Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Today, many women "get sick" with puffy lips. Full lips look sensual and hint at sexuality. Therefore, one of the most fashionable and popular cosmetic procedures was lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Reviews of this technique is best studied in advance. This will help to avoid many mistakes and get a predictable result.

Why does hyaluronic acid turn us into beauties?

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron is called an anti-wrinkle eraser and the best way to restore skin. Now this wonderful component is used to create seductive and expressive lips.

This is a natural element that is found in tissues. It participates in the production of collagen and elastin, maintains water balance, supplies cells with nutrients, participates in the elimination of toxins and slags from the body.

All is good, but hyaluronic acid is produced only in young people. With age, its amount is sharply reduced, which causes aging of the skin. Therefore, it has to be delivered to the body by injection or as part of creams.

Hyaluronic acid is built in between collagen molecules, increases lip volume and fixes a given shape. It is able to actively retain moisture in the tissues of the lips, which makes them attractive shine and smoothness. Hyaluron heals wounds and cracks. It is compatible with the tissues of the human body and does not cause rejection.

I want to be beautiful, or why do lip correction with hyaluronic acid?

The saying that happiness is not in beauty has ceased to be relevant today. The procedure of lip augmentation with the use of preparations containing hyaluronic acid is chosen by women aged 17 to 50 years. Young girls resort to this method because they are dissatisfied with the natural shape of the lips. Women of more mature age, in addition to additional volume, want to return freshness to lips, restore beautiful outlines and remove small wrinkles surrounding the mouth.

With the help of contour plastics you can get the following results:

  • lift the lowered corners of the lips;
  • remove asymmetry;
  • increase thin lips, give them pomp;
  • emphasize the outline, restore color.

The main indication for this procedure is the desire for a perfect appearance.

When should you not use hyaluron injections?

hyaluron injection

Although hyaluronic acid is present in human tissues, not everyone can artificially introduce it. Injections are not suitable for those who have wounds on the lips or other injuries. It is unacceptable to carry out such manipulations in the exacerbation of infectious diseases, especially herpes.

Unconditional contraindication - the presence of autoimmune diseases. Hyaluronic injections can not be carried out in diabetes and cancer.

Women should pay attention to the fact that such a procedure should not be done during the menstrual cycle and during the period of carrying the baby. She should also be abandoned by nursing mothers.

With great care should be approached to the injection correction and those who suffer from allergies.

"It hurts me, it hurts ...": how will the lip augmentation procedure take place?

A large amount of information can be found on how lip injections are performed with hyaluronic acid., but the most correct idea of ​​this procedure will help to make reviews.

Women who have already tried this procedure, say that its duration is not less than an hour. Should prepare for pain.

Before the event, the specialist will examine the lips, hold a conversation with the patient about her wishes regarding their shape and appearance, and also ask about the presence of contraindications and allergies.

The procedure takes place in 3 stages.


The doctor will disinfect the lips and surrounding areas with an antiseptic. Then apply anesthetic composition based on lidocaine. While the sponge will lose sensitivity, the beautician should open the drug. It must be in a sealed, disposable syringe. Then the client signs an agreement to use it.

If a woman is too worried, then the doctor may offer sedatives, but this is rare.

Introduction of hyaluronic acid

Introduction of hyaluronic acid

To do this, use a very thin needle. An injection is made to a depth of 2 to 3 mm. The drug is injected between the muscle and the skin, it takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. The doctor makes punctures from the center of the lips to see how acid is distributed along the contour. Linear and fan techniques may be used.

The amount of the drug is selected individually depending on the condition of the lips and what the client wants to achieve from the procedure. The doctor must pay attention to the fact that the same amount of gel falls into the symmetric zones, otherwise you can get asymmetrical lips.

Some people think that the more money gets under the skin, the more seductive the lips will look. This judgment is rather debatable. Only 1 ml of gel is usually enough to perform lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Photos before and after prove that this amount allows you to get the natural effect of full lips. If you use 2-3 ml, then the woman risks looking like a doll with “pouting” lips.

Evaluation of the result

At the end of the procedure, the beautician will offer the girl to evaluate her “new” lips. What reflection does the client most often see? Changes will be visible well. But, since the normal reaction to the procedure is swelling after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, it will be difficult to draw conclusions immediately on the quality of the manipulations. In addition, small hematomas often appear around the lips. The patient will be able to see the result of the work of the beautician and her “sufferings” only a few days later.

How much does lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid cost? Prices depend on the class of the clinic, the qualifications of the specialist and the drug used. The cost starts from 5 thousand rubles. and comes to 25 thousand rubles. for the introduction of 1 dose. But all women in the reviews unanimously advise not to save on the choice of institution and to hold such events only in the clinic (not in the salon and not at home!)

Outline correction results: a lot of compliments or a complete disappointment?

Contour correction results

Immediately after the procedure, it is hardly worth going on a date or trying to impress friends with your new appearance. According to reviews, hyaluronic acid transforms lips, but you can show them in 4-5 days. For recovery does not require special procedures or drugs.

Sometimes the procedure does not give the results that the client expected. Negative consequences include:

  • fever and increased pain. This may be a sign that an infection has occurred, so you should hurry to the doctor;
  • herpes;
  • severe swelling and bruising. The beautician must control the recovery process;
  • lip asymmetry. It is necessary to make a correction;
  • the formation of cones, which indicates an uneven distribution of the drug.

Modern cosmetology does everything to make women feel irresistible. Purchase of mouth-watering sponges for 3 years with hyaluronic acid is standard procedure. If you are ready to suffer, then go to a proven clinic for Angelina Jolie's lips. But take precautions: drink acyclovir a week before the procedure. And no experiments after! Do a lip massage for her, temporarily refuse from tanning beds and saunas and do not drink alcohol.

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