Nicotinic acid for hair growth


Recently, various hair products have become very popular, the market is oversaturated with liquids, mixtures, gels, ampoules. Some people prefer to treat the hair with folk grandmothers, make masks from food and herbs. However, popular recipes quickly deteriorate, and they can not always be used regularly. In this regard, nicotinic acid, containing vitamin PP, comes to the rescue.

Acid has its own peculiar smell, but not as nasty as that of various chemicals. Perhaps, if you do not attach any importance to this, you will not feel any smell. Nicotinic acid has no color, it is absolutely transparent, as simple water and by its consistency it resembles water. Vitamin PP expands blood vessels, improves nutrition and metabolism at the hair roots, therefore, leads to accelerated hair growth.

What is nicotinic acid?

Some people think that the name "Nicotinic acid" has something in common with nicotine, but in vain, since nicotine contained in a cigarette and nicotinic acid have nothing to do with each other.

Vitamin PP, which is part of nicotinic acid has a stimulating effect on the hair follicle, as well as on the scalp. Very often, women are faced with the problem of hair loss, the reason for this can sometimes be hiding in very serious problems of the body, so you must first consult a doctor, undergo treatment, and then correct the effects of the disease.

If you want to try on yourself the miraculous composition of nicotinic acid, then first you need to check whether you are allergic to the components of nicotinic acid, because the scalp of all people is different and sometimes we ourselves are surprised at how it reacts to other cosmetics that we select for it.

If you still passed the test of allergy positively, and red spots did not appear on the skin, severe intolerable itching did not begin, then you can exhale, you do not have allergies.

However, before using nicotinic acid, you should be very careful about the chronic diseases you have, for example, people suffering from hypertension, while using nicotinic acid they note severe headaches, so they should give up on it.

The use of nicotinic acid for hair growth

In order to influence the growth of hair, it is necessary not only external influence, but also internal, that is, you need to take a multivitamin, watch your diet. If we talk about nutrition, it can be noted that nicotinic acid is also found in some foods: buckwheat, beef, chicken, beans, rye bread, wheat.

The use of nicotinic acid through an uncomplicated procedure. The fact is that nicotinic acid is sold in pharmacies in the form of ampoules containing 1% nicotinic acid solution. The procedure is very simple - the tip of the ampoule is broken off and the contents are collected into a sterile syringe without using a needle, and then the contents are applied to the scalp with a syringe. For a better and complete application of nicotinic acid to the scalp, it is recommended to divide the hair into partings, using a comb with thin teeth for this.

After that, for the best effect, hair is covered with a bathing cap in the shower, so the hair is fully saturated with nicotinic acid, then you need to wait about 30 minutes, rinse with water. The procedure should be carried out about three times a week for 1 month and several courses of treatment, with intervals of 2-3 months between each of them.

There are other ways to use nicotinic acid: nicotinic acid can be taken orally, that is, through the mouth, as it is produced in the form of tablets, as well as administered intramuscularly. It is worth noting that nicotinic acid absolutely does not dry the scalp, does not exude too unpleasant smell, has a consistency similar to simple distilled water.

Nicotinic acid does not have any complex structure: some of the subjects noted a noticeable hair growth after the use of nicotinic acid, some on the contrary, reported that they did not notice absolutely any changes.

In fact, there are a million ways to strengthen hair and accelerate their growth, the only difference is in the variety of means used for this. Read reviews on the use of nicotinic acid.

If, after using nicotinic acid or any other means to accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss, you note that your hair continues to fall out or your hair condition worsens, then most likely your body asks you for help, so tighten everything with the trip to the doctor not worth it.

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