Oval face makeup


If you are a happy owner of an oval-shaped face, then consider yourself lucky. All the rest are trying to "fit" their appearance under the same oval with the help of makeup, plastics, hair and many other complex daily cosmetic procedures, forgetting that natural beauty is much better. She should be proud!

It has long been fashion designers and leading cosmetologists agreed that the ideal face shape is an oval. This form allows you to use any makeup without prior correction of the face - lightening, where there is something “not enough”, and darkening the “extra”. We, however, do not spoil our beauty, but only emphasize it, and this also sometimes requires a reasonable approach. Well, let's get started.

Blush in makeup for an oval face

First of all, you need to pay attention to rouge. Naturally, they should be the color you want. But, their main merit is that they are an excellent proofreader. Blush can visually lengthen or expand a face with one movement of your hand. When the oval shape of the face we apply a rouge from the middle of the cheek up to the cheekbones. Best of all, it’s fun to smile, then you’ll get exactly what you need - the real cheek apples! Looks very cute and gives a young, healthy and radiant look.

Eye makeup with an oval face shape

EyebrowsUndoubtedly, should be groomed, the main thing is not to overdo it. You do not need to make them too high, otherwise you risk becoming the owner of the ever-surprised or angry face. To emphasize the perfect shape of the face, make the distance between the eyebrows over the bridge of your nose a little more.. It will also help to visually change the flaws when the eyes are placed incorrectly, or are too close to each other, or are deeply set.

Eyes can be designed as your heart desires: depending on the size, cut, color of the iris - who likes what

  • For lovers of arrows, stylists recommend making them slightly extended to the outer edges.
  • If the eyes are located far from each other, then a darker shade of shadows is applied to the inner corners, and accordingly, the farther, the lighter.
  • With close-set eyes, on the contrary, the inner corners should be lighter.
  • Deep-set eyes highlight a brighter color.

Lip makeup with oval face shape

In the make-up of the lips, one should make a start from their natural contour, especially if the lips themselves are proportional. If not, for example, you are not satisfied that their thickness is different, then you can correct the asymmetry by applying a lighter shade of lipstick on a lip that is thinner.

Keep in mind that the oval shape of the face should be underlined, correcting only certain eye or lip flaws.

What you need to know about the oval shape of the face?

It also happens that the face is oval in shape, but the chin or forehead is elongated. In this case, you can apply a tonal tool or powder to the tip of the chin that is darker than the main shade. Fine blend. High forehead can be hidden under the bangs. Fortunately, any shape fits the oval face - from a very short, so-called "pony", bangs reaching to the middle of the forehead and to the bangs "maxi", reaching the eyebrows or even the eyes, smooth bangs, as well as wavy and curly.

In general, hairstyle should also emphasize an oval face. This type is suitable for any haircuts - and complex cascading, and simply combed back hair, neat smooth hair, creative mess, mischievous curls and a noble wave. Consider only the length of the neck, the structure and type of hair, as well as age.

An indispensable attribute of many girls - glasses - you can choose any, except angular forms.

As you can see, in our business, as with doctors, the main thing is not to harm. Appreciate your appearance and emphasize natural beauty. This will also save time - it will not be necessary to draw a “new face” for yourself every day, and it will add attractiveness, since from time immemorial it is natural beauty that is in price.