Sharp nails

Most girls quickly get used to one form of nails and decide to change only the color range of varnishes. But sometimes there is just an overwhelming desire for some kind of change. If you are not yet ready for cardiac changes in appearance, you can start with a manicure. Recently, sharp claws have returned to their former popularity.

Sharp nail design: photo and description

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

To get sharp nails, you still have to resort to the procedure of building, because natural nails can not always grow to the desired length. The fact is that on short nails, not all designs look beautiful. Extensive nails look neat and beautiful, while remaining strong enough.

Most often, the final design is selected taking into account the sharpness of the tips of the nails. In the event that you opt for a triangular shape, they are rounded and neat. And the applied drawings should be ideally suited and give integrity to the manicure. The advantages of this form of nails include the fact that they can be used a huge number of different designs, because an experienced master is able to portray whole stories or create bright flower bouquets on nails.

If you wish, you can decorate sharp marigolds with only one flower - for example, a rose or a lily, a field chamomile. This design looks very beautiful, stylish and sophisticated. A geometric or abstract pattern is also perfect - prints from broken or straight lines, square patterns, etc. look very interesting and original. If you want an unusual manicure, which will help to express your own individuality, then you can complement the image with several bright colors.

Transparent nail tips look very interesting, moreover, today it is one of the main fashion trends and this technique is very popular among the young representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. You can apply a varnish of a gentle light shade and add a small amount of sparkles to make the manicure more bright and at the same time gentle.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the decor and colors, especially if you have chosen long marigolds. The fact is that such an unusual and interesting form of nails does not exclude the possibility of creativity and the use of bright colors of varnish.

Also, many manicurists increasingly use in the design of sharp nails lace, cloth, gold thread, foil, etc. The most important thing is to decorate all these elements correctly and then the manicure will look stylish, beautiful and harmonious. Also a very interesting and stylish look is a combination of white and black shades in manicure - for example, a design in the form of a chessboard, portraits or colors.

Manicure for sharp nails: photos and basic rules

Sharp nails: design features

Among the advantages of the acute form of nails is the fact that it is just perfect for every girl. In the event that you have short nails, you can contact a specialist and build them up or form them gradually. The second option will take a lot of time and will depend on the growth rate of natural nails. However, if you have brittle and thin nails, then only the first option of nail extension will do. This manicure is best entrusted to the master, who can not only choose the right shape, but also create the correct proportions.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that if you want sharp nails, then you need to constantly and properly care for them, because now your hands will attract increased attention from others.

First of all, pay attention to the combination of fingers with sharp nails or such a manicure with the shape of hands. Do not forget that the nails of this form will constantly break during heavy physical work. That is why this manicure is more popular among young fashionistas who are not burdened with heavy work.

Manicurists recommend girls to look at the original and bright design, because bright colors are not only fashionable, but also emphasize the beautiful shape of nails. An excellent choice would be rich plum, cherry and red shades.

On sharp claws, various abstract patterns harmoniously look, which give the manicure a bit surrealistic.

For stylish girls who like to attract everyone's attention, there is another interesting version of manicure - nails are covered with black lacquer, and their inside is red. This manicure was named "studs from Louboutin" and recently it has become increasingly popular and in demand among many ladies. You can make this manicure yourself at home. To do this, you will need to take red and black lacquers, and then proceed directly to creating a manicure.

Moon manicure is also perfect for the sharp form of nails. The fact is that visually this design will slightly shorten the nail plate. It can be performed not only in black and white colors, but also using a variety of bright shades of lacquers.

If you want to make a moon manicure yourself, you will need several varnishes in contrasting shades (for example, red and gold, white and black, rich blue and silver), stencils for a french, as well as a fixing coating for nails. First, a base coat is applied to the nail, then a bright varnish (two layers of gold, white), then you need to wait a bit until the varnish is completely dry. At the base of the nail with a stencil, glue the "moon", and on the rest of the nail apply a dark shade of lacquer. To make the manicure more interesting and stylish, draw the "smile" line. At the end, the marigolds are covered with a fixative, which will help the lacquer to last longer and add extra shine to the manicure.

The elegant and elegant French manicure, which is most suitable for nail-stylets, does not lose its popularity. If you prefer a classic jacket, you can easily make it yourself at home. But you can use the color option, thanks to which the manicure will become more vivid and interesting.

To make such a french you need nail polishes (transparent and red, but if you wish, you can use any other nude shade), fixing and base coat. First, a base is applied on the nail, then a clear varnish to add extra shine. As soon as the varnish is completely dry, the tip of the nail is covered in color so that not a “smile” is formed, but a small corner. As soon as the varnish dries, apply fixer.

Pictures on sharp nails: photos and fashion trends

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

Sharp nails: design features

The most popular today is the original geometric pattern. You can safely do a stylish moon manicure, in which a smooth arc will give way to a sharp corner. Also looks stylish and a similar jacket. Very interesting and unusual is the so-called "broken" design, in which the painted part of the nail is separated from the non-painted strict line. Also in this case one of the trendy nude colors can be used.

Young fashionistas will enjoy the so-called "predatory" drawings - for example, a zebra or a leopard is simply ideally combined with sharp nails. This design is perfect for a party.

The tips of sharp nails covered with bright shades of lacquer look unusual, bright and very interesting, while the main nail plate is made in a leopard print. You can create such an unusual design yourself, using a special felt-tip pen for nail art or a thin brush.

Pointed marigolds, as the choice of daring and outrageous ladies, is a thing of the past. Now any girl can try on such a manicure. The choice of length, shape option depends on your style, lifestyle and other factors. That is why before going to the master in the salon, think over all the nuances to the smallest detail in order to enjoy the new way to the full.

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