How to wear a hair band


Hair bands are the most beautiful accessories for your hair. They help to diversify any hairstyle without any difficulty. Hair bands will give you the opportunity to express yourself and your mood, emphasize your style, and make your hair just unusual. Every day you will look stylish if you properly wear a hair bandage!

How to wear a hair band?How to wear a hair band?

How to wear a headband?

The bandage can be worn as you like. Important here is the choice of the appropriate fabric, style and size of the dressing itself.. Headbands are universal accessories and are suitable for any type of face, hair style and clothing. They can be worn with short and long hair, with a hairstyle or loose hair. Having pressed to a bang or having removed from a forehead, having collected hair in a tail, having made a braid or having hidden hair under a bandage.

For each time of the year will suit your type of dressing. In summer, it is best to use thin dressings so that it does not get hot. For winter suitable dressings made of fur. They will help you keep your hair and keep your ears warm. Autumn and spring in this regard, the most simple seasons. Here you can choose dressings in accordance with the style of clothing and the weather outside.

Types of dressings for hair

Hair bands there is a huge amount for every taste and color. They are narrow and wide, fabric and elastic, metal and wool, combined and leather, without fastener and with it. They can easily match the color and shape of the dress.

How to wear a hair band?How to wear a hair band?

How to wear thin hair bands?

Thin bandages exist in the form of braids, chains. They are made of any materials. Thin bandages should be worn on the hair from above, above the line of the forehead. Thin dressings are versatile and will fit any haircut, hair length and any costume.

How to wear wide hair bands?

Wide bandages need to be worn at the very roots under the hair. They are most suitable for long hair. Wide bandages can be worn with daily outfits. Wide bandages can be replaced with a light handkerchief. They are perfect for creating a sporty style. In addition to a stylish accessory, a wide bandage will help keep your hair in order.

Wear expensive dressings

Glamorous headbands with a flower, brooch best emphasize the romantic image and femininity of its owner. They are best suited for smooth or curly hair for medium or long hair. Armbands with rhinestones along the entire length are covered with expensive stones and have a simply gorgeous look. They fit even hair of any length. You can wear them over or under the hair. The best place for such an expensive accessory is to wear it over your hair.

How to wear a hair band?How to wear a hair band?

Dressing styles

Bandages are used to create various special styles and patterns. Hair bands can be worn in the style of "hippie", retro style, sports, wedding and festive style, Greek and Russian style, and even vintage style.

How to wear hippy style headbands?

The fashion for bandages began precisely with the “hippie” trend. If you wish to wear headbands in this style, then it is better to do this with loose hair and in the middle of the forehead on top of the hair. A sundress, a long skirt, shirts, blouses, and jeans are suitable for this. Bandages for this style will suit any size and narrow and wide. The most important thing here is loose hair and proper selection of clothes.

How to wear retro style hair bands?

How to wear a hair band?How to wear a hair band?

To create a retro style with a bandage, select a solid bandage to match the color of your dress. You can collect hair from behind and wear a bandage in the middle of the forehead in front of your tail. Or make a high stuffing or bang and fasten a bandage in front of them right on the top. Dresses of a simple cut of one color are suitable for this style. Do not forget that the color of the dressing and your clothes should match.

How to wear sporty headbands?

If you choose a sporty style for yourself, the bandage should be wide or use a scarf or shawl. They are worn at the roots under the hair or on top. This wearing fits almost any outfit. You can choose to wear a bandage wide on the forehead. This look will help to remove hair from the face and create your own sporty style. Clothing suitable for sweaters, shorts, jeans and jackets. The color of the bandages is usually white, but you can use colored ones if you like.

Wedding and festive dressing for hair

wedding hairstyleswedding hairstyles

Bandages can be used to create a festive and even wedding style. These bands are usually decorated with precious stones or pearls. They are matched to the color of the festive and wedding dress or the color of other decorations. Beads and feathers can be used to decorate the dressing. You can wear a bandage on top of your hair, securing it on your forehead. It can be wide or narrow. Clothing - wedding or evening dress.

How to make a new hair dressing in vintage style?

To create a vintage style suitable bandages made of leather, mixed styles, metal and fabric. They should be thin and worn just above the forehead on top of the hair.

How to wear a hair bandage at home?

How to wear a hair band?How to wear a hair band?

At home you should also look beautiful, elegant and stylish. This will also help you dressings for hair. Before that, braid the pigtail, twist it around your head, and collect the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Choose a bandage that you like and suits your home and put it on top of your hair. It can even be decorated with rhinestones. Looking at a charming house is an advantage for every woman.

An important feature that needs to be considered before putting on a hair bandage is the height of the forehead. For owners of low forehead bandage must be worn on the hairline. This will help increase the visual of the forehead. For everyone else, the most suitable place is to wear a bandage in the hair or in the middle of the forehead.

Hair bandage is one of the most convenient and simple jewelry that will help you create your own style. Every day you will always look charming and stylish.. On any holiday and even at home, if you want to attract admiring glances to yourself, you simply cannot do without such an accessory as a hair bandage.