Photoepilation of the deep bikini area

Well-groomed body attracts admiring glances of others. But the hair on the legs and in the bikini zone, which were not removed in time, involuntarily sharpens attention on the beach, in the pool, in the sauna. They look untidy, and even if they are removed mechanically, then irritation, black spots, ingrown hairs do not give confidence. Once and for all, a deep bikini photoepilation will help solve the problem.

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Like other methods, photoepilation has its advantages and disadvantages

Like other methods, photoepilation has its advantages and disadvantages. But women who have already taken advantage of this service, in a review emphasize that the slight pain, discomfort that they experienced during the session, can not be compared with the pleasure of the effect, its duration, self-confidence, which gives a well-groomed leather. Reviews of deep bikini photo epilation are numerous and positive, but before you decide on this procedure and contact the master, you should learn more about it.

What is photoepilation?

The skin in the bikini area is extremely sensitive to all sorts of influences.

The skin in the bikini area is extremely sensitive to all sorts of influences. There is no subcutaneous fat, the nerve endings are close under thin skin, and the amount of hair is very large. In addition, as a result of using the razor as the most common tool for dealing with the problem, the hairs become thicker, tougher, it becomes more difficult to cope with them, and it is necessary to repeat the shaving regularly. Still, the ideal result is almost impossible to achieve. It is quite another salon techniques. One of them is a deep bikini photo epilation. It will not be possible to get rid of the hair completely in one visit to the salon, but the course of procedures will give noticeable results.

Photoepilation, like laser hair removal, is based on the effect of a light beam on the skin in a specific area. Under the action of light, the hair pigment, melanin, is destroyed, as a result of the reaction, thermal energy is released, which negatively affects the hair follicle. After several sessions, the hair becomes weak, soft, their number decreases. Due to the fact that in photoepilation lamps with a wide spectrum of rays, including ultraviolet, are used, the filter system is used in the apparatus. But even they can not provide complete protection of the body. The price for laser and photoepilation is different for this very reason.

Before proceeding to the procedure, the cosmetologist in the salon should make recommendations regarding the wavelength, the frequency of outbreaks, and the duration of the session.

What is good and what is bad?

In addition, you need to know that has photoepilation and contraindications

Among the undoubted advantages of this method include:

  • availability;
  • lasting effect;
  • exclusion of injury, skin damage and, as a result, its infection;
  • skin photorejuvenation

However, there are disadvantages:

  • pain of the procedure;
  • with illiterate photoepilation increases the risk of burns, age spots

In addition, you need to know that has photoepilation and contraindications. These include:

  • skin diseases in the groin area (viral and fungal);
  • microtraumas;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • individual intolerance;
  • age up to 18 years.

Why be ready?

As already mentioned, photoepilation of the bikini area is carried out in the cabin. But first you need to carry out the preparatory work at home. A month before the proposed procedure, you need to forget about all methods of hair removal, except for the razor. For 2 weeks, stop visiting the solarium and the beach, do not take tranquilizers and antibiotics. Epilation is best done in the first half of the cycle, before the onset of ovulation: during this period, the pain will be much weaker.

Immediately before the procedure, a cooling gel is applied to the skin, which has a weak anesthetic effect. After the master conducts a session involving flashes of a certain frequency, the skin is again processed by special means. The ideal effect is achieved in 5-7 sessions. Repeat courses will need several times a year, gradually the hair will disappear altogether.

Beauty, as you know, requires sacrifice. The main thing that they were not in vain. In order not to become a victim, you should choose salons with a good reputation, experienced craftsmen and modern equipment. Photoepilation deep bikini, made in compliance with standards and requirements, will bring only pleasure from the result and a feeling of complete satisfaction with their appearance.

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