White dots on the nails


Every woman would like her nails to look flawless, were smooth, smooth and beautiful. But sometimes even careful care of the nails does not allow to avoid problems. One of the very common problems are white dots on nail plates.

Why do white dots appear on nails?

What are the causes of white dots on the nails? Today, no one is able to give an exact answer to this question. White dots on the nails from time to time are able to appear in any person, regardless of their gender, age and health.

White dots on the nails: causes

Scientists in the field of medicine very deeply studied the issue of the appearance of white dots on the nails and described it. The phenomenon has received the name leukonychia. Doctors divide this disease into false and true. True leukonychia is very rare and occurs due to problems with the nail matrix. Most cases are false leukonychia. It develops due to some problems in the formation of new cells of the nail plates.

In order to how can more accurately identify the causes of white dots on your nails, need to conduct a thorough medical examination. But do not rush, in some cases, the conclusions can be drawn independently. To do this, you will need to analyze the state of your health, as well as the lifestyle that you lead.

White dots on the nails: reasons

  • Improperly selected, overly restrictive diet for weight loss.. After a large number of used diet programs, your body is faced with a lack of vitamins, proteins and minerals that it needs to develop nails.
  • Incompatibility of micronutrients and vitamins. The process in which the body absorbs the necessary trace elements and vitamins, is not easy. For example, some active substances can seriously interfere with the absorption of other important substances. For this very reason, experts advise to always take dietary supplements, as well as vitamin-mineral complexes only for the purpose of your doctor.
  • Stress.Many people know that stress has a negative effect on health. They also affect the appearance of nails.
  • Problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.Because of them, some vitamins and minerals can be poorly absorbed. In order for your nails to grow normally, they need vitamins C, E, A, Group B, as well as important trace elements such as calcium, silicon, iodine, iron, zinc, selenium and some others. Also, white dots on the nails can occur with the excessive use of these substances in your body.

nail damage during manicure

  • Various mechanical damage.This reason is also one of the most common. Nails, for example, could be damaged when removing the cuticle or when performing manicure.
  • White dots on the nails are considered one of the signs that some kind of disturbance has occurred in the functioning of your body.. If there are 1-2 white spots on your nail, analyze your diet and lifestyle. Perhaps they need to be corrected. Otherwise, the next signal may be much more serious.

Treatment of white points on the nails

After you take care of your health, the reason for the appearance of white dots on the nails will be eliminated by itself. It remains only to get rid of its signs, that is, the existing white spots. Will help you with it salt baths for nails. Here are their recipes.

  • Pour 1 tbsp. l green parsley 1 cup boiling water, then let it brew for about 15 minutes and dissolve in this infusion 1 tbsp. l sea ​​salt. The whole procedure will take about 20 minutes, it is recommended to do it every other day.
  • Mix 1 tsp. crushed oak bark and 1 tsp. chamomile flowers. Pour 1 cup of boiling water and let it brew for 30 minutes. The procedure takes about 5 minutes.

Treatment of white points on the nails

  • In 100 g of olive oil, add 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of vitamin A. Take a bath for 15 minutes.

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Now you know all about the problem with white dots on the nails and are able to eliminate it.. Let your nails cause you only positive emotions and lift your mood every time!

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