How to wear a beige coat


Beige coat should be included in the basic wardrobe of any fashionista. It is the basis of many images, something that is an undeniable classic and never goes out of fashion. It is difficult to imagine a better investment than buying a coat of this color. According to many stylists, it is the ideal to be in trend every autumn.

How to choose a beige coat: tips stylists

How to choose a beige coat: tips stylists

Sometimes beige is replaced with such phrases as "coffee with milk", "nude", "camel". All these shades are neutral, they can be used as a base for various color combinations.

  • The first question arising from the field of purchase - what to wear with a beige coat? Many girls are afraid that in it they will iron bored and gray. Do not be mistaken: this color will suit each. He looks aristocratic and refined. You can revive it with accessories. Shades of beige color, there are many. The coat can have a cognac, sandy shade. Fair-haired girls will get cool colors, dark-skinned, on the contrary - warm.
  • Beige coat can be different styles. Made in the form of a case, belted at the waist, gives the silhouette elegance. This cut focuses attention on the figure. Another option is a free, androgynous coat. Such a thing, oddly enough, also emphasizes femininity. With it you should not wear flashy, bright accessories. Better to use something minimalist.
  • Before you choose a coat, you need to analyze whether it fits your style. In addition, it is better to choose outerwear made of natural fabric. It will look better and last much longer. Length can be different: pop belt, to the level of the hips, to the knee.

Beige coat: trendy looks

Clothing in tandem to a beige coat can also be basic. By color - any shades of beige, dark blue, white. The classic colors worn with such a thing are purple, emerald, black.

Beige coat: trendy looksBeige coat: trendy looks

The first fashion shows, which appeared beige coat, demonstrated the classic combination. Designers used a strict cut of things, accessories were mostly black. The current fashion world does not dictate a clear framework of what to wear a coat of this color. It looks great with jeans and chinos. Under the coat you can wear a dress, a pencil skirt. Clothing can be either monophonic or printed.

Shoes can also be picked up different: ankle boots, loafers, oxfords. It looks beautiful beige coat with boats of the same shade. The choice depends on the cut. The color of the shoe can be mustard, brown. As top it is reasonable to stop the choice on jersey. This may be a cozy jumper, dress, sweater. You can pin a brooch as an accessory on your lapel coat.

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Scarf to beige coat: how to choose?

As an accessory you can use a scarf for a beige coat. It can be of different textures - silk, knitted.

  • Choose different shades: matching the tone to the hair or the overall color type. Also, the scarf may just be your favorite color. Effectively looks red scarf or LIC. At the same time it can be beaten with expressive make-up, bag or nail polish, of the same shade. You can choose bright juicy colors or pastel shades. Of course, you should not overdo it and use, for example, acid tones.

Beige coat: trendy looksBeige coat: trendy looks

  • When choosing a scarf should take into account the overall style and the whole image as a whole. It can be in harmony with shoes or a handbag. Do not forget about the cut coat. It also dictates its own rules in the selection of accessories. The classic form does not tolerate aggressive prints. The pattern on the scarf, in this case, should be unobtrusive. Scarf print, on the other hand, may attract attention. An example is leopard coloring. This scarf makes the image dynamic. You can wear brown shoes underneath. Valid bag of the same color.
  • With a beige coat, the cage looks great. On a scarf, it can be both large and small. Shades of the accessory must be chosen in accordance with its shape. Slender girls can afford light colors, when ladies with forms it is better to pay attention to dark colors. Do not forget about the quality of the fabric. Bad accessory material can spoil the most elegant image. It is necessary to master several ways of tying a scarf.
  • Instead of a scarf, you can use a collar from a sweater. He must be tall and cover his neck.

We have to admit that the beige coat is not particularly practical, it is easy to get dirty. This minus easily negates the fact that such a thing is the basis of the basic wardrobe and will never go out of fashion. In addition, there is another plus - you can combine a coat with things of different colors and styles. The beige coat is unique in that it can be used to create any look - from elegant and feminine to youth.