Weave braids with ribbons


Weaving braids is a kind of art that is not given to everyone. With the help of braids you can create a very beautiful and original hairstyle. You, probably, noticed that lately even brides have been making their hairstyles from braids, diluting ordinary curls and styling with something new.

In ancient times, girls believed that pigtail hairstyles protect them from dark forces. Often ribbons were woven into the braids, and studs, flowers or hairpins were inserted, doubling the strength of the protection.

Will consider several options for weaving braids with ribbons.

Retro braid

This hairstyle was popular in the middle of the 20th century. Lush braids framing the forehead created a stunning look and added zest to the image.

Weave braids with ribbons

  • Parting straight.
  • At the left temple, separate the strand and twist it into a bundle towards the back of the head. Secure.
  • Now separate the strand from the left ear and twist it in the bundle too. Flip this harness through the first.
  • On the left side, separate another strand and twist it again into a flagellum, then stick it between the first and second strands.
  • Repeat the previous step until you reach the neck. If you did everything correctly, it turns out that each strand will twist around the other.
  • On the right side, repeat steps 2 to 4.
  • We now turn to the hair below the neck - you can make an ordinary tail of them or simply braid a pigtail using a ribbon.
  • Soon the braid will work out for you quickly, and most importantly - gently.

Spikelet with ribbon

This is the most common and simple type of braids. Spikelet suitable for everyday wear.

  • Comb your hair well and comb it back.
  • 3 cm strands are taken from the temples and cross at the back of the head (the right strand must lie on top of the left).
  • On the left side, separate the strand, tie a ribbon at its base and connect it, taking the hair along with the ribbon, with the right strand. Then twist the first strand on the left side with the new right strand.
  • You should have 2 new strands that look thicker than the previous ones.
  • Repeat the first three points until you weave the pigtail up to the cheekbones.
  • The hair below the cheekbones can be braided into a regular pigtail. Try to tape in the spit was on top of the hair and looked good.
  • If Spikelet is braided horizontally, you will have a Greek braid. One difference - the braid is woven from the forehead and the back of the head, or only from the bangs.

Five strand braid with ribbon

Very spectacular braid. Only if you have no experience, ask someone to hold the strands (or use clamps).

Weave braids with ribbonsWeave braids with ribbons

Weave braids with ribbonsWeave braids with ribbons

  • To make your hair listen to you, moisten it a little. Then, comb back and divide into 4 strands. The role of the 5th central strand performs tape.
  • Overlap the last right strand with the next.
  • The middle strand (ribbon) overlap with the previous one (which was the last right strand).
  • Overlap the current center with the adjacent left strand.
  • Put the last left strand on the next strand.
  • Perform actions until you weave the pigtail to the end.

Spit eight

This is a real find for girls with long hair, especially in hot summer. Hair laid on the back of the head eight, do not interfere and look very impressive.

  • Collect the hair in the tail at the nape.
  • Weave a regular pigtail from a tail.
  • Take the braid by the end and twist it to the left.
  • Lift the braid up, then slide to the right. Spit should be parallel to the shoulders.
  • You should have a spit loop. The middle of the braid (where the hair is fixed with an elastic band, fasten with a barrette or a hairpin).
  • From the remaining braid, make another loop, fasten it with a pin (you can also tie the braid with ribbon).
  • To prevent the spit from breaking up during the day, spray it with varnish or other fixative for hair.
  • You can develop your own version of weaving of a spit of eight. Who knows, maybe you will be more interesting.

Swiss braid

If you can not braid complex braids yourself, make a simple Swiss braid. It is woven in the same way as the Russian braid, with one difference - the strands are twisted into flagella, so that the braid looks voluminous. How it looks, see the article How to weave braids itself ?.

  • Collect the hair in the tail at the nape.
  • Divide the hair into 3 equal parts and twist the flagella. So that the harnesses do not unwind, fasten them with hairpins.
  • Now proceed to weave the usual braids from the harnesses. End secure with a rubber band for hair.

Ribbon weaving

The process of weaving the ribbon into the braid is almost always the same. We will consider one case, and you can use it to weave a ribbon into more complex braids.

Ribbon weaving

Weave braids with ribbons

  • Comb the hair and wax them (alternatively, wax - hair gel or any other styling product).
  • Tie a ribbon to a thin strand of hair at the front and side.
  • The braid is woven as usual: take three strands, weaving the first two between each other, and weave a ribbon between the second and third strands, wrapping the second strand around it.
  • Gradually add new strands from one side to the other, weaving a ribbon. The pigtail should go diagonally. It is better to take thin strands so that the pigtail looks more beautiful. Make sure that the ribbon does not go anywhere - it should be placed strictly in the middle of the braid.
  • Weave the braid to the end, securing the end with an elastic band.
  • Pull out the side strands of the braid a little bit - this will give lightness and zest to the braid.
  • Spit tip can be a little fluff or leave it as is.

That's all! Of course, these are not all types of braids, it is simply not possible to list them all. Experiment and surprise your friends with new hairstyles!