Matrix hair dye (matrix)


Beautiful and healthy hair is the pride of any woman. To make her hairstyle brighter and her hair shiny, women resort to hair dye. But few people know how important it is to choose a good hair dye.

Today in the Russian market there is a huge demand for Matrix hair (Matrix).

Matrix Hair Dye

Matrix Hair Dye (Matrix)

The first cosmetic products of this brand appeared in the early 90s of the last century. Now the company Matrix (Matrix) is considered one of the best global brands that produce hair care products.

Initially, the paint was created only for professional use, but at the moment it is in demand and for painting at home.

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Matrix Hair Color Palette (Matrix)

Matrix Hair Color Palette consists of more than 50 shades with colors ranging from coal black to pearl blond.

The collection includes several types of hair dyes.

Matrix SOKOLOR hair-dye. beauty: palette

Matrix SOKOLOR. beautyallows you to choose almost any color, as in a different proportion of proportions the paint gives a variety of colors and shades.

Matrix SOKOLOR hair-dye. beauty

Matrix SOKOLOR hair-dye. beauty: palette

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

Palette of tint means Matrix (Matrix) Color Synccontains natural shades, with the help of which during dyeing you can achieve the most natural result. When painting with this paint, it is not worth waiting for a cardinal change of color, as it changes color only by a few tones. Paint is not advised to use after the appearance of gray hair, because after painting the gray hair will remain noticeable.

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye

Hair dye Matrix (Matrix) Color Sync can be used to improve the color of already dyed hair, and for hair that has not yet been dyed.

Benefits Hair Dye Matrix Color Sync is that sheammonia-free, so your hair after dyeing will not be as defenseless to external factors as when dyeing with ammonia dyes. The composition of this hair dye include ceramides, which when dyeing restore hair structure.

Matrix Palette: Black

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

1A shade - Issya - ash black

Matrix Palette: Dark Brown

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 3N shade - Dark Brown
  • 3WN shade - Dark brown warm natural

Matrix Palette: Dark

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 4RV shade - Dark red-purple
  • 4A shade - Ash Brown
  • 4BC Hue - Brown Brown - Copper
  • 4BR shade - Brown-red brown
  • 4G tint - Brown golden
  • 4RB shade - Dark red-brown

Matrix Palette: Light Brown

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 5N shade - Light brown
  • 5WN shade - Light brown warm natural
  • 5M shade - Light brown mocha
  • 5MM shade - Light brown mocha

Matrix Palette: Dark Blonde

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 6A Tint - Dark Ash Blonde
  • 6BC Shade - Dark Blonde Brown - Copper
  • 6BR shade - Dark blond brown - red
  • 6N shade - dark blond
  • 6RC shade - Dark blond red - copper
  • 6RV shade - Dark blond red - purple
  • 6WN shade - Dark blond warm natural
  • 6CG shade - dark blond copper - golden
  • 6M shade - Dark blond mocha
  • 6MG shade - Dark blond Mocha golden
  • 6RB shade - dark blond red - brown
  • 6V shade - Dark blond mother of pearl

Matrix Palette: Blond

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 7M tint - Blond Mocha
  • 7WN shade - natural warm blond
  • 7MM Tint - Blond Mocha

Matrix Palette: Light blond

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 8A shade - Light ash blond
  • 8BC shade - Light blond brownish - copper
  • 8CG shade - light blond copper - golden
  • 8G shade - Light blond golden
  • 8M shade - Light blond mocha
  • 8N shade - Light blond
  • 8RC shade - Light blond red - copper
  • 8V shade - Light blond mother of pearl
  • 8WN shade - light blond warm natural
  • 8MG shade - Light blond Mocha golden

Matrix Palette: Very light blond

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

9MM shade - Very light blond Mocha

Matrix palette: very very blond blond

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 10M shade - Very very light blond mocha
  • 10G shade - Very, very light blond
  • 10CG shade - very very light blond copper - golden
  • 10N shade - very very light blond
  • 10V shade - Very, very light ashy blond
  • 10WN shade - very very light blond warm natural
  • 10A tint - Very very light ashy blond
  • 10MM tint - Very very blond blond mocha mocha

Matrix Palette: Sheer Pastele - Shir Pastel

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • SPA tint - Pastel Ash
  • SPM Tint - Pastel Mocha
  • SPN Hue - Pastel Neutral
  • SPV Hue - Pastel Mother of Pearl

Matrix palette: Extraction of gray hair

Matrix Color Sync hair-dye: palette

  • 5NW shade - Light brown natural warm
  • 6NW shade - Dark brown natural warm
  • 7NM shade - Natural blond Mocha
  • 7NW shade - natural warm blonde
  • 4NW shade - Natural Brown warm
  • 5NM shade - Light brown natural mocha

Hair dyeMatrix SoRED

For extraordinary people, the company producesMatrix SoRED paint. With Matrix SoRED hair dye, you will have the opportunity to experiment over the hair in red. Its advantages are not only in the richness of the color scale, but also in the ability to get shades that fit the image of a particular person. In just 15 minutes, your hair will acquire an ultra-saturated color, and which one is your choice.

Matrix SoRED hair-dye

Pay attention that for durability of color it is necessary to use shampoo for dyed hair. Manufacturers of the discussed dye, of course, advised to use hair care products only their brands, but this is not necessary. You can use any shampoo for colored hair that suits you.

Hair dye Matrix (Matrix) should be bought only in specialized stores, as cases of fakes have recently become more frequent, and when stained at home, the result can be deplorable.

The company Matrix (Matrix) offers women a rich palette of colors. Reviews after dyeing hair with Matrix paint at home are varied, as the result of dyeing will not always be able to meet expectations. Only when painting in the salon can a specialist be able to guess how saturated the color will be and whether it will meet your expectations. Therefore, it is better not to experiment and go to your favorite beauty salon, where you will be advised of the desired color of hair dye Matrix (Matrix).