What color is combined with blue in clothes and interior

The ability to properly combine colors in clothing or interior is a real art. Knowing the basics of color will help to avoid mistakes in creating an image or decorating a room. Let's see what color is combined with blue - an ideal option for romantic persons.

Color symbolism

Shades of blue

Blue color is associated primarily with a clear sky, and carries a positive energy. This is the color of eternity, harmony, tranquility and tranquility. So, in the interior, it will have a beneficial effect on the occupants of the room: this color soothes the nerves and relieves emotional tension. In the clothes, blue shades help women to create a gentle look, for men - to give the look freshness and youth. Let us consider in more detail what colors of blue in clothes match.

Blue color in clothes

Colorists have developed special color compatibility tables. They found the blue in harmony with the following colors:

  • white;
  • cream, champagne;
  • yellow, golden;
  • orange, coral, peach;
  • brown, sandy;
  • blue;
  • gray, silver.

What is the color of blue in clothes

And you can take both light colors, and more saturated and bright.

In addition, the following colors are suitable for blue (perhaps this combination will seem unusual, but colorists and designers have approved it):

  • purple shades (for example, the color of the iris);
  • maroon (now fashionable color Marsala).

Infrequently in the clothes of both men and women can be found blue, but in vain, because it fits many. Brunette and bright red he will make even brighter, blondes add to the image of even more tenderness. But girls with blond and dark blond hair should be more careful: clothes of pale blue color without contrasting additions can make an image imperceptible and dull. However, this can be avoided if you choose the right ensemble and accessories or use brighter shades - for example, turquoise.

To make sure that the designers are right about the color that goes with blue, try combining a few things from the colors of your wardrobe and try them on.

And now let's look at what colors blue is combined in the interior.

Shades of blue in the interior

Blue color in the interior

The color design of the room provides the same shades in combination with blue, as in clothing. You can use:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • pink;
  • brown;
  • blue;
  • Gray.

The pale shades of these colors will help to make a room in pastel colors (which, for example, is perfect for a bedroom), and bright colors will make the occupants of the room optimistic.

Light blue color is better for small rooms. It will help visually expand the boundaries.

Be careful with the bright turquoise color: in the plain version of these walls may resemble the entrance of a typical high-rise building.

For the women's room, you can pick up an unusual combination of pale pink and pale blue. In this case, the room will reflect the chebbi-chic style.

Blue with gold or blue with gray, brown is suitable for the men's room and will look stylish and modern.

Bathroom in blue

The bathroom can be made in a classic style using delicate shades of complementary colors. But no one bothers to experiment with the style and make it more interesting - for example, to take a bright orange, lime green or marsala color as a companion to the blue color.

Thus, if you are thinking about what color combines blue wallpaper or paint, you first need to determine the mood that your room will "radiate". If you want more peace of mind and ease, then choose bright calm tones. And to create a more elaborate environment, use bright colors and unusual alliances.

And now let's think about the color of the blue kitchen. Since here we spend a considerable amount of active time, it must be done, firstly, universal (so that all family members like it), and secondly, not too catchy and flashy, so as not to get tired of the design. It is better to choose neutral tones, for example, pale blue and cream or a combination of pale blue and light brown. Some elements of decor can additionally be made in gold color.

As you can see, the blue color is harmoniously combined with the most diverse shades of the palette. But the most important rule that you must adhere to is that the combination of colors should be pleasing to your eye. Do not chase the fashion to the detriment of their sympathies.

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