Original hairstyles


Every day the fashion changes not only for things, but also for hairstyles. At the same time today at the peak of popularity are non-standard and original solutions that always attract increased attention of others.

Hairstyles with shaved temple

Modern and self-confident girls choose original hairstyles with shaved temple. More recently, they were the main hallmark of youth subcultures, but today everything has changed radically.

Original hairstyles

Such haircuts are considered trendy. They prefer even the world famous Hollywood stars. A hairstyle with a shaved vista looks stylish and impressive, to that it has several advantages:

  • Ideal with a variety of large decorations.
  • Looks boldly and stylish at the same time, and its owner will always be in the spotlight
  • If desired, it can be easily hidden, just make a simple symmetrical parting.

These original hairstyles have their own unique feature. They look spectacular in flowing and rather voluminous curls. In the area of ​​the temple should be extremely short hair.

If the choice was made in the direction of such a hairstyle, you should take into account the fact that it does not suit owners of blond hair. It is also worth refusing such a haircut for girls with rare and thin locks. A similar haircut is just perfect for girls with round or oval faces, as well as brunettes and brown-haired women.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the length of such stylish haircuts, as well as there are no laws on the volume of the shaved area. For example, a thin shaved strip on the temple, as well as a shaved half of the head, looks interesting and original. It all depends solely on personal preference.

Stylish and interesting such haircuts look in combination with long straight bangs, afrokosichkami, various types of coloring (coloring, highlighting).

If you wish, you can make your shaved area more vivid and expressive with the help of fashionable prints and original patterns, besides, such hairstyles this year are ultrafashionable.

Original hairstyles

However, it is worth preparing for the fact that such shaved patterns have one major drawback. We'll have to completely abandon the curly locks, because best of all they will be combined with perfectly straightened hair.

Before you decide on such a haircut, you should consult with your hairdresser. Much will depend on the type of hair. For example, similar hairstyles are strictly contraindicated for girls with brittle and dry curls, which not only grow in different directions, but also very difficult to style. In this case, the shaved temple will not produce the desired effect, and the haircut itself will get a careless and unkempt appearance.

Deciding on this hairstyle, it is worth preparing for what will now be needed daily styling. You also need to follow the general style with special attention (make-up, clothes, accessories).

In the event that only one temple is shaved and long hair is left, it is possible to add volume to the curls or straighten it, throw it only on one side. This will emphasize the overall contrast more clearly.

Stylists recommend that with such haircuts to create additional volume. Long oblique bangs must be combed on the side with the rest of the hair. With long strands, at the temple it is necessary to leave hair no shorter than 1 cm. At the same time, for short haircuts, it is recommended to shave the side area completely.

In the event that 2 temples were shaved at once with long hair, it is best to tie a tail or braid 2. It turns out not only beautiful, but also very stylish.

How to make a pouch?

The trend turned out to be perfectly straight strands, which can be obtained with a special ironing for hair. Such styling is just perfect for a business woman who adheres to a strictly office style. Also hairstyles ironing recommended for owners of a round face. Thanks to this technique, it will be possible to visually make the features more subtle.

Original hairstyles

The main advantage of perfectly smooth hair is that you can easily and quickly make your hair at home.

  • First you need to thoroughly wash your hair and dry thoroughly (preferably without using a hair dryer). In order to add extra volume to the curls, a small amount of styling foam is applied to the hair roots and the locks are slightly beaten with the fingers.
  • Do not forget that the hair must be protected from exposure to high temperatures. To do this, use a special thermoprotectant, which is applied to the strands before straightening.
  • Apply the iron can only be completely dry hair. You need to take a small strand and clamp it between the plates ironing, and then smoothly and slowly move to the ends of the hair. It is advisable to keep the curl completely perpendicular to the relative head, so that the hair will receive additional volume.

Hairstyles emo

Such haircuts are truly unique. They are able to reflect the inner world, state of mind and the personality of their owner. Most often, these hairstyles have at the same time several colors, asymmetrical uneven layers, spikes, long bangs. As a rule, the main part of the hair should be painted in a rich black color with bright strands.

To make this hairstyle, you must visit the hairdresser to perform not only haircut, but also coloring. Hairstyles need long hair, so girls with short haircuts will have to be patient and wait a bit. The length of the bangs should be slightly below eye level, and the rest of the strands should not be shorter than shoulder level, preferably longer.

The hairdresser needs to explain in detail what kind of haircut is needed. The hair should be layered over the entire length, the tips are slightly serrated. And in order for the strands to look "prickly," you must use additional styling tools.

Original hairstyles

If you wish, you can trim the ends of the strands on your own with a razor, thanks to which they will have regular jagged edges. It is advisable to carry out such a procedure several times a month.

Without a doubt, the hair should be painted in a rich black color, with several strands of different shades. But even here only an experienced hairdresser can help. Otherwise, there is a risk to spoil the hair, and you will have to forget about a stylish hairstyle for a while. Therefore, it is not worth the risk and it is better to trust a specialist.

It is important to remember that the emo hairstyle does not tolerate waves or curls. Therefore, they will need to completely get rid of. The main feature of such haircuts is perfectly straight and smooth strands.

In order for the hairstyle to look complete, do not forget about the accessories - it can be hairpins, hoops and other hair ornaments

It is worth paying attention and styling. While drying the hair with a hairdryer, the strands must be pulled in different directions so that they acquire the desired shape. To achieve perfect smoothness, you can use the iron (do not use it too often, so as not to spoil the hair).

Emo hairstyles should be more voluminous at the roots and thinner at the tips. To achieve this effect it is necessary to make a comb at the top. To fix the styling need varnish. And to enhance the effect, stylists recommend shaping the hair, head down. To strands were "prickly" and gained extra shine, you can use wax for hair.

Original hairstyles are not only a way of self-expression, but also a means of attracting attention. Especially popular are shaved whiskey, emo haircuts and perfectly smooth curls made with ironing. Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that it should fit into your image and be suitable for the type of hair.