Simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands

Every woman wants to be beautiful in every situation. One of the components of beauty are well-groomed hair. However, every time to visit the hairdresser can not all the fair sex. In addition, even self-tinkering complex hairstyles in the mornings have no time, and they do not always turn out the way you would like. therefore the best option for every day are simple hairstyles, make that under the power of any woman. They do not require great skill and specific adaptations.

Tail every day do it yourself

This simple hairstyle can look very impressive and beautiful. Such a hairstyle can be made by any girl, using a hairpin-clip for a strong fixation of the tail. To make your tail look neat and beautiful when styling, you must use a special serum for smoothing hair or oil. Under these conditions, the strands will not fall out of your hair.

Simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands

Another subtlety in creating a tail is to place it on the crown itself. To make your tail exactly there, you need to tilt your head back a little and only then collect it. First, the hairstyle should be fixed on the head with an elastic rubber band, and then apply the clip you have chosen. This hairstyle is relevant in any situation and is done very easily, and also does not take much time.

Low beam every day do it yourself

Another simplest way to create a hairstyle is to make a low bun. To give the usual bundle some zest, you can use an elastic band or elastic bands. To make a bunch of ribbons, you must first collect the hair in the tail, the base of which will be at the level of the neck. The tail should not be too tight. Now you need to wind the tail with a thin ribbon in a spiral, so that the ribbons cross each other. Then, in order for the tail to become a bundle, you need to use studs.

Simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands

If you decide to use elastic bands to create such a bundle, then they must be fixed at the same distance along the entire length of the tail. And then you can form a bundle. Thanks to such uncomplicated ornaments, the hairstyle will acquire some zest.

Easy carelessness with your own hands

The effect of a little carelessness in a hairstyle gives an image of mystery, sexuality and femininity. To create such a hairstyle, you must first add the hair volume at the roots. This can be achieved with a mousse or styling spray. Means must be applied to the hair with the fingers. Hair should be slightly whipped.

Then you need to do something like a tail, only on the side. After the tail is formed, it is necessary to twist the hair into a bundle. Twist them need not too tight. The tourniquet should not be intimidated, because in such a hairstyle the main thing is to keep the volume. The harness created by you is fixed on the end with an elastic band that must be disguised. To do this, hide it under a small section of hair.

Simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands

Now fix the hairstyle with hairpins. To keep your hairstyle well, you need to fill it with hair spray.

This hairstyle will give your image originality, and you will be able to feel the charm of careless chic. Just performed, but it looks more than impressive.

Hair Style Shell on every day

Probably, this hairstyle is familiar to everyone. To make it, you do not need to make great efforts. But an ordinary shell may seem boring. Therefore, you can make some changes to your hairstyle. For example, add the same carelessness and use the double hoop as an accessory. This will add a modern hairstyle.

To make a shell for every day with your own hands, you need to put the strands that frame your face. Usually they are included in the shell itself. Try placing them on top of the beam.

Simple hairstyles for every day with their own hands

To create such a hairstyle, you will need a texturizing spray, which you have to put on your hands and whip your hair. Then the hair should be divided into two parts - upper and lower. Getting started with the bottom. Upper at this time should be fixed tail. The lower part is twisted into a bundle and form a shell. The resulting shell must be fixed with studs. Now in line the top strands. They must be combed at the roots.

Twist tips with forceps. Now you can lay the top strands over the shell. They can be fixed with hairspray or hairpins. The final stage of the formation of hairstyles will be hoops. One of them must be worn almost on the top of the head. Place the second hoop near the hairline, and then slide back a little. That's all, your hairstyle is ready. Needless to say that this hairstyle, like the previous ones, looks gorgeous and is appropriate in any situation.

Simple hairstyles for every day: video

No one can know exactly how the day will end. That is why you should always look amazing, and the image should be universal. The above hairstyles just perfectly meet this criterion. With a minimum of effort, you will always be on top.

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