Shadows for green eyes


At the time of the holy inquisition, women with green eyes were considered witches and heretics.According to modern psychologists,women with green eyes are the most prosperous, successful and stable. They have a wonderful imagination, dreamy and creative. But if your intellect is not visually stressed, then the color of the eyes is possible, and quickly. The main thing is to know how!

Green is considered a complex shade. In order to emphasize it, you should choose following shades: brown, lilac, dark blue, plum, golden. But the color of the eyes can be of a different green color: from dark green and marsh to almost turquoise. From this and curl green eye shadow selection!

How to choose a shade for green eyes?

  1. Dark green eyes.Dark eye color - versatile and most common. For eye makeup, you can choose any shades, perfect fit and eyeliner.
  2. Eyes sea-green.Rare and very beautiful eye color. Here it is best to choose light shades or not very dark.
  3. Light green eye color.Dark shadows in this case it is better not to use, they by the way only as accents in the corners of the eyes or as eyeliner.
  4. Gray-green eye color.Complicated shade. Here, choose light tones for the upper region of the eyelid; for the moving part of the upper eyelid, it is better to choose the shadows darker. Avoid deep and intense dark shades.

Universal shade of shadows for green eyes

Yes Yes Yes. He exists. Universal color for green eyes. There are colors on the opposite side of the spectrum; such shades are called complementary. For green eyes, this shade is red.. Therefore, if you really choose a "universal", then it should be somewhere in this spectrum. Purple, purple, purple, pink, brick. Of course, all this options for evening makeup.

And a little bit about those shades that green-eyed girls are best kept away from their eyes: silver, all shades of blue, white. These colors can make your eyes dull and unappealing.

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Dear green-eyed girls, remember that a lot of color .... It happens. Therefore, gathering even on a very evening rendezvous, do not overdo it with red or purple hues. Being yourself is the best weapon. Remember the individuality, and do not let the paint on your face replace it.