Japanese dress style


Many people vaguely understand how Japanese women and Japanese actually dress. But in their culture and fashion there are a lot of branches and directions, which are so diverse that they do not even believe that they all belong to the same country.

The first thing many foreigners think about when it comes to Japanese clothing is kimono. In this country, really still follow the traditions. Kimono - the same Japanese style of dress as a dress in Russia. Only our sundresses have little resemblance to the Old Russian, and kimono in Japan has almost not changed and has not gone out of fashion. But as a rule, it is carried out either by older people who are adherents of traditions or by big fans of this clothing.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

A lot of young girls choose kimono for themselves, alternating it with slates and small compact handbags. The days when Japanese women prefer kimono to regular clothes are personal holidays, graduations, weddings. Every Japanese woman in a closet should have a kimono, but there is no need to wear it for any reason. A neat and comfortable casual always comes to the rescue of modern Japanese.

Japanese girls have always been distinguished by two excellent qualities - slenderness and tidiness. These two factors form the fashion in Japan. There, even in casual clothes, there is harmony and elegance. Classic - this is the main style of the adult working population. In contrast, they are teenagers. Their fashion is radically different from all standards and stands out as a bright spot in the truest sense of the word.

Modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

Youth fashion subcultures in Japan is a separate topic for conversation. Here, as in other countries of the world, teenagers are trying to stand out in all possible ways. And color in such an important matter is a fundamental factor. Japanese subcultures and rainbows are two parallel concepts.

Connoisseurs of classic fashion and retrogrades could faint from such a combination of colors. Here, all the colors and shades, all kinds of accessories from small hairpins to gauze dressings and leather respirators.

Japanese style Harajuku

This is the name of the district in Japan. Young people in the area, in all of Japan and abroad, dress in this style. He implies bright colors, traditional elements like kimano and geta - shoes with wooden soles. If you suddenly stumble upon a young lady with screaming make-up, candy, a painted gauze bandage and a lot of multi-colored hairpins and accessories - this is the style of Harajuku.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

The elements of this style are black and pink colors that combine emo. But these currents should not be confused, they are different. Moreover, in addition to these two shades in the style of Harajuku, there are others - mostly bright and forcing the surrounding people to turn around.

In order to become a fan and proverb of Harajuku style, it is not necessary to have excellent taste in clothes. Such an outfit can be easily “constructed” by visiting a couple of second-hand.

Japanese style Gothic Lolita

The name of this style speaks for itself. Combined here gothic heaviness and nymphet infantilism. Only in order to follow Gothic Lolita, you need to earn decently. As a rule, costumes are not cheap, and accessories especially. Here you can’t get cheap worn shops.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

In order to look more or less decent in the image of a black porcelain doll, you will need to work hard. The main attributes are:

  • doll dresses with corsets and without predominantly dark colors,
  • lace gloves from the time of Natasha Rostov,
  • hats and belts should also be sufficiently "ancient"
  • shoes, as a rule, should be on a high platform.

Japanese style cosplay

If you like to watch Japanese cartoons - anime and dream of being like the heroes of these stories or computer games, then you will be in Cosplay. It's simple: choose a hero and copy his appearance. Of course, it’s extremely difficult to look like a cartoonish in contrast to dolls, clothes for Pikachu are not sold in regular stores. Therefore, in the case of the Cosplay style, it is better to have a sewing machine at home just in case. You will not learn handicraft. You may need a giant cloak or unusual knitted nunchuck. And how did you think? In order to save the world, you need to look decent!

Cosplay style

Japanese style decora

Here, too, from the name you can guess some features and principles of style. Young Japanese decorate themselves with accessories. Screaming color here fades into the background. Various kinds of jewelry and costume jewelry, which can be found everywhere, from clothes to faces, come on the scene. And the more the better.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

All admirers of Decora need to get a big jewelry box, and not just one.

Japanese style Kawaii

If you refuse to grow up in the direct and figurative sense, then feel free to choose the style of Kawaii means. Would you like to reincarnate in anime child hero? Go for it.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

Japanese style visual kei

Originally the style of rock music of the 80s was called that, and only then everything smoothly flowed into the general insanity and worship of glam rock and punk. The founders of Visual Kei can be called Kiss Guns and Roses. Modern Japanese adolescents turned Visual Kei into a bright spot. Multicolored hairstyles, inconsistent colors in clothes, flashy makeup highlight their bulk.

Japanese clothing style: modern trends of Japanese youth fashion

In short, if you want to dress in this style, copy the Kiss costumes and add modern glamor. Indispensable attributes - shoes on a high platform, bright hair color, piercing (not required, but does not hurt).

All these areas, especially the latter, are very common throughout Europe. Today’s Moscow is also full of various gothic dolls and black and pink freaks. Teenagers through their chosen style convey their individuality, trying to realize their fashionable ambitions. And parents will have to be patient and Corvalol, because the younger generation is going to surprise and amaze.

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