Sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes


Do you often care for your eyelashes? Or the desire to care for them arose just now? Do you know that even thin short eyelashes can be made thick and long, without using mascara? What is needed for this? This will help you sea buckthorn oil, which is able to make the eyelashes thicker, strengthen the roots of the eyelashes and give them a shade more saturated!

The benefits of sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes

  1. Sea buckthorn oil can perfectly soften and strengthen your eyelashes.
  2. Regular and frequent use of sea buckthorn oil prevents the loss of eyelashes.
  3. In addition, if your cilia have already begun to fall, sea buckthorn oil will help you in this case.
  4. Sea buckthorn oil moisturizes and nourishes the cilia.
  5. This oil can improve the structure of your eyelashes and their appearance.

How to use sea buckthorn oil for eyelash care?

The use of sea buckthorn oil in the care of eyelashes

  • First, thoroughly clean your eyelashes from the remnants of mascara. In order to do this as best as possible, use the milk to remove makeup.
  • Secondly, soak a cotton swab in sea buckthorn oil, and gently apply to the cilia so as not to get into your eyes.
  • Third, remove sea buckthorn oil from your eyelashes, about two to two and a half hours after you applied it. It is best to do this with a dry cotton swab.
  • Be extremely careful when applying sea buckthorn oil on the eyelashes. This is because if you get in your eyes, the sensations will be from the category of very unpleasant!
  • In addition, make sure that sea buckthorn oil, which you smear eyelashes, did not fall, in large quantities, on the skin. This is explained by the fact that when this oil gets on the skin, the latter can turn orange. But it will be very problematic to wash it off!

Use sea buckthorn oil, when caring for your eyelashes, at least two or three times a week. Only regular procedures can bring a positive effect.

Recipes with sea buckthorn eyelash oil

How exactly should you use sea buckthorn oil when caring for your eyelashes? Do I need to add something to it, or is it necessary to use only a pure product?

Of course, you can use pure sea buckthorn oil when caring for your eyelashes. But to achieve the best effect, add to it and other ingredients. Consider a few recipes for improving the condition of eyelashes and their treatment.

1. Take sea buckthorn oil and castor oil in a 1: 1 ratio. This mixture should be applied to the eyelashes, which you previously cleared of makeup. Keep the mixture should be about two to three hours. This recipe helps to soften your cilia, strengthen them. Moreover, they become more fluffy!

2. Take two tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil and the same burdock. Add one tablespoon of crushed rosehip to these oils. This mixture should be left to infuse for ten days. After the specified time has passed, lubricate the cilia every day.

3. A recipe that is useful to you if your eyelashes are healthy, and you just want to maintain their condition.

Take sea buckthorn, castor and fir oil in equal parts. Mix oils, and wipe their cilia.

4. Take sea buckthorn oil, add a few drops of vitamin A to it. Lubricate the eyelashes with this mixture. Thus, you will carry out the general care of eyelashes.

We hope that, from these recipes, you will find something useful. And using them, you will become the owner of healthy luxurious eyelashes.

Tips for using sea buckthorn oil

1. If the recipe indicates that the oil after applying to the eyelashes should be washed off after a certain time, then be sure to follow this recommendation! Do not think that an increase in the exposure time of the oil to the eyelashes will give a more tangible effect. On the contrary, unpleasant situations can arise.

2. Avoid getting used oil in the eyes. When it comes into contact with the eye, an oily film forms that is almost impossible to wash off. Moreover, in the eyes there is a feeling of poured sand, a temporary visual impairment occurs. To avoid all this, be extremely careful!

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Now, using sea buckthorn oil to care for your eyelashes, you will make them thicker, softer and healthier!

Beautiful you cilia!