Who is bang

Experiments with hair are ambiguous due to difficulties with the correct selection of haircuts. Wrong step in the direction of fashionable, but not suitable, can fairly change your image is not for the better. In particular, this is characteristic of various forms of bangs. To whom it goes, and who should avoid it? How to choose the most successful option bangs for your type of face? These women's questions are fairly easy to answer by turning to professionals.

How to choose a bang: tips stylists

In their opinion of who the bang goes to, the leading hairdressers and stylists are unanimous: it suits everyone. Moreover, variations are not considered, and almost any version can be transformed to the features of a certain person. However, not every master will be able to correctly read the face and make the perfect haircut, combining the desire of the client with the capabilities of his appearance. Therefore, in some cases, still sound recommendations for the abandonment of bangs. But before you decide for yourself exactly whether you can wear it or not, you should know how the bangs fit.

Who is the bang?

  • The main parameter to be equal to is the proportions of the head and face. The ideal is the ratio of the width and height of the latter as 1: 1.6, as well as an oval shape. This is the right person, which suits absolutely any bang, right up to creative, shocking options. It is allowed to shorten and lengthen and cut in various ways. But such parameters are rare. Therefore, the bangs of the girls are often willing to do so in order to correct certain shortcomings, or, on the contrary, emphasize the delightful features.
  • Compact persons have a ratio of 1: 1.5 and less, sometimes reaching 1: 1.2. Consequently, they need to be narrowed and pulled out, in which the asymmetrical diagonal bangs will help. With a number of face shapes and some nuances of appearance, there is a short bang here, but not straight: there should be a slight bend in its line upward, under the oval.
  • In elongated faces, there is a need to cut them in height, especially if elongation is noticed not uniform, but only in the area of ​​the forehead or chin. For this, straight bangs that reach the eyebrows are suitable, especially good if it is thick. It is allowed to slightly raise, if there are deep-set slit-like eyes that are already lost on the face, and with a bang go to the farthest plan.
  • But even in the face with the correct ratio of width and height, flaws can be observed, if judged from the perspective of the once-invented ideal, therefore the cases discussed above are only general recommendations. And to choose the most successful option bangs, it is important to consider all the parameters of the face and appearance as a whole.
  • However, it can be said for sure that the bangs are shown with the upper part of the face enlarged in height (from the hairline to the base of the eyebrow), with a broad forehead or a rectangular hairline. It will not be superfluous in the face having the shape of a trapezoid, when the lower part (from the zygomatic bone to the jaw area) increases, and you should also pay attention to the bangs, if you need to shift some facial features — nose, lips, eyes, etc. .d

Who is the short bang?

Shortened bangs from the upper border of the eyebrows can be at a distance of 3-5 cm or more, and also barely move away from the hairline. Visually, a similar haircut can either widen or narrow the face, depending on the cut, but in any of the situations it lengthens the face, since it opens the forehead fairly. Consequently, such a bang is contraindicated for elongated faces and looks good on compact ones. However, in the latter, it can become an element that even more stretches the face to the side.

A compact face (circle, square) needs to consider such variants of short bangs, where the cut line is not clearly horizontal. It must either be an ascending arc, or a diagonal. Or else - to have a thinning, in order to create the impression of a broken straight line, as well as to facilitate the overall image. Only if you take into account these nuances you can get a short bang that does not distort your features.

Who is the bang?

The next point - the condition of the hair and haircut. Short bangs are shown with thin and sparse hair, because it should not be thick and dense: otherwise it will look like a failed experiment by a hairdresser, who intended to make a classic version before the eyebrows, but accidentally cut off the excess. With regard to styling, a short bang looks most advantageous with ultra-short haircuts and in situations where the tips of the hair barely reach the shoulders. With long hair, short bangs often get out of shape, creating disharmony with it. Therefore, if you want to make such a bang, think about changing haircuts to pixies, bob, squares, etc.

In general, as you can see, the bang is suitable for absolutely everyone, but it requires careful coordination with the facial features. Finally, it should be noted that, unlike the rest of the linen web, the bang becomes stale faster, it needs to be washed more often. And also in some cases it implies constant work with the laying means and thermal instruments.

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