Sunburn at home


It's no secret that a beautiful woman is paid more attention than a plain woman. But it is precisely the attention and admiration of a loved one that each woman demands from a man. Any, absolutely any of us will be pleased to hear a compliment. And the one who says he does not like praise simply cunning, modest.

In fact, psychologists have long come to the conclusion that, no matter who we are talking about, a man or a woman, good words addressed to a person raise their spirits, improve their well-being and allow them to raise their self-esteem. And this, in turn, favorably affects the performance and the level of how quickly we can adapt to difficult life situations.

Sunburn at home

However, we, women, attention and good reviews are needed to the extreme.

A statistical survey conducted among the male population of our country showed that about seven percent of men prefer black women, thirty-eight like mulatto women, and the rest are not particularly picky and answered that they tend to choose the Slavic (more related to them) type of woman with fair skin . But what kind of man would look at a toadstool in a crowd of women who are blooming and have healthy skin color?

Skin color will help improve good nutrition and tan. The second will be especially important for you if you are attracted to a man from the second sociological group of respondents.

Yes, tanning is, of course, good, but there is not always time and money for traveling to the shore of the "blue" sea or hiking in beauty salons or tanning studios.

How to be? Is it possible to tan with the help of available tools at home? I will formulate the question differently: is tanning at home real? I answer it myself, having studied all kinds of literature and folk remedies, yes it is quite real !!!

In addition, there are several ways that are sufficient to obtain a bronze or olive skin tone at home.

Method number 1 or "means for tanning has not been canceled!"

The means used for tanning the skin are numerous. Basically, these are lotions and creams that provide the quick effect of bronze skin.

Sunburn at homeSunburn at home

On the types of such lotions you can read on our website, in the article "Instant tan and how to achieve it."

Such tools for tanning their developers are trying to do on a natural basis, but without chemistry, of course, there is not enough.

Cream and lotions that provide a quick tan, it is better to purchase in pharmacies. Then you can somehow protect yourself. In the markets and in non-specialized stores for these products, you can only buy products that have been recommended by a dermatologist.

You will use them at home. And where else to use them? Before applying a special product, a tanning cream, for example, you must first prepare the skin.

Skin preparation

  1. If you have it dry, you will need several days to prepare. Take any moisturizer and apply on dry skin three times a day. Procedures are best continued for three to four days. It is useful to use soft scrubs during bathing. The thing is that a tan provided by a cream or lotion will not lie flat on a dry skin or it may not look natural. That is why we need skin moisturizing for tanning at home.
  2. Before using any new means, you should check the reaction of your body to it. Now I mean fast tanning products. Take a bit of cream, for example, and apply it on your wrist. Wait two to three hours and if there is no redness, small rash, blistering or other very unpleasant manifestations, then boldly use this remedy. If your body does not transfer the components (one or several at once, it does not matter) that are part of what was tested on the wrist, then it will definitely let you know about it.
  3. Apply a cream or lotion for a quick tan at home only on previously cleansed and dried skin. Otherwise, you risk getting light spotting or banding (this is how lucky someone is).
  4. Apply the product quickly, trying to cover all areas of the skin. Spread so that the cream is applied in even layers, and not somewhere more, somewhere less.
  5. Knees, ankles, elbows and breasts, apply a little bit of tanning agents, as the skin is dry.
  6. After applying, let it all absorb. It is forbidden to dress and touch things.
  7. Do not carry out water procedures for at least three hours after application.

Sunburn at homeSunburn at home

Method number 2 or "home solarium ordered?"

The wealthy ladies or those who have a passionate dream of buying a miracle of modern technical thought home - a tanning bed, can finally acquire it.

It will be installed by the specialists of the store where the equipment was purchased.

Installation is not a problem. The trouble will come when you are too lazy to study the instructions for use and contact a specialist (it is better to have a beautician) for the correct determination of your skin type and the schedule for visiting a tanning salon every minute.

Without a doctor, I can say that it is best to use your home solarium two to three times a week and not every day, but at intervals. The time of the possible use of the miracle of technology is described in the instructions. It depends on the power of the lamps and the type of tanning bed.

Method number 3 or "rays of the bright sun through our window!"

If it is summer and the heat in the courtyard is under thirty degrees, you can not leave the house. Enough to sit on the windowsill (especially true for those who have a higher floor) or on the balcony, if not glazed. A private house, in this case, is generally a beauty. You can sit on the veranda or even on the roof. And what is not a way? This is sure to be a tan at home.

Method number 4 or "what is it there, on the shelf, stale?"

Could you think, of course, before reading this article, which is very informative in all respects, that in order to make your skin more dark, it is absolutely not necessary to use the sun's rays as a calanizer of melanin, which contributes to skin pigmentation.

Folk remedies to create a tanning effect - that is what will help us. They, of course, will not give such a rich tan as the sun or solarium, but the result will be noticeable. These remedies are mainly for the face and neck, but you can try it all over your body.

The effect of tanning is given by:

  • Coffee, cocoa and tea. To do this, brew a very cool tea or coffee, cool and wipe the skin with it daily. This tool will not only change the skin color slightly, but will refresh and strengthen the skin. Tea and healing of small wounds will contribute. You can transfer the broth to a solid state, that is, simply freeze and arrange rubbing with ice cubes. This method improves blood circulation and tones the skin. From coffee and masks can be prepared. They should be applied within ten minutes.

Sunburn at home

  • Carrot. Use a grated carrot mask, applying on the skin for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes. It is possible to rub with juice after washing to moisten a face with it and let it dry. With white skin carrots are not recommended.
  • Rhubarb. Squeeze the juice from the roots of this plant twice a day. If your skin is dry, do not hold such a water mask for a long time, as rhubarb itself has a drying effect.

Recipes with rhubarb can offer the following:

  1. Take a tablespoon of juice from rhubarb roots and mix face cream with one teaspoon. Such a mask and complexion will improve and the skin will soften.
  2. Instead of cream, use a tablespoon of sour cream or one raw egg yolk. Such a mask, however, will very much tighten the skin, but for the problematic teenage skin it will be, by the way, just right.
  • Chamomile, series, calendula. Wash decoctions from these plants. No chemistry is all natural. The pharmacy sells tincture of calendula. You can wipe her face with a cotton swab. It really helps in the fight against acne and really gives a matte hue to your skin (tested by experience on yourself, so do not hesitate).

As you can see, spomobov for tanning at home weight. The main thing to choose what is right for you. Let's just say: "what you are ready to go."