What style of dress to choose

Warm weather encourages women to remember the most feminine clothes - dresses. However, not everyone can boast of forms that can be emphasized by a charming outfit. This is especially true for women with a distinguished belly. But you can solve the problem of the correct style of dress, hiding this deficiency, and not just sports and diet.

Stomach or tummy problem or zest?

What styles of dress will hide the belly?

The anatomy of the female body is such that fat deposits accumulate primarily in the waist and hips. Hence the problem of many women is a bulging belly. As the heroine of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction film reasoned, in some cases this tummy is a very nice feature that causes tenderness in men and envy in girlfriends. In this case, there are no problems with the choice of clothes. But if the fat has accumulated more, you will have to not only sweat in the gym, but also somewhat modify your wardrobe, in particular:

  • get rid of dresses with low waist, which will emphasize protruding folds of fat in this place;
  • discard horizontal stripes in fabric patterns, as they will visually turn you into a barrel with legs;
  • choose shades of clothing so that the darkest areas of color fall on the waist and hips.

At the same time, contrary to popular belief, the owners of such a figure do not need to refuse dresses. With their help, on the contrary, it is possible to divert attention from the flaws of the figure, give the image slenderness and elegance. It all depends on what style of dress to choose to hide the belly.

7 matching models

Many women who prefer not to wear dresses due to the extra centimeters at the waist will be surprised by the fact that there are about a dozen models that can perfectly hide this figure flaw and at the same time emphasize other advantages: shoulder line, leg length, cleavage, seductive roundness of the hips.

Models with a non-standard waistline

Models with a non-standard waistline

If you make the waist higher or lower than the set level, it will visually hide the stomach. It is only important to take into account that the inflated line will increase attention to the chest, and low to the hips. In the first case, the model can be supplemented with a deep cleavage in the shape of the letter V. In the second case, with a free hem, such as, for example, in baby-dollar dresses. If you do not want to show the legs, then a wide belt and an assembly at the shoulders perfectly complement the long model.



What could be more successful for a figure with a belly than a trapezoid model? Expanding down, they seem to shift the focus from the upper half of the body and at the same time attract eyes to the legs. Therefore, these styles of dresses are very well suited for full women of small stature with beautiful legs. Consider only that the fabrics must be well draped: it is necessary that they can beautifully fall down and make the image "weightless."

Asymmetric cut

Asymmetric dress cut

Any violations of the usual cut of the dress distract the eyes from the waistline and hips. Only asymmetric parts should be located just in problem areas. That is, the assembly, bow or wide belt will act as elements balancing the figure flaws. The models with a smell look very advantageous on corpulent young ladies: they successfully distinguish roundness of the figure.

Asymmetric dress cut


Dress Case

A universal model that fits any shape is a sheath dress. In order to hide the flaw, in the style of a dress for obese women with a belly, you can add dark inserts on the sides. As you can see in the photo, this adds originality and visually adds a couple of centimeters of growth. However, there is one important nuance that should be taken into account when tailoring a sheath dress: it must be exactly the size, that is, not be too loose, so as not to hang with a bag, or too narrow, so that folds will not form where they should not be.

Kimono model

Model dress kimono

It is believed that among Japanese women there are no overweight women. Meanwhile, as in the whole world, there are thin and fat people in this Asian country. It's all about the right clothes. The style of the national Japanese women's dress focuses all the attention on a beautiful line of hands, while the stomach is hidden by a loose cut. Due to such a move, the figure becomes sharp even in the presence of the tummy.


The dress

Close to the kimono is the style of "bat", in which the sleeves are single-cut with shelves. On such a dress folds appear that conceal the belly. True, this model has one insidious feature: without heels, only very tall ladies can wear a bat dress. The rest should take care of heels, so as not to lose a few centimeters of growth.


Dress shirt

A straight silhouette of a shirt-type dress does not highlight the stomach, and emphasizes the figure with free lines. Most importantly, you can choose any fabric, from cotton to batiste. If you want to give the silhouette a more outlined look will help belt. But under no circumstances should it be subtle. Otherwise, it would seem that the strap is “eaten” by folds on the stomach.


What styles of dress will hide the belly?

Stylists insist that the image depends not only on the right style of dress, but also on those accessories with which you complement it. Among the most winning:

  • wide belts, concealing folds in the abdomen;
  • long but narrow beads, chains;
  • brooches in the chest area.

What styles of dress will hide the belly?

In addition, there are a number of more general recommendations:

  • get corsets, which draw down extra centimeters at the waist;
  • choose fabrics that hold the shape well;
  • if, in addition to the stomach, you also have full hands, then stop at styles with wide sleeves of chiffon or other thin transparent fabrics;
  • colors of material for sewing should be saturated, but without acidity.

It is not so difficult to choose the style of the dress that hides the belly. There are many options that not only hide figure flaws, but also highlight the merits. And the right accessories will perfectly complement your ideal image of a charming and stylish woman.

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