Makeup for an elongated face


If a round, oval or square face is quite easy to determine, then with a long face it is more difficult. It seems to be an oval face, but something still leads to doubts - not too long, not too narrow ... In order to accurately determine and know for sure, we will conduct a small test: measure the face in length from the hairline to the end of the chin and width at the level of the cheekbones. Divide the length by width. If the quotient is 1.5 or more, you can be sure that you are the owner of an elongated face, like most Hollywood stars who successfully prove to us with their own example that such appearance can be accentuated and beautifully presented!

Really, an elongated face in itself looks feminine and sophisticated, and also opens up the scope for the use of interesting and quite original techniques of "beauty guidance". We suggest borrowing some secrets of attractiveness from Russian and foreign stars.

Makeup Rules for Long Faces

If "moon face" girls with a round face shape are strictly forbidden to use horizontal lines in the make-up, then in our case you are not only allowed, but are strongly encouraged. Our main task: slightly expand the shape of the face, otherwise (do not even hesitate!) it is already perfect.

  1. We start with eyebrows. We prefer natural form without adding any extra bends, remembering that the horizontal line in the face makeup is our friend!
  2. We put a basis. Hue, a little darker than your natural skin color should be placed translucent barely noticeable stripes on the forehead at the very hairline and the tip of the chin. Do not forget to shade well! If your powder has a light transparent texture, then it will work for you - it can cover the entire face. This will further smooth out the color transitions of the tonal base.
  3. Blush. Apply themhorizontally. From the cheekbones or the middle of the cheeks (to someone as best suited) to the ears - this also helps to visually expand the face.
  4. In the makeup of the lips and eyes, as the saying goes, Do not deny yourself anything! Feel free to emphasize your merits, because you have already done all the work! You did not notice how? Well, you see how everything turned out to be simple: due to the displacement of the blush area closer to the ears and a slight darkening of the forehead and chin, we achieved a perfect appearance with an elongated face shape!

Hairstyles and accessories for an elongated face

  • For any form of face there are no such important and strict restrictions in the choice of hairstyle and accessories, as for the elongated one. If you are a supporter of long hair, then the volume should be your companion and in general a companion for life. Hair, soft curls or elastic curls, as well as cascading haircuts - all this will suit you like no one else!
  • On the hair is not very short and medium length ideally looks bob haircut with cascading elements - again for additional volume. For example, you can cut the hair on the back of the head shorter compared to the main length. And do not be afraid to cut off your bangs: any shape will suit you, and even help you adjust the shape of your face.
  • In the choice of glasses, it is better to give preference to a round and square shape in a thick or even massive frame of bright color and with various decorative elements. This is good news, because the frame is an additional decoration, and judging by the latest fashion trends, you will look stylish, thanks to its appearance.

One of the representatives of the elongated shape of the face is the well-known Sarah Jessica Parker and, it is impossible not to notice, she perfectly "holds the mark." Having played a pretty fashionista in a popular TV series and films of the same name, the actress dispelled the misconceptions of many women that only young girls with perfect appearance can be really beautiful and stylish.

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Create, experiment and take care of yourself with pleasure! And then no one, and most importantly, you yourself would never doubt your beauty and attractiveness.