts? To understand the principle of the drug, it is necessary to pay attention to its composition. The leading role is given to zinc hyaluronate, which contains 15.4 mg, which is a fairly high concentration. The chemical element itself is the fusion of zinc and hyaluronic acid. The latter, in turn, is actively used in cosmetology in order to accelerate cell regeneration.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is found in all nutrients and helps improve microcirculation. Most often, it is injected, but external use in the case of high concentration gives an excellent result. Zinc has a slightly different role in the fight against wrinkles - it accelerates the process of cell division, which enhances the effect of hyaluronic acid in this matter.

Thus, the composition of the gel kuriosin can really positively affect not only the rash and inflammation, which is the main object of its application, but also the wrinkles that appear on both young and age skin. But the question of the real result remains open: is the tool really capable of replacing injections?

Application Features

Curiosin anti-wrinkle: reviews

Before considering the instructions for the drug, you should pay attention to the main contraindication, which consists in increased sensitivity to any of its components. Also, it is not recommended to use kurozin during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or to visit your doctor before that. There is no information about the safety of the gel for future and young mothers, apart from consumer feedback, but here one should not forget about individuality and exceptions.

The rest of the tool is absolutely harmless, although the use may show skin reactions - a slight tingling, burning or stinging. According to the manufacturer, the symptoms disappear on their own after 1-2 days; if they continue to occur, kuroosin must be discontinued.

Of particular interest is the effect of the drug on wrinkles, so attention should be paid to its use in this area. Cosmetologists advise applying the gel in the morning and / or in the evening, distributing a small pea over the entire face or local areas to get a very thin layer. A larger amount does not make sense, since the excess is still not absorbed.

Before the procedure, the skin of the face must be cleaned, and it does not matter which products you use, it doesn’t matter: the components of curozin do not conflict with other chemicals. If necessary, after applying the gel moisturizer is applied, and for greater convenience, 2 of these funds can be mixed and used together.

The period during which the drug is applied is set individually. For the prevention and control of fine wrinkles, short courses are sufficient, with breaks of 8-10 months. or longer. It all depends on when the result will appear, and how long it will last. In the case of fading skin, it may be necessary to constantly moisturize for 1-2 months, after which you will still need a short break, equal in duration to the course of using the product. As for a specific time of day, cosmetologists claim: the best effect from the use of drugs of this type is noticeable if you work with them until lunchtime.

Reviews of effectiveness

  • Consumer feedback is valuable in that you can find many useful tips on using a particular product. The same thing happened with curiosin: women in their views on this drug are almost unanimous, but some of them offer options for enhancing its effect on wrinkles. For example, combine pea gel with vitamins A and E, as well as take 1 drop of orange essential oil. It is recommended to use such an "anti-aging cocktail" only 2-3 times a week, and on other days it is only necessary to nourish the skin with curiosin, even without the usual moisturizing cream. Already after 21-28 days, according to reviews, it is possible to notice a positive result: the nasolabial folds are less noticeable, the "crow's feet" are smoothed.
  • The main advantage of the gel is that it has a prolonged effect. After its abolition, the skin does not return to its former state, therefore, it is enough for some women to conduct annual short courses to maintain the result. The negative point, noted by consumers, is only in the sensation of tightening, but it is peculiar to those who have skin prone to dryness. But the owners of the combination and fat mention that the secretion of the sebaceous glands returns to normal, resulting in reduced sebum production, and the general appearance of the skin is transformed. Here, undoubtedly, the merit is not hyaluronic acid, but zinc.
  • Speaking of the latter: since it is to him that the skin is obliged to have a feeling of tightness and easy drying (for dry and sensitive), curiosin is applied carefully to the area around the eyes. It is best to limit the area of ​​the outer corners, without affecting the thin area under the inner. Although the percentage ratio of zinc is less than hyaluronic acid (15% vs. 85%), it can manifest itself negatively.

Curiosin anti-wrinkle: reviews

According to its intended purpose, as the reviews show, kurozin works perfectly, and, in a fairly short time. Large rashes are eliminated in 3 days, although the trail from them remains, as the old crust is eliminated, under which there is a thin pink skin. However, for this effect it is necessary to apply the gel to the damaged area up to 5-6 times a day, at regular intervals. During this period of time, there is a kind of "tightening" of the skin, as a result of which the wound is closed with new cells.

It is noteworthy that such a pronounced effect on ordinary rashes was noticed by the girls. It may take 3-4 weeks of constant use to eliminate acne or ordinary acne, but not as intense as in the case discussed above. There are enough 2-3 applications per day. In addition, curiosin reduces enlarged pores, slightly smooths the complexion and its surface, partially eliminates desquamation.

In terms of price and volume, gel cannot be called a budget: 15 ml are consumed in 2-5 weeks (depending on use). But for the application locally its price is 400 rubles. quite reasonable. However, the tool can be found more inexpensive counterparts.

Summing up, it can be argued that the Hungarian company managed to create an excellent multi-functional drug, suitable even for sensitive skin. In addition to its main focus, curiozin perfectly copes with age-related changes, for which, coupled with high availability, has received the love of women in Europe and Russia. But in order to avoid negative reactions, even such a safe means is recommended to test for individual susceptibility.

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