What to wear with blue pants


Blue trousers- bright and fashionable part of the wardrobe. They will help their owner stand out from the crowd, become more noticeable. However, it is not always easy to pick an ensemble for them. It is important to follow the measure, otherwise the image will look overly catchy. In addition, there are a lot of shades of blue and for each of them it is important to choose a winning combination.

What can I wear with blue pants?

What can I wear with tight blue pants?

  • Narrow trousers of a calm dark blue shade can be a basic wardrobe item, since they are, by right, referred to the classic. Of course, these trousers can not be bright jewelry - rhinestones, embroidery, rivets and other decorative items. They can go to work, therefore, it would be appropriate to put on a complete set of a blouse, turtleneck or top. In addition, the top would be appropriate to throw a jacket or jacket. Best of all, if a blouse, top or turtleneck, dressed you in dark blue pants, will be snow-white. The combination of dark blue and white is irresistible!
  • Low-key option for every day - blue stretch pants, a white blouse or shirt, white ballet flats or moccasins and a bag of bright colors as an accessory.
  • The main fashion trend of this year is the strip, and, accordingly, the marine style. Blue trousers, a sweater, a T-shirt or a turtleneck with a blue and white stripes and a cap will work well for this look. From shoes to this, choose loafers, ballet flats or sandals with a flat sole.

What can I wear with blue pants?What can I wear with blue pants?

  • Great fit to blue trousers will be a tight top. It all depends on your taste and preferences. It can be with a round neckline, with a triangular or neckline swing, have thin or wide straps or a short sleeve. The color scheme is the widest, especially if you take into account the fact that in blue trousers and top you will look stylish in a club or at a party. In such a situation, the top of the ensemble is valid in bright screaming tones.
  • Tight blue pantsGo well with tunic. And it can be not only neutral white, but also bright colors. However, we should not forget that the color of the tunic should be in harmony with the blue color of the pants. Such a set can be supplemented with various jewelry - long earrings, beads or several thin bracelets. Just do not wear everything at once, otherwise your image will be vulgar.
  • The blue color of the pants is well combined with brown.. For example, you can wear blue pants, a brown cardigan or a jumper and brown ankle boots.
  • Slim blue slacks are also suitable for a festive party. To make the image more vivid and memorable, it is enough to wear a bright top under them, high-heeled sandals, and to bring along a clutch bag. In this outfit you will definitely be noticed!
  • Well combined with blue pants things milky. For example, a fur vest or jacket. Complement the image with ankle boots in color with outerwear.

What can I wear with blue flared pants?

What can I wear with blue pants?What can I wear with blue pants?

  • Flared pants are a bolder option. It is not suitable for office and business meetings. They are usually supplemented with bright accessories - a bag, jewelry or shoes.
  • To make bright blue pants look even more spectacular, You can combine them with trendy things of bright colors. Shoes on wedges or platform will accentuate this image of yours.
  • Pay special attention to the fact that each combination of colors will carry a different mood. For example, blue pants in combination with a white top - an image of tenderness, romance and purity, red blouses and jackets - a bright, attractive image.
  • Yellow blouses and tops, worn under cornflower blue trousers, will create a cheerful, playful look.
  • Green color, in combination with blue, personifies peace and harmony.
  • Elegance is emphasized by gray and brown shades of clothing, worn under blue pants.

Whatever you choose clothes under blue pants, Remember that your image should not contain more than three shades at the same time. It looks vulgar. Please note that this rule also applies to jewelry, bags, shoes. Be careful when choosing your image so that it is harmonious, beautiful and interesting!