Spit french waterfall


Spit - a real decoration of a woman. This amazing hairstyle has many varieties and each of them is able to give a special charm to its owner.

How to weave a french waterfall?

The most fashionable trend of the coming year - braids. The most popular in this season was the spit French waterfall. It acquired its name for greater similarity with flowing streams of water. Strands of spit unusually well fall in cascades and resemble a real waterfall.

How to weave a french waterfall?

Braid waterfall for long hair

To properly and beautifully braid braid waterfall, you will need: a comb and a thin elastic band the same color as your hair.

Weaving a beautiful braid is not at all difficult, especially for those who already know other types of original hair weaving. A waterfall is weaved according to the principle of a classic spit cone, only strands from the 1st side are released all the time, and new ones are taken to replace them.

Waterfall, like any other weaving, looks great with melirovannyh hair. Highlighting and toning not only well emphasize the beautiful pattern of the strands, but also creates an easy romantic image.

Spit is perfect for young girls as a daily or evening hairstyle.

French braid: weaving scheme

How to make a braid waterfall with your own hands: a phased pattern of weaving:

  • Spit waterfall looks great on curly hair, so if your hair is completely straight from nature, be sure to make at least light waves. To achieve this effect, you can use a curling iron with a round nozzle or a hair dryer. You can make curls and other ways, everything will depend only on how you used to do it and on how long the locks last on the hair of your type.
  • Go to weave braids. First make a deep side parting. Take the hair from the front of the head, divide it into 3 even and equal locks.
  • Start the weaving in the same way as the usual classic braid, only release the bottom strands all the time. In place of the released take new, from the top of the hair, gradually moving on the head.
  • Grab one of the strands over your ear so that it locks your weave securely.
  • Move over the head gradually, braiding the braid and releasing the strands until you reach the next ear.
  • Here you need to fix the order with a thin invisible elastic band.
  • Repeat weaving braids waterfall from the other side.
  • When all hair will be braided, and you will reach the 2nd braid, remove the elastic band and connect the last 2 strands to each other. Fasten them together with one rubber band. Try to make the joint more inconspicuous, then the hairstyle will look just great!

How to make a French waterfall with a beam?

How to make a French waterfall with a beam?

Weaving a waterfall with a beam is almost no different from the usual waterfall spit, except that the braid is woven on one side only and then it is assembled into a bun.

Start weaving braids waterfall, as described in the instructions above.

Reach the ear and secure the last strand and the remaining hair with elastic.

The remaining curls, skip through the weave and fasten over the tail using ordinary stealth. Make a tail comb to make your future bundle beautiful and quite voluminous. Fasten the hair into a bun with ordinary hairpins.

This hairstyle will take you some time, but the result will be amazing.

This braid fits perfectly to any outfit, be it a strict evening dress or jeans and a loose bright T-shirt.

French braid: reviews

  1. Natalya: My daughter is so braided by a kindergarten teacher; her hairstyle is so neat! When she comes home, I can't get enough of this beauty.
  2. Liza: A girlfriend taught me to weave a waterfall, it’s not at all difficult. But now I can do my hair myself without any help. Now I teach weaving friends in between lectures at a university.
  3. Nina: I will make a waterfall for a wedding, it will be very beautiful and romantic. Dress already bought a haircut. I don’t need a veil, although I could wear it, they said so in the salon. But I really want everyone to see my spectacular haircut!

French braid: reviews

French Falls is a hairstyle that has attracted fashionistas at all times. But it became especially popular right now. Learning to weave such a braid is easy, but the result is impressive! You can independently style your hair in a waterfall every day or choose this hairstyle for a festive event.