Many people suffer from acne. There are many drugs that promise to get rid of acne, black spots and comedones. In all this variety it is difficult to choose a tool that is right for you. Skinoren is a medicine popular in medicine that is known not only among doctors, but also among ordinary consumers. With it, you can solve the problem of acne, but what should be preferred: cream or gel?

Skinoren: what to choose - cream or gel?

The difference in composition between the cream and the gel is small, but there is. The gel contains 15 percent azelaic acid, 3 percent fat and 70 percent water. In the cream - 20 percent azelaic acid, 15 percent fat and 50 percent water.

Skinoren has a pronounced keratolytic effect - the drug eliminates hyperkeratosis of the orifices of the follicular sebaceous glands and normalizes the cells of the epidermis. The tool has high antibacterial properties, blocking the growth of bacteria and the synthesis of their proteins.

Skinoren: reviews

Skinoren reduces the oxidative process in neutrophils and reduces the production of free radicals in the epidermis. Means well eliminates inflammation, suppresses a greater number of microorganisms, normalizes the production of sebum and cleanses the pores. Due to the content of azelaic acid, its level is replenished. Skinoren is ideal for use at any age. The cream is designed for all skin types, and the gel is only for oily.

Skinoren (cream and gel) is recommended to apply 2 times a day. To achieve results, it is necessary to use means for several months, without stopping halfway. It does not leave oily shine, so it can be used under makeup.

Neither gel nor cream is addictive, which is very important, because the drugs are expensive. Skinoren has a pleasant smell, but does not contain fragrances and flavors.

The gel is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving stains. In addition, it has a hydrating and cooling effect. The cream is able to save you from redness, restoring skin beauty and youth.

Skinoren is easy to use: thoroughly clean the skin from impurities and makeup. Dry the skin with a soft towel and apply the product to the affected areas. Cream or gel is rubbed easily and consumed economically.

As for side effects, at the beginning of Skinoren treatment, some complain of local irritation, peeling and flushing of the skin, itching and burning. In most cases, side effects are mild and stop during treatment.

Skinoren: reviews

In case of skin irritation, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of application to 1 time per day. If necessary, you can interrupt treatment for several days.

Reviews of skinoren cream:

  • Nadezhda: I have been using Skinoren for 2 years. After the 1st application, the result became noticeable after 2 weeks. The only cream that dries the skin is strong, so I had to reduce the application to 1 time per day. I advise everyone who has skin problems.
  • Olesya: I bought cream for my niece, who has serious problems with acne. Used Skinoren according to the instructions for 4 months. The result is simply amazing. The skin is smooth, without inflammations and flaws. Niece just loved it. The only negative is the high cost.
  • Vasilisa: I had problem skin since my childhood: acne, black spots, etc. I tried many different tools, but nothing helped until the beautician advised Skinoren. I apply the cream for about 2 months and there are already noticeable results. The first time after using the skin was peeling and itching, but then everything went away. The result is very pleased, I will continue to use.
  • Cristina: I do not understand the hype associated with the tool. I bought the cream at the pharmacy, I did everything according to the instructions, but I did not achieve results. The skin was acne, and remained. I do not know what to do.
  • Elena: I used Skinoren cream 2 times a day for several months. He helped me cope with acne, plus everything bleached acne spots. The only thing he strongly pinched the skin and left a small redness. But within 10 minutes everything went by.

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Skinoren is a drug with a natural active ingredient that has long been known in medicine. The tool has a complex effect on the causes of acne, gently affects the skin, helps to eliminate the effects of rashes and significantly reduces their appearance. Despite the fact that Skinoren has no age restrictions and contraindications, before using it, you should consult with a specialist to avoid relapses.