Regesin wrinkle gel


"We treat one thing - cripple the other" - who has not heard such a saying !? There is also a downside to the medal, they treated one thing, and we get not only the effect of therapy, but also an additional “bonus”, and this is extremely pleasant. A typical example of a successful side effect is the use of Regecin gel.

Regesin Wrinkle Gel

Regicin: the composition of the drug

The effectiveness and effect of any drug depends largely on its composition. Regicin contains substances such as sodium hydroxide, carbopol, purified water, hyaluronic acid, and zinc chloride. It is zinc that determines the main purpose of the gel - to fight various inflammations on the skin.

Due to the balanced composition, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating effect is achieved. Accordingly, the spectrum of indications of the gel expands, it is successfully used to combat age-related changes in the skin.

Composite components, namely, hyaluronic acid, interacting with the skin's backs, do not allow it to lose its firmness and elasticity. Thanks to zinc and purified water, the natural water balance is maintained. In addition, zinc awakens regeneration processes - the production of new cells, just this fact determines the wrinkle smoothing and rejuvenating effect in particular.

Due to these properties, in cosmetology, this drug is used not only to combat skin rashes, but also to smooth facial wrinkles. The drug most effectively showed itself in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes, but this does not mean that the gel is not used on the remaining areas of the face.

Regicin: the composition of the drug

Instructions for use

The drug itself is available in a tube of 15 or 20 mg, which is enough for almost a month of regular use. In the prevention of acne and other inflammatory skin diseases, the gel is used several times a week, the course of treatment will depend on the severity of the manifestation.

To combat age-related changes in the skin, the gel has been used for several weeks, applying it to clean, dry skin. When applied to the area around the eyes, the drug is rubbed with soft, circular movements of the fingers until completely absorbed, which happens very quickly. The course of "treatment" should not exceed more than 3 months. Some women, in their reviews about the gel, say that Regetsin is an excellent basis for makeup.

The almost complete absence of contraindications, with the exception of idiosyncrasy and allergic reactions, makes the gel an excellent tool not only in the fight against skin rashes, but for a quick recovery of the skin, for example, after laser correction. Also, the gel is prescribed, if there is a goal to get rid of small scars and scars.

Regicin: instructions for use

Does Regecin Gel for Wrinkles Help?

Reviews of this drug are extremely positive. The women who used Regecin were pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is no principle - "the more expensive the better." Regetsin differs from its counterparts at a pleasant price that does not exceed 200 rubles.

After the course of treatment with Rezecin, acne is formed, which has formed and the number of new ones is noticeably reduced, after which it disappears. A cosmetic effect was also noted, which concerns not only the smoothing of the skin and the elimination of wrinkles.

Using the gel, the skin acquires a smooth tone, there is no oily shine, which is especially important in the summer heat. According to reviews, the drug inhibits the formation of a greasy film for most of the day, when other means cope with their task for a maximum of a couple of hours. In addition, the use of the gel contributes to the narrowing of pores.

One of the most common analogues of Regicin is Curiosin cream, which is also designed to combat skin problems, stimulates regeneration processes. The Hungarian drug is practically no different in composition and effects to its domestic counterpart, but there are significant differences in pricing policy. As they say: "If you can not see the difference, why pay more?".

Regesin wrinkle gel: reviews

Beauty does not always require sacrifice, especially financial. Maintain youthful skin will help not only expensive procedures in beauty salons, but also simple ointments. And the rejuvenating effect, in most cases, comes as a "side effect", very pleasant, but still "side". In the case of Rezecin, you can "kill two birds with one stone" at the same time - even out skin tone, rejuvenate your face and solve the problem with the formation of acne.