Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and a diadem.


It is unlikely that women have something more long-awaited and more responsible than the day of marriage for the majority. Preparation for this moment begins a few months before the specific date. The focus of the girls pay their image. Wedding hairstyle here - not the last important element.

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair: the rules of choice and photo

Since the preparations for “Day X” are a long matter, quite often women have time to bring the figure in order and grow hair. Therefore, the search for the perfect dress, and the choice of wedding hairstyle gain a wide scope. After all, if everything is simple with a short haircut, then you can experiment with shoulder-length curls.

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and tiara

Some people are advised to try to work with online stylists, presented in the form of special programs. They allow you to try on a variety of styling after adding photos and designating key points of the face, adding accessories to them. The difficulty is only one: find a good application. If this fails, you can go the other way.

Your imagination, supported by ideas in glossy magazines, can do the same, but more qualitatively. And for this you will only have to answer a couple of questions. First, what is the general style supposed to be? Will it be something romantic and gentle, or would like to get elegance and severity? And, perhaps, the wedding is planned non-format? Secondly, do external parameters need correction? It may be necessary to divert attention from eye-catching cheeks or add a few centimeters to height.

Depending on the versions of the answer to the first item, the type of installation is determined, the presence of accessories in it. Romantic image, especially if the wedding, suggests the presence of a veil, often covering the head completely. Consequently, a complex hairstyle here a priori can not be - it will still be hidden. If there is no veil, but you want to be a princess, soft curls, flowers or tiaras will be added as a final touch. The desire for restraint is encouraged in bunches in various variations, and the desire to express oneself often results in almost extreme hairstyles.

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and tiara

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and tiara

For girls who prefer the fitted, flowing silhouettes of dresses, one of the varieties of Greek hairstyles, presented in the form of a braid, is in demand. It is created on wavy hair, which, of course, with a direct source, is pre-curled and fixed. The weave is not made tight, the end of the braid is sealed with a silicone thin rubber band. Very often, artificial hairs or live flowers woven into it complement this hairstyle, but it is worth picking up small jewelry that does not make the image look heavier. With the same success in the course are rhinestones or pearls.

What is especially valuable - this hairstyle is suitable for any oval face. Even with a general concentration, it retains a slight negligence, and the side strands, often left free, visually stretch the face. The main thing - do not try to decorate this arrangement too much. Tiaras and so on. accessories are not needed here.

Summer wedding in recent years has brought its own demands to the image of the bride. Long dresses are replaced with lighter and shorter versions, often even in retro style. And, therefore, hairstyle also can not be bulky. Here an interesting idea could be styling with wide ribbons. Tightened in the manner of the rim, it already attracts attention. A supplemented volumetric flower on one of its sides, it becomes complete. The ribbon is usually decorated with hairstyles with a pile in the area of ​​the crown, as well as a spit lowered to the side.

Features hairstyles with a veil

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and tiara

In most cases, the veil involuntarily forces you to go back a few centuries ago, to the Tsarist era. Moreover, most often those who intend to enter into marriage according to church customs appeal to it. All this affects the choice of hairstyles. But first, it is desirable to determine the type of the accessory.

Long is appropriate in the case of dresses "A-silhouette", also called "mermaid". They do not have pomp as such, fit the upper part of the body and diverge by analogy with a tulip from the thigh. The skirt can have a long train, being asymmetrical. With such a dress you can afford a veil, the bottom edge of which touches the hips or even the popliteal zone. A hairstyle for such an accessory is recommended simple: for example, a bundle of wavy hair collected from the back of the head is not tight. A distinctive feature of the long veil is almost the same as that of the fitted dress: it draws both the face and the figure.

The version of medium length, barely reaching the waist, is good for a fluffy dress with a voluminous skirt. Here the high hairstyles are harmonious, suggesting the presence of freely lowered strands or even the bulk of the hair. The curly locks covered with a double veil also look advantageous. An elegant addition to them is a thin bezel with crystals. There are frequent cases of choice of braids or tails twisted into a bundle, rolled to the side, at the base of which the veil is attached. As a result, it is possible to achieve several goals at once, one of which is decoration.

Wedding hairstyle for medium hair with a veil and tiara

The wrong veil can visually "chop off" the figure, incorrectly shift the emphasis. Most often, the short pay attention to the owner of a short haircut. And with medium-length hair, a wedding hairstyle with a veil of this type involves styling in a retro style.

A short veil is a taboo for girls with outstanding forms, because it visually adds volume. And hairstyles under her face open much. In addition, most often they are very complex, they combine braids, bangs, and various weaving. This all makes the image heavier.

Bride hairstyles with diadem

Diadem - the same tribute to the old traditions, as the veil. And she, like the previous accessory, allows at least on the wedding day to be on the place of the princess. Jewelry, inserted into the hair, always elegant and elegant. But what kind of styling fit it?

“Malvina” is considered to be a classic hairstyle here - the hair gathered in the crown of the head and let loose further, often pre-wound with curlers. A tiara looking out of large curls is the perfect final touch. However, it can be present not only in this style. The beauty of this attribute is that it is able to decorate absolutely any, even the shortest haircut. Medium-length hair, not collected in a complex hairstyle, looks different with the addition of a tiara.

Wedding hairstyles with a diadem on medium hair

Moreover, it can be not only a crown on a semicircular basis. Tiaras often look like an open wreath or even a hoop. The accessory can complement the high smooth and volumetric bundle or complete the image with a thick side, but not a tight braid.

The main requirement for the hairstyle under the diadem is the absence of excessive tightening. Strict bunches at which hair diligently smoothed, it is better to leave for tapes or the veil fastening in the basis of a bunch. Behind the back of the tiara there should be a volume, the decoration should visually be as if buried in the hair. For this reason, very often it can be seen in high stacking.

Recommended for a couple of weeks before the wedding try not only to build the desired hairstyle, but also to walk with her. It is important to find out how the hairs will behave under normal conditions, whether they will retain a given shape, or whether they will interfere. This will best determine which wedding hairstyle for medium hair is perfect for you.