Thermal underwear

Nature has no bad weather ... The joy of walking or playing sports in any season can only be spoiled by incorrectly chosen clothes. In order not to freeze, it is especially important to choose the right laundry. The easiest way is to buy quality thermal underwear.

This useful invention appeared only in the 2nd half of the last century. Initially they planned to supply the pilots and the military. The Japanese excelled in technology. While the whole world was thinking about the composition of fabric for comfortable underwear that retains heat, they invented membranes. Now this technology is actively used in sportswear.

By the way, the first thermal underwear was not available to everyone - the training of professional athletes could not have done without it. Later, manufacturers realized that a useful invention might be interesting to a wider circle of people. Thus began the massive launch of thermal underwear, which led to its popularity around the world.

Manufacturers in the pursuit of profit played a not entirely positive role in this matter. There are so many myths about the choice of thermal underwear that it is very difficult for the person who buys it for the first time to make the right choice.

Thermal underwear: how to choose?

How to choose thermal underwear: tips

  • Around the thermal underwear goes a lot of myths. The first of them - it warms. Despite the fact that the name contains a “thermo” part, these clothes work quite differently. The fabric from which it is made should have a good moisture drain. Due to this, the droplets of the sweat cooling on the skin surface do not affect the body temperature. It turns out that thermal underwear does not warm, but performs a thermo-insulating function and removes sweat.
  • Underwear is the lowest layer of clothing. If you are offered a jacket and call it thermal underwear, then this is not quite true. Usually, in order not to freeze, use multi-layered clothing. Moisture removes the very first 2 layers - thermal underwear and fleece jacket. The last layer, a waterproof jacket, does not allow to get wet and also has a breathable effect.
  • It is very important that thermal underwear is lightweight. If it is heavier than the remaining layers, you will quickly get tired. Typically, manufacturers solve this problem with the help of modern technology. For sewing linen using light synthetic fabric.
  • Dr. An important indicator is the thickness of thermal underwear. Do not think that the thicker it is, the warmer. Recall that the task of such clothes is to wipe off moisture and keep insulation, but not to warm it. Therefore, the thinner it is, the better it will cope with this task.

We buy a warm underwear for winter

First of all, think: are you active enough to use thermal underwear? Usually it is recommended to wear with heavy sweating, frequent changes in periods of rest and activity. If you just stand in thermal underwear, then more likely to freeze.

Layered clothing is the first layer of warm gear and clothing. It must pass moisture very well. Therefore, the main rule when choosing this clothing - synthetic materials. The usual rule by which we try to choose natural clothing does not work here. The fact is that cotton and linen are holding the sweat. But polyester and polypropylene are the opposite. Therefore, when choosing thermal underwear, be sure to look at the label. If there will be a marking - 100 percent of natural fabric, then it is better to choose something else. In such underwear you simply freeze.

Very often, manufacturers come up with a brand name fabric. Again, in order to find out what is actually stitched thermal underwear, look at the internal labels.

The second rule is the density of the flow. In order for you not to freeze, thermal underwear should be tight-fitting and cover all skin areas. Otherwise, sweat drops in open areas will not be discharged, and the sensations will be not pleasant - cold and wet.

Features of men's thermal underwear

If a man goes in for sports outdoors (skiing, runs), loves hunting and fishing, then he can not do without thermal underwear. Therefore, it can be a great gift for many. It is easy enough and you don’t need to pry something else under it. In this case, warm underwear.

Thermal underwear: how to choose?

The pledge of heat is the right size and good tailoring. Different manufacturers have their own dimensional grid, so thermal underwear needs to be measured. It should be tight. The right one should sit just like leggings or women's tights.

Be sure to check its stretchability and elasticity. Thermal underwear should be well stretched in different directions. From this depends directly on the comfort of movement.

Thermal underwear can be made of different types of fabric. This is done due to the fact that we sweat in different ways. With physical activity, more sweat accumulates in the armpits, on the back, below the knees. Many manufacturers make the fabric layer in these places thinner. This can usually be some kind of mesh or fabric with a different direction of fibers. So, if a man is seriously involved in sports or any other physical activities, then you should opt for this type of underwear.

The best women's thermal underwear: reviews

  • Women's underwear is also chosen based on the dimension. When choosing it is very important to check the internal seams. Some manufacturers make them not flat, but convex. It is better to refuse such thermal underwear - seams can rub the body. Of course, for women, the choice of thermal underwear is a bit wider than for men. The main thing - to choose the right model. Sometimes you can find shorts, leggings, T-shirts on sale. They are often decorated with lace or decorated in another way.
  • Some manufacturers of thermal underwear are trying to attract customers with new features. So silver threads can be woven into the material. This is done to ensure that the laundry has an antibacterial effect.
  • A special type of tissue can be used, which also has an antimicrobial effect and regulates the amount of bacteria on the skin surface. Another innovation is the removal of unpleasant odors.
  • It is very important not only to choose a good thermal underwear in which you will be comfortable, but also to properly care for it. It does not tolerate high temperatures. Therefore, no hard washing in hot water or ironing is out of the question. Underwear is recommended to be washed at 30-50 degrees. This can be done manually or by selecting the "Delicate Wash" mode on the washing machine.
  • In this case, it is impossible to dry it in a typewriter or on batteries. After washing, it is advised to carefully decompose the laundry. If you washed it by hand, you should not twist and wring the thing too much. Also, it is not recommended to use the conditioner when washing - it can affect the moisture-absorbing functions of the fabric.

In order not to freeze in thermal underwear in the winter, you need to choose fine synthetics. It will help remove the sweat and keep insulation. Dr. The important point is the tightness of the fit. Thermo-underwear should sit very tight and cover all skin areas. The seams must be flat, otherwise you will rub your skin. Following these simple rules, you can choose a comfortable thermal underwear, which will be warm for more than one season.

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