Thermal water. properties of thermal water for the face

Choking in the hot embraces of dusty cities, one wants to be somewhere on the shores of the cleanest lake, swim in the cool waters and breathe in fresh air. But, unfortunately, a resident of the metropolis can not always afford the luxury of getting to the nearest reservoir, therefore The only salvation for skin from heat is thermal water..

One press of the cap - and now your skin is covered with thousands of tiny cool droplets, and after a few minutes it already shines with beauty and youth. It is not surprising that many women who lead an active lifestyle, never part with a bottle of thermal water.

Why do we need thermal water?

Thermal springs are those in which the water temperature is warmer than the surrounding air. It erupts from the very depths of the earth and can be varied: from salt or fresh hydrocarbonate to oily nitrogen-methane or hydrogen sulfide.

Thermal water. Properties of thermal water for the face

Depending on the properties of each source, thermal water has a different effect on the skin and allows you to solve a considerable number of dermatological problems. Thermal water has a healing, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect, and also combines with dehydration of the skin and signs of aging.

The convenience of thermal water lies in the fact that it can be sprayed on makeup. In addition, it is very useful after various cosmetic procedures, soothes the face after a massage, peeling and cleansing.

Thermal water for the face: properties

  • Thermal water is applied to the skin to refresh and moisturize it in seconds, even under layers of makeup. After using thermal waterskin instantly becomes smooth, radiant and elastic.
  • Thermal water based cosmetics suitable for all skin types. Thermal water is considered more pure and useful than mineral water, as it lies more deeply in the bowels of the earth, is exposed to high temperatures and contains more mineral salts and trace elements.

Thermal water. Properties of thermal water for the faceThermal water. Properties of thermal water for the face

  • Thermal water accelerates cellular metabolism, quickly restores the level of hydration of the skin and increases its natural protective properties. You can use it at any time of the day. In the morning, using thermal water, you wake up your skin from sleep. In the daytime, the tone of the vessels drops, and the skin looks tired, and with the help of thermal water, it becomes refreshed before our eyes. And at night, this water maximizes the effect of nourishing face creams.

Top 5 most famous brands of thermal water

Virtually every self-respecting cosmetics brand has its own thermal water. But not always the inscription on the packaging indicates the quality content. therefore thermal water is better to buy in the pharmacy. The use of thermal water justifies its relatively high price. Note some popular thermal waters that have received the best reviews on the Internet.

Thermal water Avene

Thermal water Avene

This is water with a large set of trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, etc. It is recommended for all occasions: from the manifestations of acne, after surgical and cosmetic procedures and procedures, for fixing makeup and after removing it, with eczema and redness of the skin. This is water hypoallergenic and is suitable for all skin types.

Thermal water Evian

Evian thermal water

The most popular water in the world. It instantly gives the skin hydration, soothes irritated skin and creates a feeling of softness and comfort. It is indispensable in rooms with air conditioning.

Thermal water VICHY

VICHY thermal water

The composition of water contains many minerals, each of which has its own effect: calcium protects the skin, potassium maintains moisture, magnesium stimulates regeneration, iron saturates with oxygen, copper reduces inflammation, zinc heals. But according to pharmacists, Vichy is not suitable for skin prone to allergies.

Thermal water Uriage

Thermal water Uriage

This water is considered to be isotonic (i.e. with a composition close to that of human blood), so it is ideal for the skin. It perfectly moisturizes, neutralizes the effects of free radicals, and also protects the skin. This water is prescribed by allergists, pediatricians and dermatologists, prescribed in maternity homes. It is ideal for the most sensitive and delicate baby skin.

Thermal water La roche posay

Thermal water La Roche Posay

The world's only thermal water with natural selenium content.. It copes with allergies, dermatitis. It instantly refreshes the face and for a long time gives a feeling of moisture, the skin gets an even shade and well-groomed appearance.

How to make thermal water at home?

Of course, you cannot make real thermal water at home, but you can try to make a product with a similar effect at home.. Here are some simple and accessible recipes:

  • Take your choice of 1 tbsp. lime blossom, chamomile or green tea and pour a glass of boiling distilled water. Let it brew for 30 minutes. Pour into a small bottle with a spray. Then add 3 drops of one essential oil per 250 ml, for example rosemary or peppermint or tea tree. Tea tree has an anti-inflammatory effect, mint will be great to refresh on a hot day and give a feeling of coolness, and rosemary to moisturize and even out the complexion.

How to make thermal water at home?How to make thermal water at home?

  • Instead of infusion of herbs, you can take any hydrolat, at your discretion. Hydrolat is a by-product of obtaining essential oils by their distillation, in other words, distilled water containing a small concentration of essential oils. They can be found in stores for the manufacture of natural cosmetics or soap makers. Hydrolates are extremely beneficial to the skin and have all the properties of the plant from which they were created.
  • The Essentuki No. 17 mineral water is very close to the composition of thermal water. To create thermal water based on it, you need to add 1 tbsp to 250 ml of water. lemon juice and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. This tool can be used as thermal water, and as a lotion. It perfectly refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

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Thermal water is a cosmetic product, completely natural and devoid of preservatives, thickeners and other chemicals, which are many in other cosmetics. It instantly penetrates the skin, moisturizing it and giving it a well-groomed and fresh look. Anyone who has ever felt the effect of thermal water for the skin, no longer part with it. Thermal water is your own little SPA in a purse.

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