Take care of your legs


In addition to massage, you should regularly do gymnastics for the health and beauty of your legs. The complex of such exercises is very simple, but no less effective. Since their implementation does not require any special items, they can be performed directly at work or sitting at a computer. Your legs always work for you, so you will sometimes work for them.

I think many people are familiar with such movements from physical education classes: rise 20-25 times on toes and go down, look first on one toe, then on heels, walking on the inner and outer sides of the feet. You can do gymnastics and in a sitting position - bend and unbend fingers, grab small objects with your feet (these can be handles, candy, rope), rotate your feet in a circle and in the opposite direction. If you regularly perform these exercises, you can get rid of flat feet and other unpleasant diseases of the feet. And just after a hard day of work such gymnastics never hurts.


Eastern medicine advises to use acupressure to charge your legs strength and energy. Make each finger of one foot be on the index finger of the right hand, while pressing your thumb on three important points. One point is located in the nail bed, the second just above the joint, and the third on the base of the finger. Then take the whole foot in your hand and press the dots again: from the gap between your fingers to the upper side of the foot. Then proceed to the acupressure of the heel, stopping on the pad, then move on to the Achilles tendon and up to the ankle. On the massage of each foot, spend 3-5 minutes after stretching the legs, let them rest a little.

Health Tips

For mobility of feet such gymnastics will be good. Take a small elastic ball and put a foot on it, moving it in different directions while making sure that the ball does not roll out. After a hard working day, you can restore the vitality of the legs with a warm bath with salt, you need to take it for about 10 minutes.

A contrast bath is also very effective: pour salt into warm water and simply pour cold water into a basin. First, put your feet for five minutes in warm water, and then alternately lower them into cold and hot water. Stop the procedure in cold water.

When sweating the feet, make such a bath: dry oak bark (you can buy it at the pharmacy) add to cold water at the rate of 2 tbsp. spoons of bark to a quarter liter of water. Boil for 5 minutes, broth and cool a little. Pour warm water into a basin, and put your feet there, after rinsing the feet with cool water.

If your ankles are swollen, an ancient proven method will help: 2 tbsp. spoon arnica (tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy), mix with a quarter liter of water. Soak a piece of bandage or cotton with this solution and apply on swollen feet. Lie down for half an hour, throwing your feet high.

Female legs - the subject of male admiration, especially if they are beautiful and well maintained. I hope these tips will help you make your feet a model to follow!

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