Long hair cascade

For the first time a cascading haircut on long curls, the fair sex was seen on the leading fashion catwalks about 30 years ago. Since then, the cascade for long hair is considered one of the most beloved and popular hairstyles among women. A variety of options and basic ways of styling this haircut will be discussed in our article.

Long hair cascade: what do stylists offer?

Many women with long curls, almost always want to make a variety in their usual everyday image. If you do not want to part with long curls, but dream of a model haircut, then the cascade form is what you need. The cascade is considered a universal haircut, as it is suitable for women with any face shape and hair structure. Also, cascading haircuts have no age limit.

With the help of such a haircut, the owners of thick hair will be able to simplify the styling process, and the deprived volume and thinned hair will visually become much thicker. The main advantage of the cascade haircut is that there are no specific requirements and special tactics for creating hairstyles. An experienced and qualified stylist independently selects a cascading haircut in accordance with the preferences of his client, face shape and hair structure.

As a rule, the total length of the curls at the cascade remains unchanged, but otherwise you can express your imagination. The crown of the head is cut short, then the hair is distributed to another 2-3 tiers, where each subsequent overlaps the length of the previous one.

With the help of cascading haircuts you will be able to get rid of excessive hair severity, give them a vital and brilliant look. Many stylists are advised to make such a haircut to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who have dull, split and very thin hair. If you cut with hot scissors, then the problem of the split ends can be forgotten for a long time, in addition, people around you will look with admiration at your volumetric, playful, but at the same time feminine and tender curls.

To date, there are several main options for the cascade, which are taken as the basis for creating an individual hairstyle. These include:

  • haircut cascade on long hair without bangs;

haircut cascade on long hair without bangs

  • haircut cascade for long hair with bangs;

haircut cascade for long hair with bangs

  • classic cascade form;

classic cascade form

  • ragged cascade;

ragged cascade;

  • graduated cascade form;

graduated cascade form

  • ladder


As already mentioned, a certain tactic of cutting hair cascade does not exist. You can choose any version you like and inform the master about it. An experienced stylist will make a cascading hairstyle in accordance with the type of your hair. Uneven, that is, torn strands, it is best to cut off on straight and docile hair. If you have too thick and curly curls, then torn strands after laying will not be visible.

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are interested in what is a haircut cascade for long hair, especially the photo behind. Please note that regardless of the shape and type of hairstyle chosen, the total length of the curls remains unchanged.

Rear view long hair cascade

As you can see, the photo clearly shows the cascade shape of the haircut, that is, the hair is divided into several tiers. Such a haircut can be easily curled into curls or laid smoothly. A torn haircut and other cascade shapes on the back of the long hair look a little different.

Rear view long hair cascade

How to choose the appropriate option for cascading haircuts?

Select the appropriate version of the cascade should be primarily based on the shape of the facial contour. Not every hairstyle in the form of a cascade can come up. Before cutting hair, consult a hair stylist. Let's look at the main most popular and fashionable cascading haircuts suitable for a particular face shape.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, with an oval face shape, can rejoice. Such a facial contour is considered the best, so you can choose any cascade haircut you like. To visually reduce the width of the forehead, be sure to cut off the bangs. It is best to make it smooth, uniform and thick. The length of the bangs should not be lower than the eyebrows, but not higher than the middle of the forehead. To make the image playful and feminine, the bangs can be made asymmetric, graded and laid on one side.

Cascading haircuts are perfect for the fair sex, with plump cheeks and not too pronounced cheekbones. Visually lengthen the facial contour with bangs. It is best to choose a slanting, elongated, ragged or thick bangs, which smoothly goes into the cascade. The stylist can beat the classic cascade in a new way, which will distract attention from the flaws and will rivet the admiring glances of passers-by to an elegant and fashionable haircut.

Owners of the triangular and square face should pay special attention to the concealment of angularity and adjustment of the facial contour. In this case, you need to choose a cascade shape that will not focus on the line of the chin. Best step ladder or ragged cascade. The first tier of the trimmed cascade must begin below the chin line.

In addition, the cascade in this case should not be laid flat. Playing curls or a simple mess will allow you to smooth out the angularity of the facial contour and make it softer and smoother. For this type of face, ragged or oblique bangs are suitable, but not even, otherwise you will only emphasize the acute-angled shapes of the front contour.

Cascade styling methods

Many girls perform everyday hair styling on their own. In order not to resort to salon procedures all the time, you should know some aspects of styling cascade haircuts. Experienced stylists are happy to share their tips:

  • For reliable fixation and ease of installation it is recommended to use special cosmetics. To give the desired shape and volume of the haircut, you can use a mousse, gel or wax.
  • If you have a thick head of hair and at the same time you have a cascading haircut, it is best to style your hair with a hairdryer. In this case, each tier should be thoroughly dried, slightly lifting the strands at the roots. The tips of the curls can be left smooth or screwed in any direction. The chaotic arrangement of the curls will visually increase the volume, so try to direct all the curled strands in one direction.
  • If your curls are deprived of volume, then you can visually give them extra thickness by using a pile or drying the crown strands. To permanently fix the curls and keep the volume, use wax or fixing varnish. It is enough to put a little money on the root zone.
  • To clearly separate each tier strands and make the cascade pronounced, after drying the hair, use a gel or a wax-based product. Lightly rub the comb or fingers along the tips of the curls.
  • If you do not have enough time for styling, try to just tilt your head down, your hair should fall over your eyes. Dry the curls with a hairdryer at the roots, and then just comb them thoroughly with a comb and use fixing agent. Gorgeous styling and unsurpassed volume will certainly delight you.
  • To create an evening hairstyle, you can use various fashion accessories and jewelry. Depending on the length of the cascade, the front curls can remain free, and long strands can be gathered into a bun or braid. It all depends entirely on your personal preferences.

The cascade shape of a haircut is a win-win option for owners of long curls of different thickness. If you look closely at fashion shows or film festivals, you can see that many movie stars, singers and socialites make their haircuts in the form of a cascade. With such a haircut you will look like a queen of a ball at a social event, a fashionable girl at a friendly party, a stylish lady at a business meeting. Be beautiful and happy!

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