Permanent eye makeup

Permanent eye makeup allows you to emphasize the space between the pages or create arrows on the eyelids. It is made with the help of a hardware mini-needle, which is filled with resistant pigment. The color of the pigment is chosen depending on the preferences of the client. The technique of such make-up is similar to tattooing, which is why it is often called tattooing.

Permanent eye makeup does not belong to either prophylactic or therapeutic procedures. Its purpose is exclusively decorative.

With the help of tattooing the eyelids, it is easy to visually change the shape of the eyes, making them more expressive. Due to the durability of pigments, eye makeup remains absolutely perfect in any situation, be it office work or active leisure at sea. On average, the tattoo lasting for 3 years, and some up to 10 years.

Due to the nature of the application, permanent makeup will disappear in 1 moment. Under the influence of metabolic processes occurring in the body, and external factors, it only gradually fades. Usually after 2 years of wearing it update. This is done on a special correction. The master adds fresh pigment either to the whole line of the century, or only to the places that have faded the most. If you do not periodically make a correction, permanent makeup becomes dull, disappears.

If you get tired of wearing permanent eye makeup, you can remove it with a laser in any beauty salon.

Permanent eye makeup: how to do? Permanent eye makeup: reviews

Permanent makeup eyelids: application method

Permanent makeup is applied to the eyelids with the help of local anesthesia. Do not worry, you will not be able to cut off sensitive areas of the face - as a rule, anesthetic creams are used for this. They act gently, because the needle during pigmentation will seem to you only a slight tickling. If a permanent professional performs permanent makeup, this is completely painless, and the risk of getting even a minimal injury is reduced to zero.

Women older than forty, as a rule, before such a procedure is usually recommended to make blepharoplasty - the so-called eyelid lift. In any case, after a permanent for a while, a slight puffiness or a differently effect of tear-stained eyes appears. Do not panic about this: in a day everything will pass by itself.

Cosmetologists often advise making a permanent eyeliner on the upper eyelid in black, on the lower eyelid gray, so it looks more natural. Nowadays, few people want to work with brown pigments, since with their introduction under the skin, sometimes there are some problems. But if you can do everything as necessary, the brown outline of the eyelids looks much more natural. Some women believe that permanent eyelid makeup will make it impossible for them to use castor oil for the growth of eyelashes or to increase them in the salon. In fact, this is not the case at all; you can do it in a week.

A selection of successful options

Permanent eye makeup: how to do? Permanent eye makeup: reviews

Permanent eye makeup: how to do? Permanent eye makeup: reviews

Permanent eye makeup: how to do? Permanent eye makeup: reviews

Permanent eye makeup: how to do? Permanent eye makeup: reviews

Feedback from women on the procedure:

  • Yulia: I did permanent makeup on my eyes. It does not hurt at all, although I also heard feedback.
  • Rita: I heard that during menstruation makeup is not so high-quality. This must be taken into account!
  • Yana: Do not do make-up with masters at home, only in salons. There everything will be top notch. It must be remembered that this is practically a medical procedure, so it requires a professional approach.

Elena: It is very important to trust your master! 5 months ago, I made myself a permanent makeup. I wanted dark brown eyebrows, and the master recommended dark gray. She was not mistaken! Now I am very pleased with both the color and the resulting shape!

Permanent makeup entrust many women. It allows you to stay bright in all conditions, even on the beach or by the pool. It is important to choose a good salon and professional master for performing!

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