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Many at least once in their life faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as a fungus on the nails. And some often do not know how to deal with it and continue to go to the sauna, pool and gym. All this only contributes to the further development of the fungus and worsens the condition of the nails.

There are many ways to combat this problem, however, not all of them are effective and only temporarily suppress the disease. Recently, Loceryl nail polish has become quite popular. Its advertising and positive reviews attract buyers, but is it really good?

Nail polish loceryl - what is it?

The composition of nail polish Loceryl is an active active ingredient - amorolfin.The substance, getting on the nail, gradually penetrates the affected nail plate and begins to fight the fungus. Its peak concentration of amorolphin reaches in the nail plate from 7 to 10 days, starting from the moment of use of the drug.

Nail polish Lotril: reviews

Loceryl is not a panacea, of course, but it helps in so many cases. If up to 2/3 of the nail plate is affected, then Loceryl can be very effective. And if the damage is stronger, then you should resort to other radical methods of treatment.

How to apply Loceril for nails?

  • Before you apply nail polish on your nails, you must remove the areas affected by the fungus as much as possible. For this it is better to take a nail file, which should be treated with a disinfecting solution. Then take a tampon and, having moistened it in alcohol, carefully process the surface of the affected nails. This procedure should be carried out before each use of Loceryl. Varnish must be applied to the nail plate with a special spatula. It is very important to wait until Loceril is completely dry.
  • If you use white spirit, thinner and other solvents in your work, use protective gloves. This is necessary to protect the nails, which are applied Lotseril for nails.
  • When you remove the spatula from the bottle, try not to touch the neck, which should also be treated with a disinfectant solution.
  • This varnish should be applied to the nails 1-2 times every week, until you completely get rid of the fungus. On average, nail processing on hands with Lotseril takes about six months, and toenails - up to a year. In the future, you can use this tool as a preventive measure.

Sometimes during the treatment with Lotseril some side effects are observed, for example, a burning sensation in the nail plate. Do not be afraid, it may just be a normal reaction to a solvent, unless, of course, the burning is not strong. However, if you have a hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, then you should not use it. Do not use it and pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.. For the period of treatment with Lotseril, you should abandon the extension and cosmetic nail polish.

How to apply Loceril for nails?How to apply Loceril for nails?

Loteril from nail fungus: reviews

  • In general, nail fungus is a very serious disease that should never be started. All relate to the fungus in different ways. Women usually perceive it as a tragedy and immediately run to a doctor so that he can save them from this problem. Men, as a rule, are more careless in this regard and may not pay much attention to this disease. In any case, do not go to extremes, because with the correctly chosen treatment with a fungus, you can say goodbye forever. Some manage to do this with Loceril nail polish. Reviews of this drug are usually positive.
  • So, on one site about health it was possible to get acquainted with the recall of one woman. She said that her husband had been a fungus carrier for a long time and did not even attach much importance to it. While still a student, he picked up the disease, and only when his wife contracted a fungus from him fifteen years later, he decided to go through a course of treatment with her. As a drug for their treatment, Loceril nail polish was chosen. This story suggests that if your loved ones have this disease, then you need to take no preventive measures.
  • Some people who have successfully undergone loceryl treatment continue to use it anyway, for example, when they go to the pool or gym to avoid re-infection. After all, it is easy to get a fungus, but it brings plenty of problems and psychological discomfort. On the feasibility of such a technique is best to consult with your specialist.
  • Among the many positive reviews about Lotseril, you can also find those who talk about the possibility of its use in combination with antifungal pills. Here you also need to consult with your doctor, and not to self-medicate. However, only complex treatment in most cases is not enough, since it is important to follow all the recommendations - to withstand the duration of application, carefully handle nail tools and shoes, after improvement continue to use the varnish for two to three months.

Nail polish Lotril: reviews

  • Of course, on the Internet you can find negative reviews of nail polish Loceryl. This is due to several reasons. First, it is impossible to find such a drug that would suit everyone without exception. Secondly, many people buy such a lacquer without even consulting with a specialist and not determining the exact cause of the problem. Hence the lack of result. For others, the issue of buying lacquer Lotseril may rest on the price, since not everyone can afford the product, so people, even without trying it, prefer to reject the product.

Fight against nail fungus should begin immediately as it is not only ugly from an aesthetic point of view, but also dangerous to health, because the fungus can spread to the hands, and in rare cases, it can even affect the internal organs. Therefore, do not delay the treatment of fungus, start the fight right now!