How to whiten jeans with white


If you have old jeans at home that you feel sorry for throwing away, you can try giving them a second life! By itself, denim is a very dense material, so it can be bleached without risking to ruin a thing.

How to lighten jeans with white?

  • To whiten jeans, try using whiteness. If, in addition to bleaching, you want to get an interesting and trendy print from the lightened patterns, choose a thing of saturated color.
  • You will need a whiteness, a metal bucket or a large pan. To get a divorce, you will need rubber bands, clothespins or clips. It is advisable to use rubber gloves.

How to whiten jeans with white?

  • For interesting patterns on clothes, jeans need to be twisted. The shape of the print will depend directly on the twisting method. If you just roll the jeans and hold, then the divorces will be vertical, and if fastened - horizontal. When you squeeze jeans with clothespins, you get star-shaped patterns. If you have large hips and draw attention to them is undesirable, it is better to lighten the bottom of the pants.
  • Metal container (pot or bucket) should be filled with water, a little more than half, and then put on fire. When the water reaches 80 degrees, there should be poured 1 tbsp. whiteness After the mixture must be brought to a boil, while gently stirring regularly.
  • As soon as the solution boils, you need to drop the pre-prepared jeans. It is necessary to be extremely careful, it is best to wear rubber gloves. Care must also be taken to ensure that the jeans are constantly in solution. If they periodically float out, it is better to take a large spoon or stick and immerse them back. If after the first few minutes of changing the shade of jeans will not be noticeable, it is necessary to add more whiteness.
  • Total boiling process lasts about 15 minutes. By changing the shade it will be easy to determine the moment when it is time to get them. After the result of cooking will be clearly visible, jeans can be taken out and placed under running cold water. This should be done as carefully as possible, because hot water and steam can damage your hands or face. Then all the clothespins, rubber bands and clips need to be removed and well rinsed jeans in water. After that they can be dried.

Whiten jeans at home: ways

How to whiten jeans with white?

  1. If the jeans have acquired a dull color or have changed it altogether, you can try to fix this problem yourself at home. For these purposes, high-quality powder can be purchased at the store, as it not only cleans the item well, but also protects deep contaminants from penetrating the fibers. It is necessary to wash in water, the temperature of which should not be below + 40-50 degrees.
  2. In a situation where the item has acquired a yellowish tint, during the washing, you can add 2 tbsp to the powder. l hydrogen peroxide. This can be done not only with hand washing. When machine washable, hydrogen peroxide is advised to be added to the compartment with the powder, it will not affect the operation of the equipment and will not damage the rubber elements.
  3. If you add a little soda with every wash of your jeans, it will help to whiten your clothes. After all, soda helps to soften the water, and the powder washes better things. At 1 liter of water is taken 1 tsp. soda, and the drum is usually frayed from 1 to 3 tsp. facilities.
  4. If no standard tools help, you can try soaking jeans in lemon juice or citric acid. At 1 liter of water, you must take 1 tbsp. l juice, and citric acid - 1 tsp.
  5. In order for things to retain their color, an oxygen bleach must be added at every wash - this is a very effective means, the result of which will be noticeable after several applications.

Other applications of whiteness in everyday life

Whiteness is considered a good cleaning agent. Already, no generation of housewives use it to clean sanitary ware, remove stains from fabric, as well as to wash tiled and plastic surfaces. The fact is that its composition includes sodium hypochlorite, which has good disinfectant properties.

How to whiten jeans with white?

  • In order to achieve visible results, in order not to damage surfaces and fabrics, it is necessary to observe the dosage of whiteness. For example, to wash a tiled floor in 5 l of warm water, simply dissolve 3 caps of the product (this will be 20 g).
  • To care for the sink or bathroom, whiteness should be applied to the surface and wait 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Due to its density, this bleach does not drain from vertical surfaces, helps in cleaning bathrooms and even breaks through the sewage system! To do this, whiteness should be poured onto the surface of the toilet bowl or poured into the bathtub drain, wait 1.5 hours and rinse with water.

Modern fashion changes trends every season. To be in trend, it is not necessary to regularly buy new clothes for yourself. From old jeans you can make an ultra fashionable thing, bleaching them with ordinary whiteness!