Temporary tattoo at home

Temporary tattoo is perfect for those of the fair sex who do not dare to permanent tattoo. Temporary tattoos can be done by yourself; it is not necessary to apply for this to a specialized salon. There is no one way to do such a tattoo at home.

Mehendi, or henna tattoo

Mehendi is one of the most common and completely safe tattoos. This art has been known since the time of the pharaohs. Among the temporary tattoos at home, mehendi is extremely popular.

First you need to make paint. To do this, buy in the store henna powder. It would be better if you take not the usual, but specifically for painting on the body. Such henna can be found in any tattoo parlor. They will also explain how to use it.

Temporary tattoo at home

Conventional henna must be sifted several times through a fine sieve so that it has a uniform consistency. After that, pour it with a small amount of lemon juice. Stir. You should have a gruel, convenient for drawing a picture. Then wrap the prepared mixture with cellophane (together with the container in which it was prepared, of course). Leave in a dark place for a day. So the color will become more saturated, and the tattoo will last longer.

Some girls use some tricks. To make the tattoo brighter and darker, Basma or ground coffee is added to henna. Sometimes sugar is also added to the mix, so the drawing stays longer.

Mehendi usually lasts up to 3 weeks. It can be reduced before, for this purpose use any alcohol-containing liquid.

The most popular method of application is first, second and third require a little more time and diligence. A crystal tattoo lasts from several days to several weeks. It all depends on handling it.

How to extend the life of a tattoo?

Sometimes it happens that we reduce the temporary tattoo on the third day, and sometimes we like the tattoo so much that we want it to last as long as possible.

To extend the life of a temporary tattoo, use the following tips:

  • while taking a shower do not rub the tattoo with a washcloth, it is better to use the shower gel and apply it with your hands;
  • Do not use body scrubs in the place where you have a tattoo;
  • Do not wipe your skin with alcohol or alcohol-containing lotions, so you will erase the pattern;
  • Do not bathe in the baths. Translated tattoo, and other temporary tattoos lag behind the skin.
  • take less baths, swim in the pools, swim in the sea.

Using the advice of specialists in tattooing, you extend the life of a temporary tattoo. When you have time, in his place, or in another, you can make a temporary tattoo one of the methods proposed in this article.

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