What to wear with pants bananas


Banana pants are a bit unusual pants, and therefore clothes for them should be chosen very carefully. You should take into account the proportions of your own figure, and also remember that bananas pants will not remain imperceptible and will always attract a little more attention than other pants. Sometimes girls mistakenly think that once banana pants are bright, you should combine boring and simple clothes with them, but this is not so, you can combine different things with them, the main thing is to know how.

What to wear with pants bananas?

Why are banana pants so called? It's simple, they are oval in shape and resemble the exotic fruit banana. Pants bananas have a wide shape at the hips and narrowed at the bottom, the waist is somewhat overestimated, and at the waist the trousers have folds, and the pants bananas can be of a wider style or narrower. They appeared quite long ago in the early forties in America, where they were worn by dark-skinned musicians who jazz on the streets, and they tried to draw attention to themselves with such unusual clothes for that time.

Already in the eighties, such a part of the wardrobe reached the female population, and now banana pants are a piece of clothing only in the women's wardrobe. The latest fashion trends dictate the fashion for banana pants; banana ankle trousers are especially fashionable. But keep in mind that the pants of this style visually shorten the legs and they must be worn with a high heel.

What to wear with pants bananas?

What are pants bananas?

Pants bananas are considered oval-shaped trousers and they often include trousers of similar types: bananas, harem pants, riding breeches, and Afghani trousers directly. What should you know if you decide to buy such pants?

  • Pants of a very wide style should be made of light flowing fabric, since draperies and folds in trousers will not look good on thick heavy fabrics.

What to wear with pants bananas?

  • Wide and light pants can be fearlessly acquire a light and bright color.
  • If you buy yourself pants for the summer, you can safely experiment with unusual and complex styles, and in the fall and spring, leave the pants more moderate styles and more dense fabrics.
  • Pants bananas can be worn with shoes without a heel only if it is sandals, and for going out try to wear such pants under a high heel. It is also fashionable to wear banana pants with a wedge and a fashionable platform.

What is the combination of pants bananas?

And now about the most important thing with which you can wear these unusual pants. Since the pants are bananas in themselves are voluminous, they can be combined with voluminous things, for example, with a spacious jacket, a long wide shirt or a blouse or a voluminous jacket.

Most often, banana pants look beautiful on girls with small hips and thin long legs. And who should refuse such trousers is for girls with pear-shaped figures, since an abundance of folds will add extra volume. Girls with imperfect shape of legs can hide it under the volumetric style of banana pants.

What to wear with pants bananas?

Recently, fashion dictated wearing banana pants with such things as to create an X-silhouette. This was achieved by wearing cardigans, casually thrown over, shirts and spacious jackets. Now this combination remains, but still more popular is the wearing of banana pants with baggy forms of T-shirts and jackets, open tops and sleeveless blouses. It is important to take into account the style of trousers: if they are narrowed, then they should be worn with blouses and tops, and if wide, then with T-shirts and jackets.

Banana-biker jacket will go well with trousers with bananas, but not shortened and preferably in the same color scheme with pants.

Concluding the conversation about this detail of the wardrobe, it is safe to say that bananas for several seasons continue to be at the peak of fashion trends and in honor of famous stylists for several seasons.