Toenails thickening


Beautiful and smooth nails should be not only on the hands, but also on the legs. But sometimes it happens that nails sometimes start to thicken, change their color, and the legs do not look so attractive, they want to hide.

What should the toenails look like?

The thickness of the normal nail plate on the hands - 0.5 mm, on the legs - about 1 mm.On average, during the week the nail plates on the arms grow by about 1-2 mm, and on the legs - by 0.25-1 mm.

Healthy nails have a slightly pinkish color and a smooth surface.If your nails are white or with a yellowish tinge, with grooves or thickenings - perhaps this is a manifestation of a disease. Andmost often the nails thicken on the big toes. Therefore, there is reason to ask the doctor to find out the cause of the disease.

Toenails thickening

Causes of thickening of the toenails

Nails can thicken for a variety of reasons.. For example, some people have a tendency to thicken the nails recorded in the genes and nothing can be done about it.

And yet, most often nails become too thick due to illness. It can be fungal diseases, damage to the nail plates with psoriasis, poor circulation of the nails, damage to the peripheral nerves of the arms and legs - neuropathy, deformation of the nail plates due to long wearing uncomfortable shoes, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins and various microelements, various skin diseases

To identify the cause of nail thickening will help the doctor. He will prescribe the necessary examination, diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Thickening of the toenails: treatment

  • If the nail began to thicken after an injury, that is, you hit your finger, as a result of which the nail plate was damaged, then after some time the shape of your nail will recover. If you find a fungus, you will be prescribed to treat the disease with antifungal agents local and general action. Fungus is one of the common causes of nail plate thickening. Even at the initial stage of the development of fungal nail infections can not do without medication. Today, there are many drugs that can effectively fight the fungal infection. Of course, you should not engage in self-treatment, because the wrongly chosen drug will not only help you, but it may even harm your health even more.
  • If you have non-fungal nail disease (so-called onychodystrophy), you will need to pay close attention to your diet in order to correct the metabolism and then begin to use special drugs. Onychodystrophy usually occurs in people with malnutrition at their fingertips. This may be due to atherosclerosis, joint inflammation, rheumatism or gout. As a result of malnutrition to the tips of the toes, the nail plates of the thumbs are usually affected - they become thick and loose. If they find onychodystrophy and do not find a fungus, then you will need to take drugs that improve microcirculation to the fingertips. And still it is useful to do massage of all tips of fingers in a day.
  • If the cause of nail thickening is a skin disease or psoriasis, it will be necessary to treat its primary cause.

Thickening of toenails: baths

  • In case of congenital pachyonchia (what you got through the genes) it is recommended to take vitamins and make foot baths with soda.
  • Often, problems with nails occur as a result of reduced immunity, therefore, it is necessary to carry out activities aimed at strengthening the immune system.

Do not let the problem with the nails drift. If you don't take her seriously, You may experience various complications.: if an uncomfortable shoe presses on a thickened nail all the time, subungual ulcers may appear; thick nail can injure other fingers, and this may contribute to the appearance of ulcers on the adjacent fingers and the defeat of their infection. If the cause of the thickening is a fungal disease, then your inaction can only worsen the condition. As a result, you still have to go to the doctor, but the disease may not be cured.

Always watch your nails on your hands and feet, do not allow the appearance of their diseases. May they be beautiful and healthy!

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