Varnish with the effect of sand. rules for the selection and

The beauty industry constantly pleases us with various new products. The production of varnishes is no exception. In addition to all sorts of brilliant, matte means, coatings with a glow, there is a particularly original version - nail polish with the effect of sand.

Terms of use sand lacquer

Varnish with the effect of sand. Rules for the selection and use of varnish with the effect of sand

  • Lacquer with the effect of sand (in another way it is called "sugar") at first glance quite a bit different from the usual means. But in fact, in addition to the smallest sparkles, it also contains tiny abrasive particles that create the effect of a beautiful embossed sand coating.
  • In order to qualitatively cover the nails with such varnish and to obtain an excellent result, the bottle should be shaken well beforehand. After all, if this is not done, the particles will lie unevenly. In addition, the nail polish with sand effect has a rather thick texture, therefore, you should type as little as possible on the brush.
  • The crystallization process will be completed as the varnish dries, and after only about 10 minutes. on your nails appear charming grains of sand. The advantage of this tool is that it dries quickly and lays down evenly from the 1st layer. If you want your manicure to look even more relief, you can apply varnish in 2 layers. A little bit to improve all the resulting irregularities you easily allow a transparent coating.
  • Varnish with the effect of sand on the nails will last much longer than any other coating, This will allow you to forget about updating the manicure for a long time.
  • Removal of nail polish from the nail plates should be done very carefully. It is not recommended to wash it off as usual traditional means, since its hard particles can cause damage to the nails, and the washing process will turn into a long and unpleasant procedure.
  • To effectively remove such a manicure, to begin with, moisten the cotton pads in the nail polish remover and press them onto each nail. After 3 min. You can gently rub your nails, getting rid of the coating.

How to choose a nail polish with the effect of sand?

The line of nail polishes with the effect of sand is just beginning to increase momentum in our market, this very moment makes it difficult to choose a good quality product of this type. But still, some brands have already achieved great success. If you need an inexpensive coating option, you can stop at varnish Holiday from Golden Rose. The composition of this original tool is not too thick, so in order to make a beautiful manicure, it must be applied in 2 layers. Advertisement from the manufacturer promises that the lacquer gives the manicure a 3D effect and gives a dazzling twinkle.

Varnish with the effect of sand. Rules for the selection and use of varnish with the effect of sand

A good option - the choice of coverage Color Sugar from the company Jerden. In fashionable nail polish of this brand - a very wide range of shades of rich colors. Another bestseller of this season - Sahara crystal from the manufacturer Dance legend. Among the advantages of the latter means can be distinguished by its quick drying and easy application.

Of the main drawbacks - the shade of lacquer in the bottle often differs significantly from the result obtained on the nails. The way out is an indispensable application of the base before applying this varnish.

In order to determine whether it makes sense to buy a novelty for your cosmetic arsenal, test the tool in the nail salon. You will see whether the end result is worth the long-term investment - the purchase of varnish with the effect of sand for home use.

Sand effect nail polish is the choice of girls who love original solutions in make-up, manicure and clothes. Such a tool looks luxurious, and applying it is very simple. The result is an original salon manicure at home! Keep in mind, this option is a great solution for a pedicure, because he holds long enough. If we consider how much such varnish dries, you will understand that it is suitable for emergency cases. An excellent manicure will be ready in a few minutes!

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