What color to dye your hair

As the world famous Coco Chanel said: "If a woman has changed her hairstyle, then soon she will change her lifestyle." This phrase has rightfully become winged, because as soon as we want to make any adjustments in our life, first of all we go to a beauty salon. You can dye your hair in any color, as long as it skillfully emphasizes all your virtues and hides flaws.

At first glance it seems that hair coloring is a very simple thing, but this is not at all the case. Before you choose what color to dye your hair, you need to take into account a lot of nuances so that the new image brings you only pleasure and riveted the admiring glances of those around you.

Choosing hair color according to the rules, taking into account the color type of appearance

What color to dye your hair?

As you know, stylists distinguish four main color types of appearance:

  • spring;
  • autumn;
  • summer;
  • winter.

Let's look at each view in detail.

What hair color will suit a girl with the type of appearance "spring"?

As a rule, women with the type of appearance "spring" have light skin tones and green, nutty or blue eyes. The natural shade of the hair of such girls is from light tones (blond) to dark brown. The skin generally has warm honey, light beige or golden tones.

Hair color for appearance

Women with natural shades are best painted in the same color scheme. You can choose the following tones:

  • honey and bronze;

honey bronze

  • golden;


  • light shades of brown;
  • dark red.

Light-red tones are best not to choose, because the skin will appear pale, and appearance - inexpressive. Girls belonging to the spring color type, it is not recommended to perform staining in black colors, as well as in cold ashy and platinum tones.

The key to obtaining a beautiful and attractive new image will be painting hair in colors close to the natural (natural) shades. This way you can add extra depth and shine to your natural color.

Autumn girl: choose hair color according to appearance

As a rule, girls with a color type of skin and hair of "autumn tones" have green, brown, dark blue and black eyes.

Autumn girl

What is the best color to dye hair to owners of brown or black eyes? The skin of girls with this color type is tan or yellow, so the following shades are best for dyeing hair:

  • chestnut;

Autumn girl: choose hair color

  • mahogany;


  • dark red;


  • chocolate


Girls with brown eyes and a dark skin tint need to emphasize the expressiveness of their eyes, but still choose the color for dyeing the hair carefully. So, red and reddish tones greatly attract attention, so if you often encounter the problem of redness of the skin, then dyeing your hair in such colors is best avoided.

Choosing shades for the type of appearance "girl summer"

Appearance type

To the type of appearance "summer" are the fair sex, with blue or light gray eyes and very light skin, you can even say pale. As a rule, natural hair color can vary from light shades of blond to dark brown. The best option is to dye your hair a light brown color with an ashy tint.

All shades of blond are very good for this type of appearance. They can be clean or with added tone. In order to focus, you can paint over the hair a few strands of darker color. To date, experts use different methods of dyeing and help you find the right shade, so that it blends harmoniously with the main hair color and fits to your image as a whole.

Some of the fair sex with this type of appearance have a dull hair color, you can say "mouse". In this case, the hair does not necessarily dye. You can use any tinting agent that will give your hair the desired shade and shine.

Winter girl, or what color is better to dye brown hair?

Winter girl

Perhaps it is the girls with the type of appearance "winter" can afford to dye their hair in any shades of dark colors. As a rule, the winter girl has dark eye color or, on the contrary, blue and very light skin integuments. Representatives of the "winter" color type in any case is not recommended to experiment with shades of blond, red, light blond or reddish hair color. A great option - all shades of light brown and black. A beautiful addition to the image will be coloring several strands in a contrasting color using the coloring or amber technique. If a winter girl prefers to dye her hair black, then her skin must necessarily be flawless, since such a hair color will always focus on the face.

What color to dye your hair to look younger?

What color to dye your hair to look younger?

Unfortunately, with age, hair loses its natural beauty, and, looking in the mirror, we notice gray hair. Before proceeding with the masking of gray hair, be sure to consult with a stylist or your permanent hairdresser. There is a rule among experts in this field: the older a woman is, the brighter her hair shade should be. However, this rule does not always work: if you by nature had pitch or dark blond hair, then you will not be able to become a blonde dramatically, if only because this color will not suit you.

It is very important to correctly select the hair color so that all the elements in the image are harmoniously combined, and for this you need to follow some rules:

  • if you are the owner of blond hair, then for dyeing, you can choose paint darker for a couple of tones, but no more;
  • if there is no more than ¼ of gray hair, then first you can use a tinting agent, choosing a suitable shade;
  • Be sure the tone of paint should emphasize the beauty of your skin, but not flaws;
  • to be painted in the lightest shades of blond women of mature age is not recommended, because the skin may appear unhealthily pale;
  • if, after all, you choose dark shades, the stylists recommend introducing a couple of strands of another, maybe even a contrasting color;
  • To make sure which color is suitable, for example, to hazel eyes, you can see photos of the owners of this shade of eyes.

What color to dye your hair to look younger?

Stylist tips

In order to properly care for hair after a dyeing procedure, stylists advise to consider some features:

  • it is necessary to use special masks, balms and hair conditioners, but not too often, because the substances contained in them can wash out the color;
  • roots need to constantly tint at intervals once every 4-5 weeks;
  • after dyeing should take care of the color of the eyebrows, for example, too dark eyebrows do not fit the fiery red hair shades;
  • hair color can be changed by re-dyeing or washing;
  • rinses should be used for shine of dyed hair (you can use natural products made at home);
  • split ends need to be cut periodically so that the hair structure does not collapse further.

As you can see, the choice of color for dyeing hair is a whole science. Be sure to consider your type of appearance: skin color, eyes and natural hair, because the result should please you, emphasize all the advantages and harmoniously with the female image as a whole. Nowadays, hair coloring can be entrusted to specialists or performed at home. In the latter case, be sure to purchase proven paint and pass an allergy test in advance.

Remember, every woman is charming in her own way, and by nature all the fair sex is beautiful and elegant, and the change in hair color is just a slight correction of her image.

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