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Today, the most talked about hairdressing salon is the babyliss pro perfect curl styler. Reviews about this wonderful technique are mostly very flattering. Having seen plenty of advertising, where girls make magnificent curls in 5 seconds, and after reading laudatory assessments, many people order this curling. But is it true that she independently makes curls and are there any drawbacks to the "magic" styler?

What can babyliss pro perfect curl do and what are its differences from other stylers?

babyliss pro perfect curl

Novelties in the field of beauty appear with enviable regularity. And now a device has entered the market, which should be a real salvation for those who dream of curls - babyliss pro perfect curl. What are the main differences of this device from other models of pleyok? The manufacturer (French company) promises customers such opportunities:

  • automatic creation of curls;
  • absolutely perfect and identical curls;
  • three temperature regimes: for doll curls - 230˚, for "waves" - 190˚ and for soft curls - 210˚.

So, if you have to tinker with a regular curling iron for a long time to get your head in order, then babyliss pro perfect curl will give you cool Hollywood curls with almost no effort on your part. Moreover, the curls will begin right at the roots of the hair (which is impossible to do with ordinary curling tongs). The third distinctive feature of the "intellectual" curling is that not the heated plates, but the hot air flow are used to make the hair wavy (you can compare its effect with the hair dryer).

But the producer styler advertises this way, and how is it in practice? The only way to make an objective opinion on whether it is worth spending money on a babyliss pro perfect curl styler is reviews. Moreover, it is advisable to study both positive and negative statements.

"The best in the field of curls", or What do the girls say about bebiliss perfect?

What do girls say about bebiliss perfect?

It should be said bluntly: the 5 positive (and even enthusiastic) responses about the automatic styler, which are left by the happy owners of the device, account for only 1 negative. What makes them so impressed by the professional styler babyliss pro perfect curl? Reviews are full of such expressions: “The cool thing is to be beautiful every day!”, “Now I always have curls from the salon!”, “I have never regretted what I have acquired!”, “I look gorgeous, and in just 5 minutes! ". As proof of the magical effect that the hair styler produces with hair (both short and long), the girls attach their photos with glamorous curls.

How do customers evaluate all the parameters of the new babyliss pro perfect curl curling iron? Here is what they pay attention to:

device design:

  • black curling iron looks pretty stylish and solid. It is pleasant to hold in hand.


  • so that the first pancake does not turn out to be a lump, you should definitely study the instructions (all girls are unanimous in this) The use of the styler has its own characteristics: in particular, it must be properly positioned in relation to the head. If you take the wrong side, the strand of hair will be tightly clamped in the device, and you will only have to cut it off or unravel it for a long time and painfully (which happened to many girls).

Not everyone has the perfect hairdo right away. Of course, for some people, everything worked out smoothly (or rather, curly hair!), But still, in order to get an excellent result, you will have to practice a little. To exclude the possibility of damage to the hair, girls are advised to first set the minimum temperature on the curling iron and choose the automatic mode for guiding the curls.


the device itself is spinning a strand

Styler job:

  • The functionality of the curling iron is all highly appreciated. The girls liked that the device winds a strand by itself, that is, it creates curls automatically. Praise was given to the fact that you can choose a gentle mode, so as not to overdry the hair. The device informs about its readiness to start curling curls with a light indicator (it stops blinking) - this is the same as the auto shut-off option, according to users, a big plus.


  • 5 out of 5 marks. A ceramic chamber is provided inside the case, so it is simply impossible to get burned (which often happens to those who use ordinary metal curtains).


  • It is on this criterion that automatic curling has earned a lot of compliments. Styler babyliss pro perfect curl - most women confirm this - really able to quickly give straight hair the shape of seductive curls. Moreover, the curls are kept very long (some say that they do not disintegrate up to 2 days), but for the sake of this effect it is necessary to use special styling tools.


  • although most girls are ready to spend 8-10 thousand rubles for the sake of a beautiful haircut. for the original babyliss pro perfect curl styler, yet not many like this cost. Therefore, some decide to buy a Chinese fake for 2500-3000 rubles., Even at the same time risking losing their hair. However, the girls came up with how to make the cost of the device more acceptable. They watch for discounts or buy a machine in the format of a joint purchase.

What claims do girls express to babyliss pro perfect curl bab2665u?

What claims do girls express to babyliss pro perfect curl bab2665u?

And yet, not everyone liked the babyliss pro perfect curl bab2665u styler. Reviews show that he is not without flaws. What were some customers of this device dissatisfied with? They were not satisfied with such features of its device and use:

  • curling weight. The styler is quite heavy, so by the end of the installation the hand gets very tired;
  • not very suitable for short hair (for example, girls say that hair that is shorter than 15 cm, it only confuses and tears);
  • despite the 3 heating modes, it still spoils the hair, so you will additionally need to buy a means for thermal protection;
  • can pull out hair. Strands should be placed strictly in a certain direction, otherwise they are firmly stuck inside the valves;
  • Before curling curls hair should be prepared - carefully comb;
  • curls quickly disintegrate. If the thickness of the strands is more than 3-4 cm, then beautiful and durable curls will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to take thin strands (you have to tinker). In 5 minutes, as promised in an advertisement, “curling out” all the hair will definitely not come out;
  • high price.

In addition, the big hype that has arisen around this styler has contributed to the fact that there are many fakes on the market. Therefore, you can easily run into counterfeit products. And to pay for the error will have not only discarded money, but their own hair.

The electric tongs of the new generation babyliss pro perfect curl undoubtedly have their advantages. Most girls, they have significantly simplified the creation of hairstyles. For 15-20 minutes you can become the owner of luxurious curls. Imagine how much time it would take when contacting a salon or trying to make the same beauty with ordinary forceps.

But, unfortunately, no one has yet invented the perfect "home hairdresser". Therefore, carefully review all the reviews and decide whether you need a styler machine or will it just gather dust in your closet? It is also worth asking the opinion of your hairdresser (if you trust him), since not all hairs can be curled.

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