The cracked nail polish


New nail art - craquelure effect lacquer. These varnishes are very popular today, they look unusual, beautiful, and no matter what anyone says, very carefully. Vintage drawing is obtained very easily both in the salon and at home. In order to get the desired manicure, you need to buy two multi-colored varnish, one of which - with the effect of craquelure. The average price of such varnishes is 400 rubles.

How to apply craquelure varnish?

This procedure to complex never belonged. Since the girls themselves can do the usual jacket, then getting the craquelure effect is generally easier than ever. None of the fixtures, either, is required. All you need - two varnishes, pre-selected.

  • You need to start with the degreasing of the nail. Of course, you need to wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure.
  • It is possible to put a base on the nail before the varnish. If you do not need it, then do not waste time in vain: apply the first varnish.
  • Remember that the first lower lacquer will look out from under the cracks, so the harmony of the two varnishes that will be on your nails is required. After applying the main varnish, wait for it to dry.
  • The following case can be applied fixer. For those who do not use such, you can skip this step.
  • Now apply the craquelure varnish and let it dry and turn into beautiful cracks. Remember that last varnish should be applied in a uniform way. This is necessary so that the pattern is the same. The fact is that a thick layer of varnish makes larger cracks, and a thinner one — on the contrary. Different layers on one nail will make the drawing fuzzy and inaccurate.

How to choose colors for a cracked manicure?

Choose soft and dull colors to make the manicure everyday and vice versa - to make a festive. Bright, contrasting shades are perfect for a party, going to a club or an informal event. The combination of red and black, white and black, blue and yellow - these pairs of varnishes will make you brighter.

And for work, you can choose something less flashy. For example, white and gold, beige and brown, blue and olive. Such shades are unlikely to cause dissatisfaction with the authorities, unless, of course, your organization pays attention to the appearance of employees.

If you need not so much color as a certain shade, then use your imagination. The effect of an old Gzhel can be obtained by combining blue-blue and white varnishes, and for the effect of an ancient forfor a shade of baked milk in tandem with white is well suited.

Pick up shades can be to infinity, this exercise delays. Besides It is always nice to discover a new form of beauty that you can provide for yourself on top of everything else.

Tips for using Craquelure varnish

A simple procedure for applying two varnishes is not all. Each stage must be treated with attention. Why? Because now you do not have one varnish on your nails, but two. There are a few little tricks you need to know:

  • The first varnish must be thoroughly dried, otherwise the craquelure surface will be bumpy, and that is ugly.
  • Shake craquelure varnish well before use.
  • Split varnish dries almost instantly, therefore, it is not worth painting it in several small strokes. Try as quickly as possible and gently apply krekellur varnish on the nails.
  • After all, it is best to cover the nails with a fixer. This and extra shine, and strong manicure.

There are some types of craquelure varnishes that dry up very quickly, so you, dear girls, need to be alert. How to understand by a bottle of varnish, which of them dries out in a month is unclear. You will know this only when it happens. What does it mean? Right now, without hesitation, choose colors, make yourself beautiful bright cracking manicure and go for a walk!