Simple hairstyles for the evening. how to make hairstyles

How to become the most beautiful on a significant day and win the curious views of adoration and admiration? Just pick a good hairstyle! It is no secret that for every girl you need to look elegant and formal at important events. But do not forget that the hairstyle should suit you personally, your image, along with the style.

To determine how to pack your hair for a celebration, you should contact a hairdresser wagon at the salon. Hairstyle evening implies, above all, styling. With simple flowing hair for a celebration you will not be able to go. If you do curls, then laid with special means, mousse, foam, gel. It is better to curl them on super soft modern curlers or curling with a ceramic coating, so as not to harm the structure of the hair. You should also use before the celebration of a special shampoo-scrub. After all, it is known that the scalp needs to be cleansed and exfoliated. Thus, dandruff particles will not spoil your hairstyle.

There are 2 options for how to make an evening styling. You can trust a specialist, sign up to the salon. The masters of their business will work with you and they will do their hair according to the rules. Often it happens that there is no money for the salon. Well, if you have a girlfriend who manages to weave complex braids, do curls. And if there is no such person near you, then do the following: make your own hair. It is important to prepare the hair.

Hairstyles with curls

  • Laying is done only on clean curls. Remember, it is important that they are hydrated. This is a guarantee of beauty hairstyles. With dry disheveled tips styling will not work. Therefore, you need to make a moisturizing mask. Now their choice is great. There are plenty to choose from, a lot of decent and budget options. The composition is almost the same. There are self-made masks, but, as a rule, they need to be held a little longer for the therapeutic and health effect.
  • Rinse with cool water. The hair shaft will become smooth and shiny, because the scales will close.
  • Apply shine oil on the tips and along the length of the hair. Roots do not affect, otherwise they will be fat. So, dry your hair with a hair dryer, from top to bottom, as a function of the cold mode. At hand should be a comfortable brush for twisting the ends. Now the hair is ready to create a hairstyle.

Hairstyles with curls

Hairstyles with curls

  • Beautiful wavy curls - the dream of every woman. Such styling is very beautiful when the hair falls down the back. Such styling, as well as possible fit for long hair. Divide the strands into 2 equal parts. One is easy to intercept with a soft rubber band to avoid ugly creases. Use curling iron or styler, preferably with a special coating. It does not matter if there is none.
  • Apply a specially formulated protective oil or spray to avoid unnecessarily injuring your hair. Spiral up the strands. In this form, they need to hold the right time (you can find it in the instructions for the curling). Put a clock next to it, so as not to burn your hair.
  • Twist so strand by strand on one side and on the other. At the end, fasten the hair with curls.

Hair flower

To create such a hairstyle on the hair, it is necessary to smooth them, make them heavier. Curls are often pushes, and here smooth braids are required.

Hairstyles with curls

  • Select for yourself the part of the hair, which will be our future flower.
  • We divide them into 3 zones. Braid braid. You can use the usual or openwork weaving.
  • Then pull out several strands of hairpin from the resulting braid. Just touch it. This allows you to achieve a fluff effect. Strands will look like drop-down flower petals.
  • Twist the braid into the snail. Pin a hairpin - stealth hair color. Form a snail in floral pattern. Secure at the end of varnish.

You can also make a flower on his head. Collect all the hair in the tail. Secure with a soft rubber band. Divide into small tails strands. From each braid spit. Gather in the desired hair hairstyle. Bind them one under the other, creating the effect of petals. Secure invisible. Sprinkle with glitter.

Collected hairstyles

Collected hairstyles

The beauty of the collected hairstyles is that they reveal beautiful facial features, a swan neck, and emphasize becoming and posture. With their help, you can look really majestic. Hairstyles are divided into classic, smoothly taken, or romantic disheveled. You can make a french shell. For this you need a beautiful crab - hairpin. Gather the hair with your hands. Make the tail a small rubber band. Twist it in a spiral, forming a shell, and slaughter it with a crab. You can make a neat bunch. Gather the hair high on the nape of the tail and wrap the strand around the tail, pinned with pins. Best of all, if they are festive, with decorations. Or make a smooth horse tail. It is formed entirely, as usual everyday. Rub a little styling gel in your palms, smooth out the strands with your hands, and dry with a hairdryer. Pick up a long earrings under this hairstyle, emphasize the cat's eyes with eyeliner and put on a long dress to the toe with a slit. Complement the outfit with sandals in the Greek style, if you are in the city or rest. Or replace them with a smart thin hairpin if you are going to an important event.

Laying rim

Hairstyles with rim

The bezel is certainly an accent that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Decorate your hair with a thin or thick rim, with stones, rhinestones, colored for a romantic or monochrome for a strict look. Just put the bezel on loose hair. Such an image rejuvenates and refreshes the face. Very often, the bezel is the perfect assistant for girls who are at the stage of growing hair. It will help to hide the loose strands. Also, the bezel is excellent and will look very stylish with bangs. It is important and its color. It looks good bright red for dark hair, and blue - for light. The latter is combined with a navy style outfit.

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Remember that hairstyles are always a sign that a girl or woman looks after herself. After all, hair is an ornament that has always been valued. Do not forget about the correct placement of accents. If you have a smart head of hair, then do not switch attention from her with the help of accessories. Take care and nourish your hair, and they will answer you with a healthy shine and radiance. Let everything be harmonious in your image. Be great always!

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