White eyeliner


We all want to be simply irresistible and special. Cosmetics that we use helps us to feel that way. But you need to use it skillfully and correctly enough to get the same effect that we want. To emphasize the beauty of your eyes, you can not do without a special white pencil. Here everything is important, and especially the correct use of colors. It is white eyeliner that helps to correct the shape of your eyes, making them just perfect. He is able to emphasize their color, depth and beauty. World designers have long recognized the stylishness and originality of white eyeliner.

White eyeliner

Who are the white eyeliners for?

White pencils are perfect for owners of brown eyes, further focusing on their beautiful color. Also, it will be indispensable for anyone who wants to increase the size of their eyes. And for those who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends in makeup.

How is white eyeliner applied?

White pencil is easily and gently applied to the eyelids. It helps to draw the outline of the eyes that you like. You can easily smooth it and increase the size of the eyes, if necessary. A white pencil will also help to correct the shape of the eyes, making it just perfect.

How to use a white pencil with brown eyes?

Owners of brown eyes white pencil will help make the look irresistible and mysterious. To do this, just make a special make-up, which uses a white pencil. It should be applied to the inner eyelid and just below the outer corners of the eyes. And your brown eyes will shine even brighter.

How to widen narrow eyes?

To widen narrow eyes, you need to make a white eyeliner arrow. Start from the middle of the upper eyelid and lead to its outer corner. Further to the edge of the eyes to lead the arrow is not necessary. Finish it just at the level of the eyelashes. Your eyes will immediately become visually wider.

White eyeliner

White pencil to create a retro style

In order to create a retro-style with white eyeliner, you need to put it on the eyelids, their inner side. In order not to harm sensitive eyes, try to apply slowly along the outer edge of both the lower and upper eyelids. To make-up, add blue or light brown shade with glitter or nacre. A mascara in a small layer, apply on the lower and upper lashes. In this style, eyelashes need only be emphasized and nothing more.

Doing homemade makeup with a white pencil

Pearlescent shadows draw a line under the eyebrows and blend them. Draw a line under the eyelash growth line. With a white eyeliner, make a contour on the outside of the eyelid and slightly blend it so that it is not too clear.

The effect of double white eyeliner

There is even a reflective double white eyeliner. It is quite convenient and compact to use. It contributes to the accurate application of lines and contours. The texture of the pencil itself on both sides is perfect for sensitive skin of the eyes. The white color of the pencil will help identify the area under the eyebrows and illuminate the inner corners of the eyes. Its use visually increase the size of your eyes.

White eyeliner

Tips for Using White Eyeliner

Try to get a soft white pencil. Do not forget to periodically undermine it. Before using the pencil, you can warm your hands so that it becomes softer. For those whose eyes are too sensitive, using a pencil with glitter is not recommended. And try not to let the eyelids from the inside. If the eyes are small lead the line inside the eye can not. Try to use a pencil in front of other color cosmetics. This will make it easier for you to get rid of errors.

How to use white eyeliner?

  • To make the line even and bright, you need to stand comfortably, and most importantly, stand steadily. To do this, you can rest your hand on the table. The line should be led along the eyelashes, if the size of the eyes is small. Be sure to above or below the eyelashes.
  • If you draw the corners inside and shade a white pencil, your eyes will look even bigger. If you do not like the result of using a white pencil, do not worry, it is very easily washed off. It is enough to soak a cotton swab in water.
  • Waterproof white pencils are washed off with a makeup remover. You can not erase everything, but only the place where it did not work, and to draw. The line should be applied, starting from the corner of the eye and leading to the center of the century. The location and length of the line is chosen according to your desire. When summing up the eyes on the length of hair growth, it is desirable to apply two lines. The first is from the outer corner, and the second is from the inner corner of the eyes. And then in the middle they just connect.

How to visually increase the size of the eyes?

You will need for this mascara, eye shadow and white eyeliner. It is necessary to apply shadows on the eyelids, dark ones - on the outer corners of the eyes, and light ones - under the eyebrows, and slightly lighter are applied to the upper eyelid. If you are the owner of the eastern eyes, then light the shadows on the outer corners of the eyes, and dark - on the inner. Blend necessarily the borders of the shadows. Next, take a white eyeliner. Apply it on the lower eyelid very edge. Paint the upper eyelashes with voluminous mascara. It is not recommended to paint lower eyelashes during the day. Or paint it very carefully. Your eyebrows should also be neat. Their shape can be corrected by making the outline with a white pencil.

The eyes are the most beautiful part of the face. Their skillful underlining and the use of a white pencil can transform your face. And your interlocutor will simply drown in them. It can be quite simple to emphasize the inner corners of the eyes with a white pencil, and the outer corners of the lower eyelids to bring in black, and your eyes will immediately become large.. By following these simple rules and advice, you will become just charming. No man can stand under the gaze of your bottomless eyes.