How to weave a braid of 4 strands


Since ancient times, the braid has always been considered the most beautiful decoration of a woman. Long hair looks very beautiful and impressive. In the modern world braids have become more "modernized." They are weaved often, of different types and sizes: simple spikelets, afro-braids, multi-strand braids, etc. The braid from 4 locks very beautifully looks. It is easy to master at home and learn to weave it beautifully.

How to weave a braid of 4 strands: instructions

  • Comb wet and clean hair and comb it gently on the back of the head.
  • Divide hair into 4 parts of the same thickness. Label them with numbers for further convenient use when weaving a braid.
  • Take the first strand in your right hand. Place it on the second strand. Then take the third strand with your left hand and put it on the first one, which is on the right. The fourth strand is turned on under the first. The second strand is placed on top of the third, and the fourth is put on the second. And so they intercept all the braids and weave the whole braid. The first strand is turned on under the second, the third - on the fourth. The first is also put on the third, and the second - under the third. So braid a braid to the desired length, and then just fix the rubber band.

How to quickly braid the braid of 4 strands?

  • Well comb the moisturized clean hair, comb the back of the head. Now divide hair into 4 equal strands.
  • Weaving begin with the strand at the right. Take it in your right hand, put it on a strand lying next to it. Holding the strand with your right hand, take the penultimate strand on the left in your left hand and place it on those that are in your right hand.
  • Take the left strand from the edge and skip under the strand that was previously to the right from the very edge.
  • Then put the next strand on the strand, which was the penultimate right. Continuing to do so, do the braid to the desired length.
  • Collect the hair from the temples in the tail and add to the tail at the top. Then attach hair to the back of the head and tie it with a ribbon, barrette with rhinestones or an elastic band.

How to originally braid the braid of 4 strands?

  • To make an original braid of 4 equal strands, divide the combed hair into 4 equal parts. Between you intertwine 2 of them, which are in the middle. To do this, under the second strand start the third. Then strand, which was the very first, wind up the strand, which was the second on the right. Now the same strand that became the second, braid over the third.
  • Then a strand, the fourth in a row, which did not participate in weaving, draw from above the third. Since the strands in the process of weaving change places, braiding them, keep the proposed numbering from left to right. This will help you not to get confused.
  • As soon as all 4 strands participated in the process, continue weaving by analogy. 2 middle strands, braid among themselves, making it so that the third strand on the right was under the second. After under the second strand should go first, being in the middle. Then braid the 2 middle strands as for the first time, put the second strand on the right over the third, it will become the third. Braid the fourth strand over the third.
  • The next step repeats the previous one. Weave 3 strand located in the middle, passing it under 2. Then the first under 2, 2 above the third, and then 4 above the third. Repeat all these steps until the strands are short.
  • So that you do not get off, remember that the strand at number 1, which is on the right, always goes down, and the one that the last goes up. It is very important that during the weaving all the strands that were extreme are in the middle of the braid. When you finish weaving a braid, fasten the hair on the end with a beautiful rubber band or an original hair clip.

To make a 4-strand braid look spectacular and attractive, you need to practice it several times, and it will turn out fine. When you weave a braid from 4 strands, you look all the time in a large mirror. Then, over time, you will learn how to weave it without much difficulty. This braid will look beautiful on well-groomed shiny long hair of any shade, and especially on hair with highlights.

If you want a hairstyle to play with new facets, try braiding a 4-strand braid.