Keto plus shampoo


Problems of the scalp and hair may not appear so often. But a lot of trouble. They lead to internal changes and externally make themselves known. For increasing demand, there is always an offer. To combat seborrhea and dandruff, Keto Plus Shampoo has become one of these remedies.

"Keto plus": instructions for use

Keto shampoo, plus today, can rightly be called one of the most well-known and popular chemistries purchased for sperhotherapy. He also deals with dermatitis of the scalp. Shampoo is included in the category of antifungal agents, aimed only at external use. Often marked and its antiproliferative properties.

The product is packaged in white bottles of 60 ml. This is for a product of this type, in fact, very small. Moreover, according to the recipe to use it is required within a month with a frequency of 1 time in 3 days. The substance itself has a pink tint and a rather viscous consistency. The smell is traditionally medicinal, not sharp.

Keto plus shampoo: reviews

The main role in the composition of the drug is ketoconazole. This element, known for its pronounced antifungal properties, belongs to one of the synthetic imidazole derivatives. Its effect is to prevent the production of 3 elements required by the fungal cell membrane. These are ergosterol, as well as phospholipids and triglycerides. Violation of their biosynthesis inhibits the development of the fungus and destroys its cells. This leads to the elimination of the cause of dandruff and dermatitis. Assigned component not only in the treatment of problems of the scalp, but also in cases of other mycoses, including internal ones. Another positive feature is the ability of ketoconazole to influence the structure of the hair, triggering recovery processes.

1 gr. product accounts for about 20 mg. ketoconazole. In addition, the active ingredient is zinc pyrithione (10 mg.). Its role is to inhibit the development of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. But of particular note is its impact on the Pityrosporum group. Their presence is one of the key prerequisites for the appearance of psoriasis, dermatitis and other fungal diseases. Along with ketoconazole, it also works for the benefit of restoring the hair structure. It is for this reason that Keto shampoo plus with such a shock composition is often prescribed with the beginning of baldness, the appearance of "empty" hair.

Immediately it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in addition to the possible individual intolerance, the risk of negative effects of 2 of these elements during breastfeeding and pregnancy is also present. At the same time, the absence of its absorption into the blood is precisely established. According to the instructions, the product is applied 2 times in 7 days. It is used during the first month of this schedule, and then - with a frequency of 1 time in 7 days. The general term is established individually, as it lasts until the problem is completely eliminated.

Before use, the bottle is necessarily agitated, after which the product is distributed over already wet hair. Especially carefully rubbed into the same moisturized scalp. Self-massage is carried out for 1-2 minutes, then the hair is washed with water. Lather and promassirovat head will have 2 more times. No masks, air conditioners and other means are applied.

Reviews of shampoo and its price

  • The cost of the product, floating in the range of 420-270 rubles. for 60 ml of funds, often repels a potential buyer. Even with ultrashort haircuts, the treatment is a bit expensive. After all, it is necessary to work with him 2-3 times a week. That is why before buying, consumers try to study other people's reviews as thoroughly as possible and decide whether to make such an investment.
  • First of all, the conclusion of qualified dermatologists. From them, surprisingly, comments are heard more positive than extremely negative. In most cases, according to doctors, it is impossible to worsen the condition with a specific drug. Therefore, it is suitable for use.
  • Representatives of both sexes left their reviews on various websites, which made it possible to track the trend under various assumptions. Sometimes the effect was tracked by the end of 10 days after application. However, no additional measures to combat dandruff were taken.

Keto plus shampoo: reviews

  • In the case of severe seborrhea, of course, the timeframe was not so short. Most often, in order to fix a tendency to recovery, one had to wait at least a month. According to reviews, the fat content of the scalp returned to normal. There was no longer any need to rinse the roots daily so that the hairstyle looked decent. In advanced and rare situations, the use of Keto shampoo plus lasted 2.5 months. This period was enough to completely eliminate seborrhea.
  • Negative moments, however, also had a place to be. In particular, they can be attributed to addiction. After 10 days of use, some people had a complete lack of effect, despite the fact that the product worked before. And one more side effect, also rare, but possible - aggravation of hair loss. Which of the components shows a similar reaction is unknown. If such a nuisance is noticed, it is necessary to interrupt the use of the product.

Those who intend to personally review the reviews of keto plus shampoo can be advised. Focus on the opinions that have developed on the basis of long-term use. From one-time applications for 2-3 weeks, the full effect cannot be determined.

Shampoo Analogs

Given the considerable cost of Keto Plus, those who are unavailable product, try to find drugs that are most similar to him in action. Attention should be paid to the composition. It must necessarily contain the previously mentioned key elements - ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione. They are in such agents as Sebozol, Nizorex, Mycozoral. Most of them are present separately. Therefore, a full-fledged counterpart for the pharmacological components of Keto Plus is not presented to date.

Most often it is compared with Nizoral. Some people advise to try Friderm, which does not have ketoconazole, but contains zinc pyrithione. Remarkably, the product works no worse than where both ingredients are combined. However, it is more active antibacterial action instead of the required antifungal.

In addition to any of these tools, it is necessary to clarify that their use is allowed in conjunction with the use of corticosteroids. But as far as treatment they go through the stage of cancellation, after which the only means in the fight against seborrhea should remain shampoo.

When purchasing Keto shampoo plus, pay attention to the period of its manufacture and storage. Upon reaching the specified date, it is strongly recommended not to use it. In addition to individual intolerance, during the use of shampoo, you can change the color of dyed hair.